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  1. Also make sure you’ve paid your membership for 2022/23 to gain entry
  2. Got my tickets in N55 happy with that should be amazing looks like it’ll be a decent crowd.
  3. Think we should try to get as many people to this game as possible to really kick start the finals for both teams.
  4. Yeah understand that, just didn’t seem serious enough in my opinion given the position we are in. Lots of players moving really slow and sore.
  5. Was at training, as were a lot of the player sponsors. I know it’s only training but everything seemed very low effort, not much concentration and intensity. JVR has one of the worst kicking techniques I’ve seen looks so stiff, not sure I watched him kick one. Tracc’s kicking for goal was very good as was melksham.
  6. Can we please stop sharing Zero Hanger articles the blokes running that have no idea and just make up anything for clicks or copy fox sports articles.
  7. About to get on my flight now to Perth hopefully it’s not a sad trip home.
  8. Flying over with my family for tonight’s game. Really hoping for a good performance otherwise it’ll be a sad flight home.
  9. Am I watching the same game as you blokes we had almost double the inside 50s and got unlucky a few times they aren’t even close to on top.
  10. I’ve got a fairly good source that says, at the moment he will not be at Melbourne next year.
  11. This is crap the only thing bad for you in energy drinks is the sugar.
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