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  1. So we flew up this morning? What do we do now, come back home or go to perth? Also why can't we play & just not have crowds?
  2. Carlton showing if you kick straight what can happen. Makes a big difference. Maybe just maybe the players are playing for Teague.
  3. Yeah but Sydney plays the bummers next week & he always cuts them up. I don't want him to miss even though it was dumb
  4. Yes well done giants putting those bummers out of the 8. Listening to Ed try to give reasons for there loss was annoying.
  5. So Essendon will probably get 8th spot because the teams around them keep falling down. Hopefully the giants can produce a miracle and beat them
  6. Thank god for the Olympics. At least that gives you joy
  7. https://www.afl.com.au/news/652025/-not-worried-one-bit-goodwin-upbeat-on-dees-scoring-woes Oh well Goodys not worrying so why should we?
  8. I pointed out Pickett did 2 great smothers & no one went up to him to say well done. Where is the team moral?
  9. Dogs still have Dunkley, Stef Martin, Treloar & Easton wood to come back. Who have we got
  10. Didn't hear his comments but just saw a tweet from Melbourne where hunt said we are taking a positive spin from this.
  11. The Bont showing why he is the best in the comp
  12. I'm sorry that pass from Hibbard to Viney was hilarious & lucky. Harmes not aware of what was happening
  13. Remember when we were just 3 points down.
  14. Hagen done bugger all all night and now kicks this. That's the difference, they've kicked the goals when they had to, we haven't
  15. So he kicks that one. Unbelievable. Come on dees. They are tiring
  16. Amazing what happens when you kick straight. We are still in this. Just need to tighten up on some of there players.
  17. That hurts. We just can't break that deficit
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