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  1. North player is also being pushed into it in this shot, looks like he was falling into the tackle.
  2. After Oliver/Petracca/Viney i think we are actually a bit thin. JJ can definitely play a role but he is not doing it currently as a pure midfielder, more structure based filling gaps and putting on pressure seems to be his current role. Sparrow is improving out of site and needs experience at senior level....SHOULD be in this week. Harmes is a bit of a worry honestly. He racked up heap of the ball in the reserves but he just runs around chasing the ball ignoring any structure around him. To me he does not think when he plays. He crashes in over the top of teammates to get the
  3. Just making sure the perm looked alright! He should have been hurrying back and just banging it through, was quite strange considering time left in game.
  4. We pretty clearly have developed a system at MFC and both the seniors and reserves are playing a very similar game style. Would love to see Brown in without doubt....Would also like to see weed in coming weeks. Against the next best defender he will step up a level....last year he was double and triple teamed as our only target. Doggies make it work with Naughton, Bruce & English. We really need to be getting both these guys into our system ASAP, as long as all the team is working like they have been on the little things like chasing/tackling/shepherding and structure they s
  5. The Weid was exceptional in the reserves....one of the best games i seen him play, intensity was up, he shoved out bigger ruckman to kick a great goal, kicked straight. Brown was pretty decent, he had some good moments. Be super surprised if Weid is not in on the back of that performance, he was fantastic.
  6. Equality means equal for both parties. It is better in some places in the world, but i think you are so far off the mark here it just screams ignorance and male entitlement. i might need a reality check and live in fantasy land as you put it, but i would say you need to delve a bit deeper and look within yourself. You still did not answer why you reacted in such a way?
  7. Does it really? You must live on a completely different planet Earth to me. Maybe the last 10-20 years it has improved for women but by no means does it exist. Why did you have the response you did then, try explaining?
  8. Don't like gender equality? Women deserve the same opportunities as men, in fact they need to work even harder to gain the same respect. Typical misogynist response to positive news. I will be glad when this becomes the norm in society, and the person whether male or female is best credentialed for the job. Sexism is an ugly thing. See and hear way too much of it, especially in footy. Rant over! Good luck Kate!
  9. Can thank Williams written in the Langdon article....said he had really worked hard with all our young players! Goodwin never really had the game plan....the players did not believe. Results over last few years showed that we were flaky in our resolve and not often did we play as a team or unit. Insert Williams and Yze, we have structures, multiple plans, and belief is growing. I think Goodwin is much like Hardwick and will be rapt if/when he gets the plaudits. Our assistants are having a huge impact, you can see it in so many facets of our game now. Goodwin seemed pretty inf
  10. He has been in the best players in all of the games so far for Casey. He is a fantastic mark and has sticky fingers. Majak also has claims, as does Hibberd. For structure though Petty will be best fit and straight swap for May. BB and Weid are off long injury recoveries, and will need to run out 4 quarters at lesser level before they can step up. If you don't know much about Petty, you should be pleasantly surprised seeing his game. Will be a very good player for us!
  11. Hail and thunder + heavy rain in the South east. Concerning as these are the type games we fumble and do not adjust to the conditions. We "should" beat an aging Geelong with extra days break, but this has alarm bells for mine. Demons to over-run them in a tense last quarter. Going to be hard for Geelong to play their chip up game today, they will adjust and just bang it forward and pressure at any cost....i hope we do the same or it could get really ugly. If we match their game style and pressure we should win this by 5 goals+, if we play dry weather footy we are in big trouble t
  12. Hardwicks motivation imo. We probably won't have room to play in our Senior team any time soon, see what he has got at no risk to us. If he plays well we either trade him for more, or want him for their own team if he surpasses all expectations. Win/Win.
  13. Good in theory but would only apply to teams that have a surplus on a certain position. Reality is you would not even get the immediate back up players, you would be getting 3rd/4th ranked players and ultimately would be more beneficial to the club lending the actual player. How about just a mid season draft, with these type players on the fringe of ANY list available to be drafted? A 2-3 day draft period during the bye would keep the AFL relevant, and it could/would be exciting if you picked up a gem from another club. The talk of temporary trades only benefits the strong, and the re
  14. After watching am not finding much i dislike about it. 20 teams playing each other once would be great. It would finally be an even competition with no major advantages to clubs like Collingwood(home games) & Geelong. There is a lot of luck involved currently as you happen to play twice on any given year. Some of these teams are so much more likely to play finals due to these advantages. Even a top 12 is not too bad if out of 20 teams. Could be as simple as 11th and 12th are effectively wildcards. It would stop a lot of teams from tanking as more would be in contention for
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