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  1. If you were doing the exit interviews, what would be a key message that you would want delivered to a particular player? Where would you want them to focus in the off season to improve? Verall: More Fitness and marking, getting to contests to be improved Jefferson: More muscle mass and hit more contests. Howes: More fitness and strength to challenge for a wing spot in 24 (etc) Then there are ones like “enjoy your retirement” to BBB, TMAc, Hibbo, Melk, etc, and ‘enjoy the Harbour views, Grundy” What messages would you give?
  2. I did a thread a couple of years ago detailing how sides are defined by their senior players and their fortunes tied to theirs (senior/prime: 23+ year olds with 70+ games experience): http://demonland.com/forums/index.php?/topic/29466-the-outlook-senior-players-in-2012/ There were two aspects; where they are placed with regard to the rest of the competition and how they fare in their Pre Season as preparation for the season is a massive indicator of a players season In 2012 we had: Green, Moloney, Rivers, Davey, Sylvia, Jamar, MacDonald, Batram, Bate, Dunn, Frawley, Jones and Clark. 8 of those 13 were in the last year or second last year. In 2014 we have: Cross, Jones, Jamar, Vince, Byrnes, Frawley, Dunn, Garland, Clark, Dawes, Trengove, Watts, McKenzie, and Grimes. Only 5 of the 14 look like they could be in their last or penultimate season. Those bolded battled bad form and injuries in 2013. Now, how this group compares to the rest of the AFL is subjective but I just wanted to point out how much this group has been improved over the last two years. How they fare this pre-season will determine how much we can improve. Where do they sit in the AFL? Get them fit and find out I guess...
  3. Welcome to another wonderful season... I will do as I did, for those that don't like stats - they don't tell the whole story, but they are a decent comparison to other teams and I would like to use it to chart progress over time. The previous thread illustrated starkly the decline under Bailey and was useful in pointing out how far back we had travelled in contested possessions and clearances. As is my want I have changed this year's KPI slightly - I have removed the clanger differential in favour of a disposal efficiency total and differential (this will be in percentage terms), and have included a Marks inside 50 differential. Neither is definitive but the former will allow a slight insight into how we are keeping the footy compared to the opposition (something supposedly important to Neeld from reports) and the latter providing a comparison of how we deliver the ball forward compared to our opponents. I have added an analysis header so I can add my two cents and shape your thinking... rpfc KPI Contested Possession Differential 2010 > -1.2 2011 > -5.5 2012 > 2 BL: 2 Inside 50 Differential 2010 > -7.2 2011 > -6.2 2012 > -8 BL: -8 Clearance Differential 2010 > -2 2011 > -2.8 2012 > -12 BL: -12 Disposal Efficiency (%) & Differential (%) 2011 > ??? 2012 > 65 (-8) BL: 65 (-8) Marks Inside 50 Average & Differential 2011 > ??? 2012 > 5 (-10) BL: 5 (-10) Scores Against average 2010 > 89.6 2011 > 105 2012 > 119 BL: 119 Percentage 2010 > 94.5 2011 > 85.3 2012 > 65.5 Analysis And haven't we started well? Smashed in the clearances, I50s, Marks I50, and disposal efficiency. It was haphazard and meek at times. The only stat to bely that fact were the contested possessions being even.
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