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  1. In - Langdon Out - Melksham Would love Jones in for Big Freeze game, but probably fanciful.
  2. In: Salem, Viney, B.Brown Out: Jetta, Melksham, Sparrow Medical Sub: Jordan Lets play McDonald, Weideman, B.Brown & Jackson in the same team and really stretch the Dogs defense. Why not? The Eagles have played Kennedy, Darling, Allen & 2 rucks in the same team this year.
  3. Hmmmmm? Interesting question... [censored] YES!!!
  4. I really wanted Billy to make it. Loved watching his Dad play when I was a kid. One of my all-time favorites. Best wishes to the Stretch family and JKH.
  5. In reality, based on his current form and his place in the GC Suns pecking order, Peter Wright would be worth a 3rd rounder. A 2nd rounder would be fair. GC would ask for a 1st rounder.
  6. Yes. Haven't you seen our new 2020 jumper design?
  7. Frost is absolutely 100% out the door. He wants to stay, MFC don't want him. There was an interview with Josh Mahoney a few days ago on one of these threads from Trade Radio or SEN, can't remember where, but he basically said it without saying it. If you know what I mean.
  8. Not football related... ...but, can someone teach the world the difference between BOUGHT & BROUGHT...PLEASE!!! And don't get me started on ATM machines & PIN numbers.
  9. I understand Sam had a good year, but players of his limited ability are not the difference between winning a premiership or the wooden spoon. Role player at best. Not important to our long term success at all.
  10. Anyone who can find a positive out of 2019 is a better man than me, or completely delusional. Maybe both.
  11. [censored] me, here we go again. Hate this time of year. There would be 17 clubs into him. He's not going anywhere.
  12. A better preseason with fewer surgeries. Better assistant coaches. Alan Richardson is a brilliant signing. More like that please. Fritsch playing forward all season, along with a fresh and firing Tom McDonald. Nathan Jones playing for Casey. Or better yet, not on the list at all. If we must play him, it needs to be deep forward pocket and nowhere else.
  13. Plan A. Don't offer him a new contract at all Plan B. Don't offer him a new contract at all Plan C. Don't offer him a new contract at all Plan D. Don't offer him a new contract at all Plan E. Don't offer him a new contract at all
  14. Lets just all enjoy the next 10 2020 pre season practice matches without the pressure of making 2019 finals. I'm looking forward to May, Lever & Frost gelling. Tom McDonald remembering how good he is. Sam Weideman living up to his preseason promise of helping us forget about Jesse Hogan. Deciding what part of my body I'm getting my 2020 premiership tattoo.
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