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  1. You’d look at Stack based off talent - but his off field stuff/attitude(?) would probably threaten any chance of his career getting revived by another team
  2. Same as Trade Radio regurgitating the same rubbish day after day
  3. Having played with Schache as a teenager, I thought this bloke was going to be phenomenal when he made the AFL, obviously that hasn’t panned out the way anyone would’ve liked it to. But I still see his talent and potential for growth as a professional, so I don’t think it’s worth poo pooing the idea of bringing him in. After all, it’s a depth acquisition for a future third or fourth most likely so If he comes in and performs better than a Mitch Brown type - that’s a win to me. Heck even if he comes in purely to keep all of TMac, BBB & JVR on their toes, good. It’s a low risk move with a chance of giving him some success after being a highly touted prospect
  4. I had a look at their players and feels like they’ve signed most of their core. Ever heard of this bloke? Me neither I don’t care who you are that’s one of the more impressive highlight reals I’ve seen in a while 21 year old and 199cm key forward..
  5. Is there any actual media speculation about Harmes yet that I’ve missed or is this just purely a murmur on DL? Edit: Mitch Cleary come on down
  6. Apologies if this has already been brought up but, Tarryn Thomas potentially exploring options according to Sam Edmund. Anyone have any insight on him? Pick 8 and only 22 years old still so fits well in our age bracket, have no idea what you’d give up for someone in his position given he’s had a bit of a turbulent year
  7. Tbh I haven’t seen a lot of Hill but who knows what could happen with a change of scenery, chances are he goes to Collingwood and dominates similarly to Stengle (albeit very different situations) Same with Henry, hasn’t shown a massive amount at Freo but if he’s exploring his options I think we’d be silly not to at least put the feelers out
  8. Yeah more of a comment in jest as they are some what of a like for like I like Chandler but I’d like to get Henry from Freo if there’s any possibility to be included in the Jackson trade
  9. Any chance for a last minute pitch to Bobby Hill??
  10. It’s funny the amount of people in the comments saying port would be paying overs.. What has Duursma done other than being known for a cringe goal celebration
  11. Agree we lack depth there but I reckon we’re better off getting ‘mature’ (23-25) age players who can plug that gap. Feel like it’s harder to develop younger players properly when the starting lineup is as stacked as it is. Would be good to get a Cadman or Keeler type. Our forward line needs more of an injection of youth than our midfield Time will tell
  12. Although I’m disappointed he’s leaving, I’ve had the opinion all year that it was a win/win scenario for Melbourne. If he were to stay then we have a potentially generational talent to build around, but now that he’s leaving we should expect to get a decent haul in return. However speculative draft picks may be, I’m confident that we have the culture and the ability to develop the talent we bring in. People can say what they want but I’m excited about the possibility of retooling a premiership calibre team and injecting some fresh blood - something that clearly wasn’t done enough this year.
  13. Lets hope Sideshow Bob gets locked in asap
  14. Yep, feel like he'd be another depth player when most of our small forwards are depth players themselves. Need a bigger fish, but who?
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