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  1. If we keep winning, enter sandman will get as big this one. go to about 2:30 to not worry about some of the other pre game stuff
  2. I've been told by someone at the AFL that it is all to do with the state government. Apparently, to be at 100%, they want the contact details of every single person that attends the game. Currently, the just get the details of the person that buys the ticket. QR code would have to be every single person that enters the ground, not just you doing it for your group etc. The AFL is trying to get around it but they aren't having much luck.
  3. They are. Is why the saints defender had a career high disposals figure against us. He took about 14 of our kick outs!
  4. Exactly, it's very easy to 'sell some candy' to a guy that can't move! Can even pretend you kick on an arc and just not actually come back in line with the mark and just run off. I doubt the umpires will pull the player back seeing as everything is to try and keep the game moving.
  5. Let’s look at the positives. We aren’t playing finals this year and Goodwin will be gone at some stage this year. The future looks bright!!
  6. Let's just all agree that if you want the system changed then the only way will be for us to win a flag and then have a top talent from another team want to come to us under free agency. Move will be blocked and free agency will be changed very shortly after that as you can't have a lessor team stay at the top for too long...
  7. AFL has continually said that the need to produce the number of games that they do is how they get the current TV money. This year may have shown them that it they reduce the number of teams but increase the number of rounds, they could still get the same number of games televised and across more nights of the week which keeps the broadcasters even happier. Even being able to have rolling fixtures where they can maximise viewership by scheduling the bigger games has shown it can be done, such as how the NRL does. Who knows how long we may have to keep dealing with COVID and have restrict
  8. Didn't we do that last year though?
  9. Whilst I like his appointment from a talent point of view, the fact we are already looking at getting in new assistants basically states that Goodwin isn't going anywhere and for that reason alone, I hate this appointment!
  10. If only we had signed the coach to a one year deal....
  11. Yes, footspeed really doesn't mean all that much, it is ball movement. It's interesting how many on here would view us as slow and unskilful. After we beat GWS in the final round of 2018, Phil Davis commented how quick we moved the ball and how skilled we were. You can't tell me that we have lost heaps of actual pacey and skilful players over the last two years so where has it gone then?
  12. This is my worry with where our club is at. If we don't show proper improvement and have a clear direction as to where we are going then we essentially become a feeder club for the good teams. Who is to say that we aren't already that now, along with a few other clubs mind you. As someone said earlier, most players seem to love the NBA and they have been watching how the good players essentially just pack up and go to a power team so they can win a championship and how normal it has become for them. Even watching players like Lynch go to the tigers and grab a flag straight away and the w
  13. AA squad is all about the reputation built up and very rarely about the year you have had, unless it is an absolute blinder of a year. May loses out because they essentially look at his reputation built up over a period of time, not just the one year. He had a great year this year but some of the other FBs have had a decent couple of years. It is a ridiculous system but that's the way it seems to work.
  14. It seems that those who don't think the coach should be sacked are believing that we don't have the players to go anywhere. We need a gun big forward, we need a gun small forward, a gun medium forward, some more elite runners on the outside etc etc. It is as though subconsciously, those posters are saying that they don't have faith in the coach and instead that we need a full list of 22 superstars to get us over the line, effectively putting a team of champions out on the field. A team that is that so stacked full of talent that they can't fail. Only issue with that is GWS have shown that
  15. What will annoy me with Bennell will be that if the club was thinking sacking the coach, I believe this fine comes off our soft cap next year and may be enough for them to keep him on. That is unforgivable for me!
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