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  1. I dont see how Tmac comes back in this season, at best he will be available first week of finals and thats with no match fitness
  2. I think Carlton are a big chance to beat Collingwood. Also if we did beat the Lions there is a huge chance of playing the Swans
  3. If we beat the Lions and Sydney wins it will come down to % on if we play Swans at the MCG or SCG
  4. Playing Collingwood at the MCG seems better than Lions at Gabba or Swans at MCG/SCG
  5. I thought a lot of our i50 kicks to Brown were not to his advantage
  6. Will take it. Blues should feel real ripped off
  7. It’d be a miracle if we won this and if we won a lowly ranked finals game
  8. The only result that’s gone our way recently has been Tigers beating the lions
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