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  1. You cant really think of Hunt being sub as "Just bring him on at the start of the 4th". There has to be an injury and you need a player that will or will help spread to cover that players role.
  2. That tweet has a lot of replies about Stevic. Was he there in 2016?
  3. Ofcourse the guys who are not best 22 are going to go 100% in a training run
  4. Nothing award anyway. Bont will get smashed on Saturday
  5. Wines to get it. Unless some 3s are 2s and 1s
  6. [censored]. Can you get a winner when you have 3 legit vote getters?
  7. Williamson kills us every. Single. Time.
  8. If anyone wants to watch all the hitouts so far from 2021 between the two teams:
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