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  1. It has probably been noted already, but only Atkins, Mier and Close were picks from 2017 onwards by Geelong and of those 3, Atkins and Mier were local boys.
  2. Zorko put in a massive effort in the last round to pick up the "best captain" award.
  3. West Coast in passing 44 points has ensured that our defence has has the least total points scored against them this year. This is important as the premiers last year were in the same position after the end of the home and away season.
  4. I think you are massively underrating the games of Petty and May. Two of McKay's goals that i remember were from a free kick against Brayshaw and a kick over the top. Neither May's fault. Curnow's points were from half chances. Snaps that would have been brilliant, although unlikely, goals. He had the only mark goal between the two of them i think. These were ideal matchups from Melbournes point of view and great games by both their players against the likely Coleman medalist and one of the best forwards in the game.
  5. Knowing several, I generally dislike Carlton supporters. However, one of the reasons I like football was on display travelling from Caulfield Station and walking to the game last night. I was pleased to see a solid number of supporter groups, be they family groups or friends, which consisted of supporters of both teams. This doesnt happen in my limited experience of soccer I accept there are always going to be some pretty rabid supporters, however, it remains a game that I currently feel confident I will be able to take my 1yo granddaughter when she grows into her Melbourne jumper.
  6. Ricky Barham who played about 150 games for them lived down the road from me in Hamilton but you are quite correct, Billy Picken was the standout. Mind you, a number of good ex VFL and SANFL retired in the district (i.e. bought a pub and coached the local team) and the Western Border team was occasionally quite strong. Part of the problem for Collingwood may have been that there were 6 SA teams in the competition.
  7. I wondered why JJ was puffing so hard after his goal about 3 minutes into the second quarter and just had another look on replay. It started when Rivers left his man and intercepted the ball inside defensive 50. He handballed to Petracca He gave a short kick to Viney. The raging bull charged downfield while doing a blind turn and breaking a tackle. He handballed to Sparrow. He handballed to Langdon. He ran to about 60 and kicked it over the head of Fritsch and his opponent into the arms of JJ who kicked a goal from the top of the goal square. When I looked back at the start of the passage of play, JJ was comfortably inside defensive 50 when Rivers intercepted in what looked the ideal position to fill up space on the other side of the ground. He just sprinted for the other end and left his opponent for dead. It was a massive run that was rewarded. I presume many similar runs are made every game without getting near the ball but it did show how Melbourne are able to use Brayshaw at halfback or now in the midfield without losing much on the opposite wing to Langdon. And it was a terrific end to a great passage of play that might have rather pleased the coaches.
  8. Last year after 18 rounds we were 13 - 3 - 1 with a percientage of 127.8% and having 2 losses and a draw in the previous 5 games. This year we are 13 - 4 - 0 with a percentage of 132.6% and having 2 losses in the previous 5 games. Round 19 this year (as indeed last year) we play Western Bulldogs. They were second on the ladder at this point last year. Last year we lost to the Bulldogs and then were undefeated for the rest of the season. I could live with that again.
  9. I had to look at those figures again. Jake Melksham - 7 tackles. Must be his greatest tally ever. (also his best game of his few this year)
  10. Odd football fact Melbourne now have more 100 game players in tonights teams (14 to 13) Not surprisingly, Geeolong are leading in the over 30's (10 to 4) Geelong average nearly 50 games per player more than Melbourne. It is the first of those points that give me hope for some years to come
  11. Having a look at that table, you have to feel for Ted Hall who played for St Kilda about 120 years ago. He played in 73 VFL games and won one.
  12. I do however, agree absolutely with what you say and that it is often enjoyable talking to supporters from other teams during and after games.
  13. This was a lesson I relearnt while watchin round 23 last year. Sometime during the third quarter when Geelong were about 7 goals up, i received a text from a Cat fan saying simply "enjoying this", I courteously waited until one kick after the final siren before responding "yes". I try and think of that when we play teams such as Essendon who I dislike most of all I at least wait until after the game has finished.
  14. Came upon it in Mexico. I have a soccer tee shirt for the team they sponsor
  15. I rather thought May did rather well against Naughton in the Grand Final, despite having a dodgy hamstring.
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