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  1. I remember years ago we were playing Essendon in a night game and I can't remember if it was Bails or Neeld coaching & Max kicked 3 or so goals I think and we unexpectedly won. I remember saying to my parents this guy will become a cult figure and he has. I still can't fathom what he did in the 3rd quarter of the prelim. It was just extraordinary. People say Nic Nat is the best and yeah he has the jump and athleticism but until he does what Maxy did in a quarter then there is no argument. Maxy embraced the history of our club, he tuned himself into a better player and now a premiership captain. The players love him and they love playing alongside him. Just a legend.
  2. Our grand final replays on fox footy are being hijacked by them showing a day full of essendon games then there stupid doco. You'd think they are the only club that are going to celebrate there 150th year.
  3. People kept talking Clayton up about being a star before this season but I didn't really agree because yeah he got heaps of the footy but not all the time did he use it properly. His kicking was terrible, he'd handpass instead of kicking, he would waste the footy and do those stupid handballs. But 2021 what a difference. He chose to kick instead and his kicking was accurate and he kicked more goals. He used the ball so much better and just looked a much better player.
  4. So who has got there Christmas or birthday presents sorted? It's great because I bought my dad the 2021 premiers bottle of red & my brother all this premiership merch. Problem sorted.
  5. Do you reckon this thread will get more pages than a Jack Watts or Tomy Scully thread? By the way I know we won the flag, but I get just as excited watching our prelim especially Maxy's 3rd quarter blitz.
  6. Totally agree about Sparrow. Before the finals, I was like how is he still getting a game, drop him and get Jones in. But in each final he contributed. That goal he kicked in the GF was amazing and came at a good time.
  7. You know the AFL never came out & said if that Max gawn miss was a goal or not. I'm still convinced it was a goal
  8. It's funny the more I see the gf replay the more I just cannot believe we did it. I just sit there saying we actually did it.
  9. Im still waiting for my weg posters that I ordered 10 minutes after we won. 3 weeks it will be on Saturday obviously. Maybe Mark Knight had to sketch some more. Plus I ordered some stuff from the footy plus more shop but that was over a week ago. I can't even remember what I ordered. Ive noticed all the cheese boards have been sold from the melbourne shop.
  10. I think I have watched that final quarter so many time I think I can name our goals in order on who kicks them. It's funny because almost 3 weeks on when I watch bits I am still amazed we are premiers. Coming home form work the other day I listened to Dennis Cometti call on mmm of the last half and just sat there smiling. I think the more I watch it the happier it does make me. This afternoon I saw the last 9 minutes on fox footy and I found myself seeing things that I have previously missed. It is something I will never get tired of watching.
  11. I flicked over to fox footy yesterday because it's becoming a running joke how it's always on & it was right on the point with Garry walking up to present the cup. Does anyone just start watching from the 3rd quarter after the Bont puts them 19 points up, because you just know how good it gets from there
  12. Yep & that's all I've heard. Well not anymore
  13. Im thinking about great players that never won a flag, Ablett, Plugger, Robert Harvey, Riewoldt, Skilton and our great players and I look at Bowey in his 7th game win one. Then I chuckle to myself to look at everything Dangerfield has achieved and the only thing that alludes him is the one thing our players have got. He must look at Bowey and Sparrow and think how the hell did you get one.
  14. So which player would you say sorry to because you thought they weren't good, a list clogger or simply thought they'd never make it over the years. Mine include Alex Neal-Bullen - Never really rated him over the years, thought he was just going to be a player that got his few possessions but never did anything with them & thought shouldn't be in the team. This season he has taken his game to a new level, he is kicking more goals, his tackle pressure has gone up a notch & is definitely using the ball better. Charlie Spargo - didn't think he kicked enough goals, his pressure wasn't great and he did go the duck. Again this season has taken his game up another level and his finals were great. Christian Petracca- Only because we knew he had the talent & always said he should look at the Bont for the player he should be and boy he has probably passed him. He has now set the standard of what his seasons should be like. We finally saw the player he should be this year especially in the GF. From years ago when he'ds butcher the ball and I remember 1 game where he didn't even make the distance 30 metres out. Just a different player now. Tom Sparrow- Thought Nathan Jones should have taken his spot leading up to the finals but Tom did the right things and his final performances were great. He contributed to games he played in and his GF goal was outstanding. Jake Bowey- When he was picked for his 1st game thought why bring in a new kid, didn't know a lot about him but boy what a great 7 games. He uses the ball well, calm under pressure and handled the finals like a seasoned campaigner.
  15. At least we looked after our trophy better than the Penrith panthers looked after theres.
  16. This morning I finally found time to sit down and watch some of the footy shows leading up to the grand final and watched the last training session and pressers that was on fox footy. It's funny you are sitting there watching the build up then you think yes we actually did win this. Hearing Max talk to Garry just what winning would mean to him and how he just wants it so much. The I watched the beginning of On the Couch on the Monday after we won and just seeing Garry back and talking about it and his enjoyment about being involved and then hearing from Goody just made you all happy again. Can't believe it was 2 weeks ago.
  17. I would love to have bought things through the club and given them the money but as they have sold out of things which wasn't unexpected I went to other shops to look online. The AFL store has sold out of stuff to but I have a local footy shop near me which is obviously closed at them moment but they seem to have a good range in stock if you are after other things. Even found a Max Gawn premiership magnet. Some stuff is on order and you have to wait but at least they have it. https://footyplusmore.com.au/search?type=product&q=Premiers+2021+Demons&fbclid=IwAR14Txk642eleFfXyzrybiLIdmoJFnmDg9vG3gfG05CnTIVwe0SyYhZaDAA
  18. Anyone been collecting the max gawn body parts that turns into a massive poster of him with the cup from the Herald Sun ? Not sure where to hang him.
  19. Did the coach come back or is he enjoying WA. for a few days to chill out & reflect on the past few weeks?
  20. https://www.jbhifi.com.au/collections/afl-premiers-2021-melbourne-demons?page=1
  21. I think I need a max gawn premiership magnet on my fridge. Forget that one I think they are gone. Gee I hope the club get more in of other players. I'm guessing they can't keep up with demand. Bugger just went on the herald sun shop and the mugs are gone, but surely melbourne will release one. Id rather give my money to the club than the herald sun.
  22. He did mention all those people when Abby interviewed him straight after. But yeah I thought in his speech he could have mentioned jonsey but he at least remembered the sponsors
  23. Yeah goody said on the sunday footy show they were trying to find a way to get JJ on but cramping doesn't fall under a medical reason to put the sub on. In all fairness may had a reason but he wouldn't have wanted to come off
  24. Just turned into SEN & they are replaying the GF. About to start the final term. I think I will leave it on & enjoy the final term
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