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  1. We look better with Max behind the ball imo. We need to find a better solution to our f50 woes
  2. So now that the Queen's birthday matches are at an end, what was the final tally?
  3. Good to see McDonald and Van Rooyen putting their hand up for selection next week
  4. Anthony McDonald is sitting right behind me!!!!
  5. I seem to recall him being in good form before his injury. Might be worth checking out his second to last game for us
  6. I was happy to stay at home and watch it from the comfort of my couch but my dad bought us tickets so I will drag myself to the game and sit quietly in my seat until the team does something worth cheering. A lot of people on here have it backwards. The crowd makes noise so the team plays well? It's the other way around
  7. It sounded to me like we made plenty of noise a couple of nights ago. If you really think the crowds are to blame for the team's weak performances then you're delusional
  8. I've loved listening to everyone on the radio under-estimating us today. Our team is built for finals, and we are about to remind everyone just what we are capable of. I just got home from work, am having a quick pit-stop and then I'm rushing off to the game. See you there soon!
  9. JVR now seems ahead of Weid in the eyes of the club
  10. The deeper we get into the finals series the better he's going to get and I find it a reassuring thought to know we have him sitting in our back pocket
  11. My niece claimed mine! Next year I'll be getting one for each of us
  12. I put the first flag up after round 23. I put the second flag up after our QF and our GF rematch. I have 4 more posts ready
  13. I seem to recall his last few games before injury were good. He offers a valuable target through the ground, a strong body to compete and he has experience and the respect of the group. I think your comment says more about your memory than it does about his playing ability
  14. Spargo & ANB are crucial cogs in the team balance. They aren't Petraccas or Oliver's. They are as better than the next option as Trac & Clarry are better than them. We take them out and we will be poorer for it
  15. I'm not unhappy with the change but you have to feel for JJ. Spent most of last year as the sub, including the GF, manages to play in the 22 most games this year and now, on the eve of the finals, it looks like he might be warming the bench again
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