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  1. You watch the ferals boo Neale on Saturday because they'll think he stole Nick's medal
  2. It feels like a lifetime ago and have lost 4 home finals in a row. We need to step up big next year and not waste this talented list
  3. That west coast loss by the dogs not only cost them a finals spot but probably cost Bont the Brownlow to.
  4. Well lets hope it's not the only medal Lachie has around his neck this week.
  5. Do you know what. I don't care trac didn't win. I'm so proud of Jack Viney and his season.
  6. Go Errol. Like seriously what were his odds at the start of the year or even tonight. I love how someone out of nowhere just appears
  7. That's really good by Noah Anderson to be up there. . It breaks my heart to see the Melksham highlights of kicking goals.
  8. It's also what happens when you have an enormous load of members. Everyone wants a ticket
  9. Do you think it's mean to go on twitter and gloat to these Collingwood fans that as a Melbourne supporter I scored a seat in the mcc gf ballot. And I will happily enjoy it
  10. At least there will be a fair few lions fans there next week. I wonder who they'll get to present the cup. All the ex superstar lions are coaches at other clubs. Maybe Jono Brown. Collingwood no idea.
  11. Kudos to Carlton and the way they started. Better than what we did in 2018. But you knew Brisbane were going to fight back. Brisbane cannot afford to do that next week.
  12. Look I actually like daicos. No issues with him, he seems like a really nice polite kid. But I don't want to start the week off with the filth having something to celebrate. We know only midfielders win this award. A shame really that's what it's turned into. I'll probably watch the end and see Gill get through it in his final one. I hope he gets annoyed with the room again and tells them to sit down like last year
  13. Surely Brisbane have the stronger forward line. I just hope this time next week we are celebrating a lion's victory and laughing at another pies gf loss
  14. I can deal with zorko having one over Maynard, cox and howe
  15. I think also Pendlebury was part of the tackle which helped daicos.
  16. Gee what is it with Carlton and score reviews
  17. Carlton are taking their chances. Something gws and Melbourne couldn't do
  18. So Collingwood lose McStay next week & he is a loss because he's a tall target. They have barely kicked enough goals as it is. Anyway lets hope Brisbane win easily & don't get any injuries
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