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  1. Exactly. Collingwood get special treatment that we would never get.
  2. The other issue is discipline. That can be fixed. Kozzie - don’t give away a free when Joel Smith is about to kick for goal. JVR - don’t stick out the elbow. If we had JVR against Carlton, we would have been better.
  3. That is how it is in Rugby Union. Basically, the team gets two goes, so a definite advantage unlike many of the instances in footy.
  4. Bloody hell..last minute of the game and the ump pays an advantage that doesn’t exist. It I was a kick to a pack. Game losing decision.
  5. There was no advantage. What a stupid umpire decision.
  6. Time to switch off…..that 50 cost them the game.
  7. Does anyone care how many people are there?
  8. Brisbane desperately need that goal, then to believe.
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