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  1. I'm not sure why they haven't given Toby Bedford a go on the wing, he is supposed to have similar speed and stamina attributes like Ed Langdon.
  2. I would go as far as to say that the umpiring in the Bulldogs games is beyond farcical. The Bont is a protected species, at this rate the umpires must be awarding him 3 votes every game, they are so besotted by him. The decisions are so blatant it looks like an AFL directive to the umpires is the Bulldogs must win at all costs. Its almost as bad as the Nazi athletics officials that were desperate to ensure a [censored] USA athlete called Jesse Owens wouldn't be successful in the 1936 Belin Olympics.
  3. 23 to 8 free kicks, better than the 2016 GF (20 to 8)
  4. Simple selection now, bring in both Petty and Hibberd
  5. I have a ticket in M32, but it wasn't easy I have a member seat, but not for away games like this one effectively turns out to be. At this rate the club membership will not increase, its just all too hard to get a ticket. I know members that will not go through this Ticketek process and are waiting till the capacity restrictions are removed and they can roll up to their reserve seat that they have paid dearly for many years.
  6. Thanks Grapeviney that worked I have a seat in M32 at $0
  7. I've given up, this system is rubbish and I know a number of other Melbourne members who haven't gone this year because of his ticketing debacle.
  8. Going with a another Dee and Saint supporter.
  9. Got GA tickets Level 3 Section 12 Row G
  10. I think this is to keep Choco happy, he has probably been pushing for this guy since he arrived at the Dees.
  11. We still look like crap, what a fabulous preseason
  12. Well this game plan is working like magic
  13. Selection of both GC players & Motlop for PA is [censored]
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