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  1. I'll be shocked if Williams gets it. I'd also be shocked if Williams turned down a head coaching gig, regardless of any public proclamations to the contrary.
  2. I just watched Pickett's goal in slow-mo a couple of times, and it's even more impressive than I thought - super quick little steps initially to throw off the Saint in his face and the one on his tail. Hope I'm watching him kick goals for the Dees for the next 10+ years.
  3. Until I read this thread, I had no idea this existed - actually thinking of jumping on just for the player edits, and the heat maps sound really interesting too.
  4. I can't see why people are ruling out Stafford as forwards coach just because he wasn't a forward. Coaching is about teaching, not about whether you are or were great at a particular thing yourself - and it's not like he has no elite footy background, if that's important to you; 204 games and 141 goals. Given he's been at the Club in ruck and goal-kicking roles for quite a while, we should have a very good idea of what he's like as a coach.
  5. I'd say this may have something to do with it: 'AFL-mandated $3m cut to our AFL football soft cap expenditure'
  6. It baffles me when people say Woewodin didn't deserve a Brownlow because he did not have a great career. The Brownlow is not a lifetime achievement award, it's about how good you were in a given season. Woewodin had a great year in 2000, and even if he didn't get a vote in the final round he still would have won (tied with West).
  7. Given the people of VIC already support AFL, they're going to support the AFL regardless, so we should probably permanently relocate the 10 teams somewhere there's a far greater potential for growing the game ;)
  8. It's pretty amusing when people talk about Clubs needing to be being financially independent of AFL funds. It seems to me that they're forgetting that the Clubs playing in the AFL are the ones generating all the 'AFL' money, including the broadcast agreements - without the Clubs there's no 'AFL money' worth talking about. Split the broadcast money 18 ways and all the Clubs are looking pretty financially independent, even if COVID meant you couldn't have crowds.
  9. I reckon most Demonlanders would have loved to have an AFL career half as good as Dunn's.
  10. Fair call re: values, but most AFL players are starting from near scratch when they leave footy, and almost all will never earn anywhere near the same amount of money - not even in the same ball park. I think that's got to be taken into consideration. That said, if you're earning big coin for quite a few years of a 10+ year contract you could very easily have a nest egg that would give you say 50K p/a indefinitely. Out of interest, what makes you think Tom is one of the most likely to forge a post-footy career outside of footy?
  11. Although I'd hope that you could find one tackle like this in everyone's highlight reel, I did love that chase at the end.
  12. I think rucks are done a real disservice by being instructed to always dish off by hand - if you never kick in games, you're never going to be able to kick in games. I get that you don't want your less skilled players constantly turning it over, but it really stymies players' development if they're not trusted to every kick the footy in matches. Maggie's young and I imagine she's a long way off her pootential, so I'd definitely be stripping her technique right back to basics and teaching her how to kick the footy. I reckon you can turn just about anyone into a serviceable kick.
  13. My Grandma is quicker than 2020 TMac. (She's six feet under).
  14. I don't actually think Max had a stellar year. Shocked May missed though. Would have had him and Trac nabbing AA jackets.
  15. Honestly, the only Blues game I've watched in full this year is the game against us, so I couldn't say.
  16. Putting aside what McKay is worth, I reckon it's too cute for a ninth placed team to say they're not going to improve their list because it will also improve the list of another team that missed out on finals.
  17. I'd swap a mid for a KPF. You need to give to get, or you go to the draft and wait years to see if a 17 year old turns out to be the answer. I don't actually think we need a gun key forward though, we just need a guy who can consistently get to contests and bring the ball to ground. For those who said Weid was strong in the contest today, how many times did he not even make it to the contest?
  18. Some of Baker's disposal was far from 'neat', IMO - in fact quite a few disposals were diabolical. Agree with 1.5 of your cents though; on the money re: Fritsch, Brown and Smith though. Smith is not a defender, and neither is Harmes, whose season we've cruelled by making him play in defence. I've said it before, but I think Smith's defensive IQ is terrible - must hope that Petty can get fit and firing next year. Can't understand why Brown didn't play more footy for us this season, particularly with Tom Mac's form falling off a cliff. Picking Preuss as a KPF was a ridiculous call, but I do think he should look for a trade to a Club that needs a ruck as he could do more than some of the blokes getting a game elsewhere. Also think we were in control for the first three quarters, and should have been further in front if not for some terrible kicking - it wasn't just Fritsch that could have been more accurate today. You're never going to get it all your own way, but thought we were well on top in the first, despite being behind at the first break, and also in the third.
  19. RE: Weideman, I think the real problem is that he doesn't move with intensity - just can't (or won't) get into top gear. It explains why he gets so easily blocked/shoved away from the contest. If you look at other forwards who consistently create a contest, they see where the flight of the ball is taking it and are then moving towards that point with real intensity - not just loping around. The difference between him and Hogan in this regard is stark, and it has nought to do with talent IMO. I think there are a lot of issues with our play that come down to effort and poor habits, and I think you can blame coaches for letting players get away with substandard efforts. As others have pointed out, it's the little things like making legitimate shepherding attempts, and running hard to man up the opposition before they get the footy, rather than jogging along until they have the footy and it's too late.
  20. I'd bring in Jackson, Hibberd and Lockhart. If Jackson is fit, he plays. I understand that three talls hasn't worked well for us at times, but it's a very different look with two of those being Jackson and Brown, so I'd replace one of the smalls. You could make a case for Hunt, ANB and AVB. I've been critical of Spargo in the past, but he's done enough to warrant a spot (and so does Baker). Hibberd is also in my best 22, so he comes in if fit. I think we should consider playing a legit small defender, so in that case it wouldn't be a swap for Jetta - probably Smith instead, who I'm not sure has a great defensive footy IQ; otherwise, it'd be Tomlinson given he's been playing as a tall defender. I'd also look at swapping Lockhart for Jetta. I've been a fan of Jetta since he started playing down back, but I reckon he's been on the decline since 2019 and - particularly if Hibberd is playing - we can have Lockhart just playing a lockdown role. Three changes might do it. I rate Harmes, but I think we've ruined his 2020 playing him down back, and it's a big ask to play a come back and play a different role, particularly if Melksham is playing as a defensive mid. I actually also rate Hannan, but has looked hampered by his knee lately and probably doesn't warrant a spot.
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