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  1. Does anyone know who Trac's manager is. If its Paul Connors beware. He is Ollie's manager. I will not forget the Judd debacle.
  2. What is Nathan Jones contract value and if/when he retires at the end of the season would that release some room.
  3. I dont understand the covid social distancing rules at Marvel. My row on the lower level all seats bar one were filled. The row in front of me there were three seats unfilled. The next row down was empty. Go figure! The previous week the MCC did a better job of social distancing.
  4. Might be wrong but I couldn't see Hibberd on Match Simulation vision.
  5. I'm in.. Level 1 wing. I can't take this. I'm a nervous wreck waiting for a ticket to go to a football match. When will this end.
  6. At one point, Fyfe shunted Oliver away and off the ball from the Gawn tap. I presume nothing illegal (umpire didnt call it not that they would if Fyfe was anywhere near the ball) There was no actual holding but he just pushed with his chest and of course he was left holding Max's tap down. The other method of nullifying Max is for the opposition to try and win the tap but to stand wait and pounce on our midfielders and there is another stoppage. Surely the coaches/players are aware of all of this but we seem to continue playing the expected midfield role. Could we do the reverse and become th
  7. Just checked the MCC website and they say that mcc members only need to scan in with their mcc card and visitors need to scan in with their mobile card. The ticket for the MCC member will be used to be ushered to their reserve seat by staff. My mobile ticket does not have a barcode as such but my visitors ticket does. I suggest you go to the MCC web site where all the regulations around entrance to the Members reserve are set out.
  8. Got mine Level 1. Only 5 more sleeps!!!!!!!!!
  9. Mega ring and leave a number for a call back rather than staying on line. I think they are being inundated with members ringing with booking queries.
  10. Does anyone know if the two months quoted applies to Ben Brown as well as Weideman. The initial thoughts for Ben Brown when he was operated on was 4-6.
  11. All Clubs would probably have the same membership targets. We wouldn't be alone here.
  12. The other problem we have is the number of MCC/MFC members who may decide to forgo their combined memberships this season. Last year with not being able to attend home games at the MCC, dual memberships would have declined so it will be interesting if we can lure those back to include the MCC/MFC membership with their MCC memberships.
  13. I think it was reported that there was a hiccup with MCC notifying the Club of MCC/MFC paid memberships until much later than usual. We haven't received ours but not concerned as a quick call to memberships will sort it out.
  14. A combined MCC/MFC memberships can be accepted by the football Club and then forwarded to the MCC for processing. This information is then forwarded to the MCC for processing. Credit Cards are not debited by the Club but by MCC. The list of new combined memberships are forwarded to the MFC Membership generally once a week and then the football membership process begins. This is the process in a "normal" season. This will not be a MFC membership problem but as someone has said more likely to be a staffing issue at the MCC. I think the Club have done remarkably well with retaining Membersh
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