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  1. This was mine for years until the VCR finally tore up the tape. Now i go to the Melbourne Geelong Elimination Final and if i just need a quick lift I just search for Hannan running in for the sealing goal
  2. I think we already have enough GWS players.
  3. James Jordon is still only 19. I had great hopes of him this year but like so many kids and fringe players it was virtually impossible to put their names forward. Hopefully next year!!!
  4. Could you please forward me the article. 
    it fills my heart with hope


    sorry. I have read a bit more now and have found it. 

    still happy

  5. Could you please forward me the article. 
    it fills my heart with hope

  6. If we hadn't traded to gain pick 3 in his draft, Oliver would now be playing for Essendon. He would then have some real reason to whinge.
  7. I note the names thrown up as replacement coaches over the last few pages are Lyon, Voss and Clarkson. Just looking at their most recent coaching records I noted: Ross Lyon (53 years old). Ladder position over his last 4 seasons 2016 - 2019: (2016) - 16th (2017) - 14th (2018) -14th (2019) - 13th. Michael Voss (49) Whole coaching career - 2009 - 2013: 6th 13th 15th 13th 12th Alistair Clarkson (52) Last 4 years 2017 - 2020. (2017) - 12th (2018) - 5th (after finals) (2019) - 9th (2020) - 15th Simon Goodwin (43)
  8. Shout out to the Dees fans at the ground. great noise and excellent boos at the right time
  9. got rid of the man bun - tick
  10. Did somebody on Demonland suggest Spargo shouldn’t get a game?
  11. That will teach Goodwin that Melbourne can’t complain about the umpires
  12. He does have 3 number 1 draft picks
  13. Thank goodness for May being steady and reliable and for Hibbards first half, otherwise we would not have been within 15 goals as I read this
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