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  1. I coped dodgy seafood in Vietnam. Dead set worst ive ever felt , coming out non stop both ends for two days straight, felt better on day three
  2. You'd think gastro would have shown up before now if it was from the cats a week ago?
  3. I hardly think he would have bought it up without prompting and the journo has run with the headline, most click worthy part of the interview. Whatever motivates hibbo is personal to him and if it's what would have been a horrible time for him and his teammates that is his motivation so be it
  4. Thanks for the share. VFL Park to fit 166k people was interesting.
  5. I was the same when I saw the names , don't think if seen it mentioned twin girls or boy and girl. Emergency C section can be serious , so glad he made it he would have not been there mentally if he wasn't and still with the group. Worked out for the best hopefully just part of the story we are all hoping for
  6. After years of pushing aside his affiliation to the MFC at least publicly in the media, it is great to see him embracing the club. He is a club champion and I think it will be great for him and our club that he is finally showing his passion for the club he gave his all to.* * Pending us winning the bloody thing Go Dee's!!!
  7. Should be done on average, but don't think anyone really values the medal unless it compliments a premiership one
  8. Todd Viney in the opening minute of the 87 elimination final was something I won't forget. I was 9 at the time. The roar was something I'd never heard before
  9. Great bloke , got a cruel hand and kept positive and never dropped his bundle. Was amazing his rookie year really thought we had a 250 game future Captain, didn't work out but I know for a fact his heart beats true.
  10. Hard to go past I was in a hotel bar in Bali by myself watching with the barman and a few locals and half cut . Got a few strange looks but didn't care. Hugged Katut after that.
  11. He is hopefully he has one of those 4-6 possession games in the GF that were 2 out of 3 when he was a demon
  12. As much as it pains me to say, it's the right decision. 1. family first given his wife is due to give birth to twins. 2. He realistically isn't best 23 3. He is the ultimate team man and 2 weeks of "make Jones the Medi sub " talk isn't helpful to the team and he knows it.
  13. Just woke up a bit dusty, had a dream Gawn kicked 5 , we smashed Geelong and are playing in a GF.
  14. In : bradtke Out : Gawn (retested/ general soreness)
  15. Was great, Gaz still has passion for the club, was wound up like a clock.
  16. I can't at winning/loosing money to my anxiety levels thanks Binman
  17. Some random on Twitter saying Henderson out , Higgins in . Leave them short down back if true
  18. Didn't the cats already use that excuse for danger when he sat out most of the last qtr in round 23?
  19. Same been confident all week and woke up with a nasty dose of mfcss
  20. Just some dust in my eye. Love this club https://www.melbournefc.com.au/video/1014855/message-to-the-members?videoId=1014855&modal=true&type=video
  21. When was the last VFL game played ?? 6-8 weeks ago?
  22. Do subs have to come from the emergency list. If Hunt is right I'd have him as the sub. Can play forward or back and have impact, if we find our self in a difficult situation on the scoreboard and need to throw everything at it. The Geelong geriatrics would struggle in a 4th quarter chasing down Hunt.
  23. I think we need hibbos ability to play tall and small more than hunts run. Hibbo can still run it off half back although he had lost a yard. Having Bowey offsets any worry about run as his kicking is elite and an executed kick moves faster than any player can run
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