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  1. What? Pick number 1 in the draft.
  2. Many thanks for this. It saves me searching for each team seperately. I note there is a small error in that you have put Geelong down for 4 games against top 8 teams. They actually have only 2 with 3 against 9 - 12 teams. I thought last week we had one of the hardest runs home. Now it doesnt look so bad by comparison.
  3. Good few days for one of our sponsors with Thursday night on national television with their motif pasted on the back of our jumper and then emblazoned on the chest of Ash Barty on Saturday night at her away game. The people who organised who receives Jaguar sponsorship money will be happy
  4. I have never gone so far as to actually start a topic before despite spending my 10+ years of membership wasting too much of my workday reading Demonland. I was so happy last night, i thought i would take a chance. I would have to say that they seem a bit upset at Port Adelaide over yesterdays game and if anyone thinks Simon Goodwin receives a pasting on this site, they should take note of the Port vitriol directed at Ken Hinkley. A few comments from Big Footy are repeated below and these are some of the gentler ones. Also, when did Alex Neal Bullen turn into an untackleable beast? fu** me dead, we couldn't stop him. I thought he was a spud. I think people really underestimated Melbourne coming into this. They have a very strong defence and an absolutely monstrous midfield. It is staggering that we are so poor in every area. Poorly skilled. Dumb decisions. Not strong enough. Not tall enough. Not fast enough. Unfit. No discernible game plan. sh*t leadership. What the f**k do we actually do at training? I refuse to believe that our players (well most of them anyway) are at the limit of their potential. So we need a clear out of the leadership at the club - chairman, coach and captain. We're just so poorly led at every level. Another club waltzes in with a SeAsOn-DeFiNiNg win. Now that the siren has gone I can safely say, insipid performance and a disgusting display of football. Forwards invisible, the only time I did see them was when they crashed into each other. Umps were no help, gave Melbourne a couple. Sure am thrilled to have played Melbourne into form. We ******* suck, sack ken, sack Bassett, fu** it sack Voss too. Gang sh*t we out. Melbourne are good, we aren’t. Can’t see Melbourne not winning the flag now tbh Who's going to want a 200cm third tall with no presence, can't kick and floats around the field like a fern frond with no impact. Edit: and yes I realise this also describes Ben brown, but he kicked 10 in an afl match. And to think we were out coached by Goodwin. That game exposed all of our weaknesses at once. Biggest of which is our gameplan which relies on the other team not being very good. Too many passengers and credit too melbourne who played the game I wanted us to play. actually looked like our mids and forwards were rubbish. deep defense kept the gap closer. the rest were sh*t. boak sh*t. drew sh*t. everyone forward of full back was dog sh*t. At least Ben Brown didn’t kick 10 goals. That’s a positive I guess. yeah, so you agree, rozzee is sh*t, has the contested ball awareness of a minature poodle. Players: What's the gameplan this week Ken? Ken: Oh, we'll chip it around giving Melbourne time to get everyone behind the ball. Players: So same as usual against the top teams then? We put the ken in Farken Average. I'm sick of crap teams going past us - if the trend continues, bloody Carlton will play in a grand final before we will LOL. Melb brought in the tallest slowest forward line I’ve seen in the past 20 years of football. It was set up for us to run off of them. Almost all of their good players had a night out too. Gawn, Patracca, Oliver, May, Salem, McDonald, you know the guys a good coach would have plans for. Hinkley is a bum.
  5. Not having nearly enough to do and prompted by a Demonlander who suggested we had more young players than Essendon, I checked all top 8 teams playing last weekend plus Esendon and it appears we are in a great position for the future. Sorry about the formatting Team Players under 22 22-27 Over 27 Average games Melbourne 7 11 4 89.6 Dogs 4 12 6 95.6 Brisbane 6 12 4 90.4 Port 4 11 7 98.9 Geelong 0 9 13 147.0 Swans 5 11 6 100.2 Eagles 1 11 10 141.4 Tigers 2 9 11 118.3 Baby Bombers 3 15 4 74.7 Our demographic is actually closer to Brisbane than any other club. There are of course a number of injured players at other clubs who would be in their best 22. If included, it would raise the number of older players at each club and age demographic. Moreso others than Melbourne (who would only replace Petty with Tomlinson). I dont know what it means but we are either too young, in a great position to start a dynasty or alternatively it was an interesting way to spend an hour or so.
  6. First grandchild just arrived. Plenty of time for a viewing, sing the team song and back home to watch the team welcome her properly.
  7. It went about half as far as the kick marked by Cameron at the end of the Swans - Geelong game which was not paid
  8. I thought this was meant to be Simon Goodwin!
  9. One good thing about the lockdown. While everyone thinks I am working from home, I will be watching the replay twice a day
  10. This used to be one of my favourite threads. Reading how each successive team was going to belt us, and then enjoy the melts after. Now, not only do large numbers of opposition supporters show us some respect, but many know far more about Melbourne than I know about their teams. However, taking all things into account, I am a happier supporter now than i was then.
  11. The AFL have for once gifted Melbourne a great mid-year break. We play Brisbane in Alice Springs on Friday 4 June. We next play on QB, 14 June against Collingwood. We have a bye the following weekend. That gives us nearly 10 day break after our NT trip. Then we do not have to roll up the following Saturday after QB. I think this is a great spread of games over the three weeks.
  12. I just noticed reaching the bottom of the Demonland page that Pickett, Davey and Farmer were all born in June. That would seem to make a compelling case for putting our indigenous stars out to stud in September!
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