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  1. Given that we have a Bye next week and Buckley's resignation probable effect, I would hope that if Salem and Lever are sore they can rest up over the BYE. I would think that a lot of the players may need a rest. Salem certainly looked patchy last week.
  2. Andy, have just subscribed again and checked payment with only one subscription gone through. Thanks
  3. I can see a Machiavellian type of move here. Filth: "Let's offer Sam Mitchell the gig"; he goes to Hawthorn "Gee boys, I've had the triffic offer from the filth" .Panic stations at Glenferrie/Waverley. "Alistair, the filth are trying to poach the golden boy. Thanks for the good years but we're going to have to let you go (at the end of the year)" Alistair feigning surprise wins every game left (except ours). In the meantime, Jeffrey unaware of this dastardly and cunning move has isolated Clarkson with the Filth only to sweep in with a fabulous offer to coach a disintegrating club. Cl
  4. Andy, Just received notification that I have paid the subscription twice. It kept sending me back to the original payment site!!! Can I be in credit for next year or does that complicate things for you!!
  5. Took your advice and upgraded family memberships and purchased all our GFG's. I believe GFG's selling like hot cakes today.
  6. Tin, don't you think having a stable admin has a lot to do with the current on field performance. Just look down the road. A win tonight might push us to 55,000!
  7. Let's change the fact that MFC supporters don't go to Marvel. We all know that the Doggies faithful will be there expecting to thrash us and given the umpiring result of having a majority Adelaide supporter crowd we need to have more than the usual MFC base supporters at Marvel. MCC/MFC members notoriously will not go to Marvel. This is a game where we need supporter noise not just to balance out umpiring decisions but the players thrive on it as well. We all need to be there.
  8. The MFC Hub is open again from the Carlton game. Hopefully if COVID stays controlled it will stay open.
  9. We are obviously not paying people to join. It is an incentive to those latecomers or maybe those who did not previously have a membership. Hopefully if they join in a good year we can keep hold of them for next year. At least the Club are proactive in attempting to sign up MCC members.
  10. Not sure if it has been mentioned here but Rugby have a "Captains Call" where each Captain have one opportunity to ask the Ref to check with the TMO for an infringement prior to a try or to review foul play. Why can't we introduce something similar. My comment was more out of frustration but I do agree that that they are split second decisions but some umpires get it wrong more than others.
  11. A great offer. We will always struggle to match the larger Clubs whilst we have so many MCC members as supporters but not dual members. Everyone can see that the MCC Members is full of Melbourne supporters at every MCG game. At the Richmond game there seemed to be more MFC supporters than Richmond. The noise MCC members make when the team walk up the run is magnificent and really appreciated by the players. Petty was looking up to the crowd with a huge grin on his face. He wouldn't hear that out at Casey! So come on MCC members, take up this special offer. The Club is really trying to fin
  12. I couldn't believe it. Twice in the same play he blatantly dropped the ball and play on was called.
  13. Being in the business of specifying paint brands/colours, Haymes stands out for coverage and colour saturation. Great product and loyal sponsor.
  14. I booked Level 2 seats so that is why there were no visitors tickets available. I am so nervous using this system that I didnt bother trying to choose another level. Enjoy the game and the occasion. If you havent seen it live at the G before it is super emotional and an event you won't forget.
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