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  1. Have to say, Dunstan and Bedford have done really well... But hard for them to stay in with bulk priemiership players available this week.. Embarrasment of riches, but these guys need to consider their futures... Like Tomlinson, they could walk into the top 22 in at at least half a dozen other clubs... Can't see how we can keep this amazing depth medium term, much less long term...
  2. Best post on this thread, if I may say so... Steven May said much the same in an interview this week... Pates, yours was a close second... Regards to all, Rollo
  3. Hey, guys. I read everything on here but don't often post. I got to the game last night and groaned along with all the others around me. I am bothering the board because my daughter-in-law in New York is intrigued (for some reason) with Luke Dunstan. So, while others were watching us spray the ball across the goal posts, I was watching number 27 whenever he was on the ground. After decades of yelling and screaming and exasperation, I have come to the belief that the current Dees coaching staff and recruiting staff are actually delivering for us. Think Jackson, Sparrow and the improvement in Oliver for starters. Watching him last night, my Saints mates say they would never have guessed that Number 27 was the same player that the Saints happily delisted/traded. I am starting to think that, maybe, Dunstan was not recruited as a desperate inclusion when you need grunt around the ball and you have injuries. Maybe the coaches saw something else there. Now, I am intrigued. Regards to all, Rollo
  4. Great discussions here, people. Let's get back to the cold hard fact that the management of Gus Brayshaw has deferred discussions on the future. The decision to stay or go is for him and him alone. I will respect that decision. Don't ask me to boo him if he turns up for Freo or some other team. After he kicked that goal in the third quarter, my memory of one of the radio commentaries was something like: "What a player !! What a goal !! What a game !!" If there are people on here who like to pretend that their hearts were not in their mouths when the Bont put the doggies up by 19 and then Hannan got his hands on the ball... well, gee, how great are you?
  5. Wow, you guys must have seen a different replay to the one I have watched 46 times now. I am struggling to beat my eldest son, who lives in New York, to 57 times. Look, guys. We are all fervent Dees supporters on here. Ed Langdon may be content to go down in history as the best wingman in the modern game, but I just cannot see why you think Brayshaw will stay at a club that will deny him the opportunity to win that Brownlow. He already has a premiership medal. He has got to have the desire to go one better. Look, I hope he stays. I just don't see the logic. His management must be telling him to leave. And the Saints would be the best fit IMO. Gotta say it is good that the playing group are forbidden to access this site. None of us will ever forget his grand final game in 2021. What a player, what a game. Angus will make his decision and i will respect it.
  6. Have you not seen the replay of the third quarter, when Hannan had the opportunity to put us to the sword? Have a look and a listen to the Dennis Cometi radio commentary. We were all petrified when Hannan got his hands on the ball n the the quarter. Where were you, my Lord ??
  7. sorry, people. Did nor mean to say I "espect" Brayshaw's decision, I meant to say I will respect his decision.
  8. Dunno, Sisso, But I will respect any decision that Angus makes. Put yourself in his boots. How would you like to be remembered ?? Mitch Hannan left because he could see a future elsewhere and he has done very (very) well. I (for one) will not boo Angus if he decides to go to Freemantle (or anywhere else for that matter).
  9. Hey, Daz. No, the nursing home is in Melbourne somewhere. I escape sometimes and get to a computer but they always track me down. I have this thing on my ankle which seems to glow when I escape. They have now taped up all the window on my floor, but not the upstairs windows in the demetia ward. It is only an 18 foot drop. Piece of cake. Talk soon, Daz.
  10. Niall in the Age made a really good case for Angus to leave the MFC. It is not just about money. It is a short window as an AFL player. Does a really talented player want to be remembered as a bit player? Angus could walk into many teams and into their midfield and get close to a Brownlow medal. Or he could stay at the Dees and potentially get another couple of premiership medals. If Angus was my son, I would be urging him to leave.
  11. Hey, people. I recommend getting a dees face mask. The club's official masks are pretty tame and understated, but there are websites out there selling demons masks that are in your face. Wearing my red and blue mask on public transport in Melbourne since the Granny has led to the most amazing conversations. Sometimes, it is just "Go Dees". Sometimes it is just snarls from the other teams' supporters. The Tiger's supporters are really upset (for some reason) that Petracca is being compared to Dusty. There have been so many amazing conversations, but my best in the last few weeks was a young bloke (early 30's maybe} who came up to me and said he was a West Coast supporter. Turned out he had met his father for the first time at age 29 (divorce etc) and he and his dad got on like a house on fire. His dad was a mad WC supporter and bought him a membership. Truth is stranger than fiction. Get a demons mask, people, but look beyond the club merchandise. Regards, Rollo (Rumours of my death are untrue)
  12. Hey, LFS. What did Jonathan Brown say on the Grand Final Edition of "On the Couch" ? Was it "pearls before swine" or "feeding strawberries to pigs" ??
  13. Hey people, Gotta thank the mods and their Masters for keeping this site alive during all the hard, long years. You know that I know that you know that I know who you guys are. Lots of people on here do not know the sacrifices and the financial commitments you have made. Thank you. Gotta thank all you people who take the time to post on here. It gives great joy to our dees community. Every time I think I want to post, some other bastard has already said it better. There are lots of different Melbourne Demons face masks out there. Just google and you can choose yours and your price range. I wear mine proudly. I love the conversations with fellow dees who would otherwise just walk past. Even better are the snarls and snorts from the opposition supporters. Others may have their favourites, but I have two insufferable brothers-in-law. Long may the Hawks languish. Again with apologies to my mates who migrated here with me from the old demonology site, I have a third verse for the Club Song for your opnion: "Well, we broke through and won in the year '21 The Norm Smith curse is now Gawned And you'll find us there in the final four A new Goody era now dawned Every heart beats true etc..." Regards and Xmas/ New Year greetings to all, Rollo
  14. Good time to thank you guys for all the entertainment this season... I claim to have read each and every post... When we migrated from the old demonology site, I promised three mates from there that I would not burst into song on here. Sadly, two of those guys have not lived to see this day. Yes, the day that bastard Rollo broke his promise. To the tune of "We are sailing" by Rod Stewart: We are Melbourne. We are MELBOURNE !! We're the demons, we're red and blue I am Melbourne, you are Melbourne You for me and me for you There are as many verses as there are present and past players: Christian Salem, CHRISTIAN SALEM !! You're a demon, you're red and blue I am Melbourne, you are Melbourne You for me and me for you Regards and thanks to all for this season of posts Rollo
  15. Thanks for this great read, people. I was too young to be there in '58. The filth went in as rank underdogs and stopped our run to win 4 GFs in a row. I was at the game in '64. Once again, the mangy pies were rank underdogs and gave us a real scare. We will go in as favourites, but the doggies can beat us if we are not right on top of our game. Will Clarrie play on the Bont? Who gets Weightman and do we tag Libba again if he is fit to play? (Rumours abounding - misdirection?). Keep posting, people. Regards to all, Rollo.
  16. I do have it out in a mate's garage... If he finds it, I will have one of my kids put it out for sale on the internet... hopefully, it will not be of any value soon when Simon and Max hold up the 2021 cup...
  17. hey, people... things went sour on demonology when tim got sick... we always thought that demonland was too straight-laced back then, but most of us migrated when there was no other choice and, I think, demonland improved (especially in grammar and spelling)... My favourite poster from demonology was Rono. Like Toby Green and Oscar Wilde, he was always controversial, larger than life, and made you keep coming back to view the latest outrage. Regards to all, Rollo
  18. Hey, radar. I won't tell anybody you told this story many times back in the day on demonology. My recollection is that you were one of seven or eight people who made up the 1965 brigade back on demonology. My youngest brother (also a brigade member) has reminded me about 1965 many times. Hope we win for you guys. Demons to the fore and demons laid to rest after 57 years. Regards, Rollo
  19. We are footy tragics and we follow our tribe. I have a mate who barracks for the Swans. When they finally broke their drought after moving to Sydney, he was on top of the world. A couple of days later, he was asking - " is this all there is?" Enjoy the journey, people, because (emotionally) victory and defeat are the two sides of the same coin. Regards to all and keep posting. Rollo
  20. Hey, people. I love reading on this site but rarely post anymore. I was 13 and I was there. I was too busy bawling my eyes out when Hassa missed that shot at goal that I missed Compton's intervention. Who was Compton's opponent who drew him to the contest? I say it was one of the resting rovers. In those days, they always rested in the forward pocket. I say it was Bone, but I have a mate who insists it was Norman.
  21. Never need to post these days. It all gets said better than I could say it. Let's harken back to the Northey days, when we had finally shrugged off the easybeats tag and had belief. Langdon reminds me of the Febey twins. There is only one of him, but it always looks like two of him out there. PS Rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated, but the nusing home staff have learned better than to let me watch the dees games live. Too many solid objects thrown at too many screens.? Got my 50 year MCC membership earlier this year. Wondering if that trumps my 50 year ban from the members. ?
  22. Richmond used to own spot number nine every year... we have knocked them off their perch...
  23. Story goes this old dying dees supporter contacted the club and asked if some team members could act as his pall bearers at his funeral and burial. His son was upset and asked why not family? The old guy replied: "I just want them to let me down one last time."
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