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  1. 6. Viney 5. Lever 4. Harmes 3. Oliver 2. Jordon 1. Jackson
  2. Yeah, I was more upset that someone is making that Shot up.
  3. He probably told them he was going to a yoga retreat in Ubud.
  4. I am not a conspiracy theorist, but someone is actively trying to bring down our club. I was shown a text last week, that was horrific and put me on a downer for days. I don’t want to contemplate the consequences if the allegations are true, and I suspect they aren’t true. But if someone is making this stuff up, they are scum of the earth.
  5. Perhaps the most telling indication of his influence in the GF third quarter was Goodwin, Gawn and Burgess agreeing to leave him in the ruck.
  6. Tough decison given I have no idea what he is talking about.
  7. Pot, Kettle, Black.
  8. In the Demon Shop? I couldn't find it.
  9. It looks great. Where did you buy it?
  10. Pretty sure it costs nothing to jon the Demon Army. I am certain all the posters who have been critical will be welcomed with open arms when they bolster the numbers by joining.
  11. They said this before the Freo game? Someone get me their contact details, I want to buy a lottery ticket.
  12. Interesting. I have a Collingwood mate who would gladly take him. He reckon he needs a full season to get his game going. He also made the point that Collingwood have been playing Mason Cox for 7 years as a key forward, and he couldn’t be much worse.
  13. 6. Oliver 5. Sparrow 4. Jordon. 3. Kozzie 2. McDonald 1. May
  14. 6. Viney 5. Pickett 4. McDonald 3. Oliver 2. May 1. Jordon
  15. So Assume or don't assume?
  16. While the crowds haven't been massive (today was the emptiest Trident's section I have seen this year), I am enjoying the carnival like atmosphere from supporters. There is very little tension and an air of bonhomie. Long may it last!
  17. 6.Brayshaw 5. Langdon 4. Clarrie 3. May 2. Harmes 1. Brown
  18. All I was thinking was that if they had kicked another I would be reading a weeks worth of nuffy posts about how badly we played.
  19. Those Eagles fans gesturing behind the goals gives me eternal joy.
  20. i just don't think we have a massive support base. Back in the day when I was at high school in the 80's, you could count the Dee's supporters on one hand. 6 decades of medicocrity will do that. The other factor is that when you are a successful club, it inspires fans to go to the footy. There are generations of Demons supporters who may never have even attended a footy game, because their familes just didn't attend games, so a culture of going to the footy never eventuated. I made sure my nephews became Melbourne supporters, and I even took one of them to a game, but they have never really been interested because we were so ordinary for so long.
  21. What has impressed me is his improvement when the ball hits the ground. He does stuff a player of his size shouldn't be able to do.
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