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  1. They made some bad calls yes, but how can you be upset at that given how we played?
  2. Also I never want us to play at the SCG again outside of away games vs Sydney.
  3. Poor effort all round. Another loss to a bottom side, god knows what we will look like after the bye. So miserable that we came out looking like this, could easily sense it coming. We are not contenders losing games like this.
  4. Open up the post match thread, I need to unload on a few players
  5. This is [censored], we are going to go into the bye playing like this
  6. We will still win this game, however we should be burying these flogs
  7. Collingwood will be more dangerous on Monday because of this
  8. I gave up on writing this each week, we are winning so im not stressing over it but its an odd one
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