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  1. he looks like a handy enough utility type that could fill a couple of roles if required. probably make an alright replacement for Vandenberg who is another one who is just about done and needs replacing on the list.
  2. yeah both Smith and Hore seem to struggle to get out there and stay fit and healthy most of the time. probably best to keep looking for alternatives like they have with this guy Turner.
  3. 1 Rhys Mathieson- what a hero 2 Patrick Dangerfield- unfunny dork who also likes to flop on the ground 3 Nat Fyfe- loves his own "brand" 4 Tom Lynch- dirty campaigner 5 Xavier Duursma- stick your arrow you know where 6 Tom Hawkins- gets away with everything and his eyes are too close together 7 Ben Long- useless [censored] 8 Tom Papley- over celebrator 9 Jamie Cripps- Hungry, he burns a team mate or three every week 10 Jeremy Howe- traitor who then celebrated like he'd won a premiership when they beat us.
  4. out-Baker, Tomlinson, Fritsch in-Sparrow, Weideman, Chandler TMac stays back. Weid comes in. Sparrow in with Viney out. Brayshaw back to the wing. Chandler comes in to balance things out forward. B- Hibberd May Lever HB- Salem TMac Hunt C- Langdon Sparrow Brayshaw HF- Spargo Brown ANB F- Pickett Weideman Melksham HF- Gawn Oliver Petracca I- Jackson Jordon Rivers Chandler
  5. i reckon it all depends on where this game is played. if in Tassie and it's gonna be either windy/raining then no change. if in Tassie and it's fine weather, or if it is switched to marvel, then i reckon they'll bring another tall forward into the 22 at the expense of Melksham. i dunno which forward though, either of Weideman or Brown would be stiff to miss out imo.
  6. you're dead right there mate. Jackson is doing a good job at the moment to keep a key defender busy for a kid who has only played about a dozen games. when he gets some more support in the air it's going to become a lot easier for him when he's not the main man that they have to worry about. he is going to be a real impact player for us when he pushes forward in the future.
  7. Salem's a classy player, the sort we lack. i remember reading that there was some interest in him from other clubs in the trade period last year but we batted it away. hopefully we can come to terms with him again and soon.
  8. i turned it on then turned it off again after listening to him for 30 seconds.
  9. i love his work in the ruck. he wins his own taps.
  10. with no real key forwards in the team its important we keep our forward pressure up, so i'd say that's a no to bringing in Melksham for anyone other than Jones. but Melksham might have to wait until Jones gets to 300 first. Sparrow is sacrificing his game for the team trying to lock the ball in our forward half, something Melksham won't do, so he stays in. TMac had a bad game but GWS flooded our forward 50 so he couldn't find any space to lead into and he's not really the pack marking type. i think he'll get another go this week, mainly because there's no one else fit enough. Jetta has been a little champ for us over the years, but unfortunately he is now cooked. he never had much pace but he always had a neat little sidestep to compensate and get around opponents, but that now looks gone too. replace with Hibberd. i'd keep Brayshaw on the wing. he's been good enough so far and i'm not sure we have a better option at the moment anyway. if nothing else it will teach him two way running.
  11. i must admit i was a bit worried Jordon might be too slow at AFL level, but with his footy smarts i don't think it matters much. he's quick to sum up the situation and position himself to be in the right spot, either offensively or defensively, and works hard without dropping off. he also has clean skills but i think i've been most impressed by his tackling pressure. he seems to have the knack of not being sold the dummy and closes on them quicker than they think.
  12. not sure what you mean by the middle tall. go back and read my posts i think i've made it pretty clear how i think they'll set up. i could be wrong, but that's just my opinion.
  13. Weideman kicks goals, Jackson doesn't. but they're not really competing for a spot imo, like i said before i think it's TMac and BB that are competing for the same role, then it's between TMac and Jackson as the 3rd/back up ruck. both TMac and Brown aren't great at contested marks and are better suited at lead up roles. i doubt we'll play both of them if all are fit, and i'd expect BB to be more dangerous than TMac. nothing wrong with what TMac is doing this year but i just think Brown will do it better.
  14. imo we are still a tall forward short atm, a number of times we bombed it to no one deep forward when we couldn't find an option. so i think ultimately BB will take Tmacs spot as the lead up forward and Weideman will play as the contested marking option deeper, as Jackson isn't doing much there so far. then it's pick only one of TMac or Jackson as a versatile tall option to back up the ruck and fwd, as we can't afford to go too tall and play both.
  15. well the problem is we wouldn't actually get much for Brayshaw, probably only a second rounder with his concussion history and now a foot injury. Viney was the one to trade the last trade period when he was out of contract and Brayshaw could have taken his starting mid position. but it would have been a risky move if Brayshaw then got concussed or had foot issues again. boom tish!
  16. Gawn in my opinion is soft. there's a reason he gets targeted. he doesn't get angry, he just complains to the umpires.
  17. anyone heard anything about Jacksons shoulder? he copped a knock on it in a contest and wasn't seen out there in the second quarter, then returned out there in the third with strapping on it. maybe just a sublux? didn't seem to bother him in the last qtr though.
  18. i thought it was great to see Lever educating Rivers after he gave away a free kick in front of goal yesterday when Lever was coming over the top and had it covered anyway. Jake's a real on field leader.
  19. yeah i think you're right. it looked to me like he was trying to take on the tackler more before giving off (which he hasn't always done, but needs to do if we wants to improve) and he just didn't quite get it right. i think early on in games when its hot he would maybe be best suited by taking first option by hand or just gaining metres by foot, then as the game slows up a bit and players begin to tire, look to take them on more often. it's a balancing act and i have no doubt he'll get better at it. the good news is that he is trying it.
  20. i thought he improved after struggling with the pace early. he should be better for the run. he actually did a couple of nice kicks inside f50.
  21. out- Jetta in- Hibberd Jetta was safe today on a green kid like Liam Henry but a more experienced small forward, like what the Saints have, will work him over imo. Hibberd has more bounce to his game and is the preferred back pocket for this reason. i reckon Viney will likely need another hit out in the reserves so Sparrow probably gets another week to show something.
  22. i would of had Chandler instead of Jones, but otherwise the team is as expected.
  23. i've watched the first two episodes. not overly excited by it so far but it's only early days i guess. everybody on it seems like they're really nice people, so it probably needs more villains or something.
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