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  1. Not even Dusty could save them Fester. Time to embrace the strange new times.
  2. Sure do Stoner. Ill also I suggest Jackson has an added edge with temperament and humility.
  3. Richmond dont fold? Turn it up! This IS Melbourne. Let this be a warning!
  4. 6. Salem - Harvey Norman Medallist. 5. Petracca - Frank 'Checker' Hughes Medallist. 4. Clayton Oliver 3. Gawn 2. Jackson 1. Tommy McDonald
  5. Leppa also believes we are more prepared than ever to take them on https://www.sen.com.au/news/2021/04/20/why-melbourne-is-as-ready-as-theyve-ever-been-for-richmond-challenge/
  6. No surprise Salems output is rated by the CA.
  7. If thats the case regarding Petty copping criticism Chief, Im with you. He was brought in to fill a crucial role in a well drilled and functioning back 6 after a considerable layoff with injury. Thats no mean feat. He played his role competently and did everything he was asked Harry can hold his head up high.
  8. TMac at his peak is worth his weight in gold. On current form I cant see him out of our best 22.
  9. 6. Gawn 5. Oliver 4. Lever 3. T Mac 2. Salem 1. Rivers Apologies to Trac, Kosi & Ed
  10. What a great win and what a statement made today to the rest of the competition. Hawthorn had nothing to lose and will always be a competitive beast while under Clarkson. But unlike previous years in similiar situations, the boys held their nerve and backed their belief in themselves and the style of football they want to play. Today they showed what they can do when under pressure and under the duress of expectation! How they can grind out a really solid win! Im really proud of the boys!
  11. and we'll probably never fully know - correct! and Sam IS entitled to his opinion.
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