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  1. While I am really happy for Yze, and I hope he does well, it somehow feels dirty that he will be at the Tigers.
  2. i was born after he retired from playing, but for me as young lad he was the Melbourne Football club. When he returned to coach in 81, it like the second coming. It didn't work out in the end, but he set the tone for a revival under Northey. Humble, generous with his time and a Demon to the end. he will be missed.
  3. I have a spare ticket, M50. For regular DL posters only.
  4. I desperately want us to win the flag, but if we come away from this finals series beating this mob and seeing the looks on these arrogant @&$! faces I will get some satisfaction
  5. I thought there were a few empty seats in the MCC upper level from where I was sitting.
  6. Thanks Jaded. Finally I get some luck.
  7. M50. Is that closish to the wing?
  8. Most annoying website ever. I hate Ticketek
  9. You gotta feel for the kid. He did pretty well against Sydney
  10. Yeah, but we couldn't get someone to look after the dogs, and his house is dog friendly. It will be sweet if we win though.
  11. I know the feeling. The thought of losing and having to see all their sneering toothless grins after the game is making me sick. What's worse is that i am staying the night at a mates house who is a Collingwood supporter, and he is also going to the game. Fortunately we have an unspoken gentlemen's agreement not to hang it on each other after a game. His wife, who doesn't follow footy at all, is not so discreet. It won't be pretty.
  12. Got em. M9. About where our reserved seats are, but the lower level.
  13. How do you actually unlock the tickets? I have used my Ticektek password (no cigar) I am logged in to Ticketek And I have tried GET PASSWORD but no luck
  14. i thought Glen Iris was the centre, but there you go. I should clarify, I mean't Fishermans Bend. There is a heap of space there and plenty of potential. And it is close to the G. Yes it is about the club, the players the staff, and the members. And I think it is a better option than Caulfield. Personally i couldn't care less about the car parking, but there are plenty of members who do.
  15. Caulfield is great if you live south of the river, but Port Melbourne is more central, and closer to the G. It would probably be easier to make parking available as well.
  16. I can't believe there is no love for Rhys Mathieson.
  17. How would Essendon supporters know what a real flag is? They haven't touched one for 23 years.
  18. Tactical I believe. He didn't look that happy after the game. It was as if he saw his chance of playing finals slipping through his fingers. I feel sorry for him.
  19. If you are going to pick a "best team" of a coaches era, you need to be a bit more honest Both coaches did not have all these players at his disposal at any given time of their tenure. For instance Lewis and Vince had retired by the time Brown, Langdon, Rivers and Kozzie had debuted with us.
  20. Sparrow is a pretty big out for us. He has been superb in Clarrie's absence.
  21. Yeah, but also not a fair comparison. We didn't have the best mids and defence in 2017 and 2019.
  22. Yeah, a total failure. Play in AFL and AFLW Finals each year Win at least 1 AFL and 1 AFLW Premiership
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