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  1. Jack Watts x Lucas Cook x Sam Weideman I'll pass thanks
  2. How is pick 2 going to North? JHF has done f-all and is a midfielder who come a dime a dozen all because he was pick 1? pfft.
  3. massive sign of goodwins favouritism, i hope in this review he spoke of last night he changes that otherwise more will follow...
  4. Maybe West Coast can improve his footy sense but Melbourne cannot clearly, hasn't looked the goods since Roosy was coach.
  5. Would not go near this ducker was completely found out this year
  6. Gold Coast willing to give up Pick 7 to pick up his 500k contract, now supposedly Melksham is on that kind of money... he hasn't played that consistently but seems very good at pulling his kicks to offset team defense I think he would excel in that role with us and net us a pretty pick in the top 10. Simple win for me.
  7. I think Burgess went pretty hard on the players in the off season, but he timed it beautifully so they came back cherry ripe for finals, I think Selwyn is the new guy who was learning under Burgess, comes in and wants to make a statement, push them just that little bit harder, surely that gets a better result right? Sadly we were fittest in May and a side that doesn't rotate the team ever, going back to back was going to be very difficult
  8. I said this on the demons facebook page but last year we controlled the tempo, dont you remember the first game? we came out and we controlled when the ball was moving fast and when it was moving slow, opposition fear you when you have that, "is this it?, do i go now? whos got him covered?" at the moment its go go go, into the pocket to only tall in our Forward BBB who has 3 blokes on him BAM, and the teams know this and rebound hard. Couldn't be clearer in the collingwood game in which they sacrificed their forward position because they could rebound so easy. Last night we never took our foot off the gas, yes sydney were going hard but you have to weather the storm with our own pressure, slow and then go, there is a rhythm to it game. Spargo was one of the few who actually tried to control the game, when we have the ball we own the time and positioning, Trac is one of the best at this, but when hurt he can't do what he we know he can.
  9. Here's my tribute to Trac on his 150th, I started out painting the whole team but it became way too big of a project...
  10. Please no, no deals with Collingwood we can not help free them from this terrible deal, Grundy sucks money would be much better spent on a key forward
  11. Rough on Tommo was the best defender on the day
  12. I'd love Buddy, I wish it was last year or the year before.. But you can't have Ben Brown and Buddy in the same forward nice, just not enough physicallity. I pray that North go to Tassie with Clarko at the helm and we in a "club uniting move" bring back Premiership Star Forward Ben Brown, meanwhile Dees pickup Buddy. Also how much are we paying BBB? from what I remember its more than the asking for Buddy?
  13. Hey WalkingCivilWar, You're obviously a passionate fan and I'm not here to upset anyone or denigrate your efforts I just think we can be better. I think I've given some constructive criticism. I like how you cbf responding in public except for the last 4 posts and that I'm a clown for giving a toss... come on. I don't think I'm being unreasonable, the hours would be tough no doubt, hence why I haven't been involved in such activities before. Maybe there are some ways to make it easier? But I've been to all our home games this year, please read my post rather than getting stirred up by some posters. Let's say we wanted to get a ground swell of Demonlanders into the Demon Army surely that kind of response is not going to help.
  14. First off, I just want to say I give a lot of respect to those who give their time willingly and support the team from state to state. For some background I'm a General Admission Member in 2022 and generally sit in a pocket, I've been on this site for a long time as different users but rarely post, for those who want to shoot me down for that reason. I've been to all the home games this year and I bought tickets through the Demon Army Website for the Anzac Eve game which was a complete disaster. Initially my tickets didn't work and it was incredibly difficult to find people to help, when I did they were very kind people but sadly couldn't offer much help, past that my seats were double or not triple booked with other fans who were all great about the confusion, but that's not even what I'm here to complain about. All that being said, we have the weakest cheer squad in the league. It's been this way for years but it has been so very noticeable over the last two weeks against interstate sides where they get their chants going against us at home games, it kills momentum and you can tell the players feel it. Opposition fans know it, they put us into our shells and we let them get a ride on us. Everyone knows the polite Melbourne supporter, I'm not saying we should all go feral but we've got to show more spirit than what we have put up. There was a fair few neutral last night and they loved getting stuck into us. I've blown out my throat going hard last night and had a few people tell me that my brother and I were louder than the cheer squad. What also kills me is there seems to be a bloke with a Richmond beanie in our cheer squad I mean come on! My Big Points to rebuild the cheers in the cheer squad: Volume, we need the biggest decibel blokes we can find, we can't be drowned out against the opposite from out of state, unacceptable. Timing, our timing is terrible we go for chants at the point when the team is flying, not when they need us to rally them. Chants, Get some creative people to workshop something... for years we've rocked the standard "Melbourne! clap, clap, clap" its boring, our crowd doesn't get the timing and it doesn't inspire a mouse. If anyone is part of the Demon Army and doesn't like what I've written please reach out to me in the Private Messages I'm more than happy to do my part. Surely I'm not the only one with this feeling? Come up with some ideas and don't shoot people down, keyboard warriors.
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