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  1. I just noticed reaching the bottom of the Demonland page that Pickett, Davey and Farmer were all born in June. That would seem to make a compelling case for putting our indigenous stars out to stud in September!
  2. I work with the meanest man in the world. He rang up the MCC today to buy a MCC/MFC membership. (It is possibly the cheapest membership) If he is joining I reckon there is easily another 20,000 out there.
  3. And this followed by Queens Birthday game. Sponsors will be happy. (so am I)
  4. Well, this is a topic I hadn't considered likely at the start of the season!
  5. A look at the live ladder indicate that we have beaten 2 teams in the eight and three outside. richmond have beaten 3 teams outside the eight and lost to 2 teams in it. I merely mention it to show that we have beaten top 8 teams and they can’t.
  6. Melbourne North is much more interesting than those nonentities
  7. Just considered your post. The real thing that has changed since the 2018 prelim final is the personnel. (with conservative changes of May and Weideman in and Brown and Petty out) Missing from the 2018 Preliminary Final team are: Jetta Oscar Lewis J Smith Frost Hannan Harmes Vandenberg Tyson They have been replaced by: May Langdon Jordon Hunt Tomlinson Lever Jackson Rivers Pickett I have not considered Fritsch - as the selector oddly also didn't in 2018 - and BBB - who will both
  8. And it would be far better if she stopped stating the bleeding obvious with a constant run of cliche's
  9. Because Essendon exists
  10. What an unusual thread, well researched and backed up by indisputable facts. The OP would have started at the 2019 National draft Melbourne pick 3 Jackson (6 games) pick 12 Pickett (14) pick 27 Rivers (9) Bulldogs pick 15 Weightman (3 games) pick 53 Butler (2) pick 62 Garcia (0) 2018 National Draft. Melbourne pick 27 Sparrow (7 games) pick 33 Jordon (0) pick 53 Nietsche (0) pick 56 Hore (14) Pick 75 Bedford (2) Bulldogs Pick 26 West (7) Pick 37 Vandermeer (13) Pick 45 Cara
  11. I am not certain we actually played 24 games at the MCG so the 6 win figure may appear somewhat skewed from your post.
  12. Well, certainly not Collingwood who signed a 26 year old ruckman for 7 years last year. Given that Gawn was almost certainly signed for less than the reported million dollar a year deal that Grundy signed for, I think that MFC has rewarded their skipper appropriately and set up part of hopefully a stable midfield group into the future.
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