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  1. Having dealt with carlton supporters on social media the past few days, they think they're right & entitled to everything. I like this call team of huddo, gaz & browny
  2. A guy went on a stabbing rampage at Westfield bondi junction & there are multiple victims
  3. My god watching the coverage on the situation at Bondi Junction in Sydney. Horrific.
  4. Does anyone else have issues with their foxtel where it just does random things?
  5. Oh gosh players are going down everywhere
  6. Anyone see the giants banner before the game, gave me a laugh & it's probably true
  7. Gee it's enjoyable watching the giants. They just get the ball and move it quickly & hit targets easily.
  8. So when will the heat be put on bevo. I mean 8 years ago they won a flag and haven't done much since. Last week they just fell short of geelong and the dons were pumelled. Essendon cannot be an 8 goal better team, surely.
  9. Come on dogs. Find something and start kicking straight.
  10. I just hope the saints win, at least that would cheer me up a little seeing the bummers lose again. I've spent most of the day fighting with carlton fans on x about them bagging our crowds and saying we don't deserve games at the G. Gosh they are suddenly up and about. Didn't hear a peep from them for years.
  11. As soon as he did that dumb high kick, which is like a tackle 5 nrl kick, I looked at him & he just threw his head back. I have no idea why he did that kick
  12. What's with opposition supporters & there obsession with our crowd numbers. I thought 40,000 was a pass & we had more. Some people out there were talking 60 but we were never going to get that. Carlton fans in particular are out in force having a crack. Not our fault your club decided to play at marvel.
  13. All I know is kozzie owes us and would want to play well against the tigs
  14. I noticed at the beginning of each quarter we'd have either viney, trac or Oliver starting on the bench. We had no kosi to put in there so why wouldn't we start our best in there at the same time. We got smashed in clearances. Yes obviously Oliver was restricted but at least he was a bigger body in there. Anyway I'll see how we respond against Richmond
  15. At least we've banked some wins. In the end we only had 2 less scoring shots. But they set it up in the 1st quarter with hipwood and daniher kicking multiple goals
  16. Can I also say we lost to a team that were runners up last year. Brisbane aren't a terrible team. They may have started badly but you know at some point they'd improve.
  17. 23 points I'll take that. The bye has come at a good time
  18. Poor koltyns parents wasting their money coming all this way
  19. So frustrating. We finally kick a goal and they get it back in 30 seconds
  20. Can we go back to blaming Greg Stafford?
  21. I get we've been dominated tonight, but I'm more disappointed to only have 3 goals on the board on a fine night on 3/4 time. We're better than this
  22. It's a shame they didn't bring this to gf day
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