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  1. The pieces arent a worry however what we got in is better than what left
  2. In the 2018 finals you thought he'd be a key piece for us going forward but it hasnt been, the ruck/key forward depth is a concern with Gawn, Grundy and Tmac.
  3. Rankine for pick 5 Jackson for pick 13 and one of 13/14/15 in 2023 we got fleeced
  4. Very likely the former, got knee issues and gets rag dolled too easily
  5. Looked far off it when he returned for the dogs this season
  6. Would rather us have 2 top 10 picks than say just pick number 2 or 3
  7. Danger the rare type of player who would rather have a Norm Smith than Premiership
  8. Yep Geelong was resting players in the last few rounds, meanwhile we had must win games
  9. To me a JVR on debut would have been better than BB hobling around
  10. Its always good when an interstate team wins
  11. That was a hard read and really hard to comprehend that this is still happening in todays world
  12. Hes getting paid atleast $125k too much then
  13. Oliver is much more consistent from round 1 to 23. I wasn’t talking him down either, the umpires will always vote Petracca over Oliver if they both played well because of their game styles
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