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  1. I feel a bit sad about this but I think we have a few players who can replace him. But did we not offer him a contract or did he choose to go for better opportunities?
  2. On JHF you would be gutted as a nth fan, I know scully left us but at least he left us for a new club and plenty of money. This kid just wants out and I think he is using the clarko situation as an excuse. He knows his team is [censored] and won't be playing finals for awhile. Obviously wants to be closer to his mates and family and you can tell by his body language all year he didn't really enjoy it. Nth are better to let him go this year. They won't change his mind next year and he comes out of contract anyway and he brings bad body language and attitude around the club anyway and they don't want that. It does kind of amuse though that nth are going to lose there potential young gun. But man if he does get to port imagine the boos and [censored] he will cop from the nth fans next year.
  3. Was Luke Jackson there? Anyone talk to him. I hope people got around yze to tell him I hope he's sticking around. I'm assume he would be
  4. Sheedy has already come out & said he voted for Hird. He's already having a crack at the new pres. Adem you are better off not there
  5. I know yze wants to coach his own team but I really didn't want him going to Essendon. For a few reasons. 1 I didn't want him turning that club into a successful one 2 I still want to see Essendon fail so that would mean wanting to see yze fail and I really didn't want that 3 I didn't want him to get the Ben Rutten treatment & having all the supporters bagging him & Essendon treating him like [censored]
  6. You know what's making me laugh, all the collingwood fans saying we would have out up a better effort and given a closer gf. you gave up the first 4 goals at the start of the prelim, you can't do that. If we had fit players and tom in our team we could have probably won. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  7. On the tv ratings, you had 100,000 people at the ground live, you had live sites and pubs showing it which I believe doesn't factor and this year you could meet at peoples homes so people would have had parties.
  8. Essendon can give Brad scott the job and we'll keep Adem
  9. Yeah but they would have had to scan there card to get out so if they just left and didn't come back the MCC will know
  10. I got an email from the Footy plus more shop telling me about geelong premiership merchandise. I bet you can't get a geelong cheeseboard though.
  11. I saw Chris scott make his speech yesterday & it still irks me Goodwin didn't get to speak.
  12. Wow Sydney look like us at the moment. Just bombing it, can't get a free player & kicking it badly. Observing Geelong they just set up so well. Players are clean with the ball & just back each other up. It's also nice to see an open forward line where they deliver it properly
  13. Dam you Hawkins, you ruined my first goal bet
  14. Just grateful Collingwood aren't here so I don't have to hear that stupid chant
  15. Being at the ground watching Robbie, my god he was brilliant. Just had the energy & just pumped you up for this game. Just wishing how good it will be when it's us out there. Also kudos to Selwood taking out gazzas son. Just beautiful
  16. Currently at Yarra park & jack Viney is here representing Nintendo switch. I was wishing he was in the ground today not promoting Nintendo
  17. So lucky me got tickets in the MCC ballot, don't get me wrong I'm very thankful but just can't help but feel a tad disappointed it's not us today. As I stated in another thread it would be good if some of the boys got to the G today to make them realise what they've missed out on playing at the G gf day.
  18. Ugh it just sucks. This time last year it was all about us, I just keep thinking if we got there Saturday how great it would have been being in Melbourne.
  19. I don't Yze to get the job at essendon.
  20. OPINIONAndrew Bolt Both sides must be heard before we condemn Hawthorn Alastair Clarkson and his team may seem to have been too brutal in chasing success but let’s hear their side before we dance on their heads and accuse them of racism. And here is Andrew Bolt. Of course you cannot read it.
  21. Oh well Mick Warner will be back on it again.
  22. That's was horrific when I heard him telling that story.
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