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  1. 6. Clayton Oliver 5. Christian Petracca 4. Bailey Fritsch 3. James Jordon 2. Max Gawn 1. Jack Viney
  2. 6. Tom McDonald 5. Clayton Oliver 4. Christian Petracca 3. Christian Salem 2. Ed Langdon 1. Steven May
  3. Agree. He also has a bit of toe.
  4. How are the mid season draft picks determined and where will Melbourne’s selection(s) be placed?
  5. Two years ago things were reversed and Melbourne was up at the top of the list with by far the highest number. Nobody gave a toss about us or demonstrated any sympathy for our plight. So yeah, big woop!
  6. Anyone know where to find this week’s selected side?
  7. Mac Andrew who was only 191cm two years ago but now 200cm. Lightly built. I think we have to keep his name under our hats.
  8. That’s what they were saying before yesterday. However, the last two teams that we beat were St Kilda and GWS Giants and yesterday they disposed of the WC Eagles and Collingwood who were both considered finals candidates for this year and played off for the premiership in 2018. Maybe, our wins haven’t been too shabby after all?
  9. Yes, but he did have one really good year with us in his first season, 2014 when we all thought he was going to become a champion for the club.
  10. Not training related and a fair way from Casey Fields but it’s Friday so here’s an omen bet if there ever was one - DEMON TO BLAZE AT GEELONG – FRIDAY GREYHOUNDS TIPS
  11. Hard to believe that it happened 16 years ago. RIP Broady.
  12. Can anyone tell me whether the first grab of highlights above is from a practice match v Oakleigh Chargers or if it’s a Dragons interclub?
  13. Cats have lobbed in with a 2 year offer. Hope he takes it. I’m not a fan.
  14. With all of the comings and goings in the football world, I would really like to hear a player of substance come out and say that Melbourne’s the club of his choice.
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