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  1. We pay around 700k to extend Jack Viney...i would think Treloar would be worth it if we could get him for around the same $$$...he is much more value to a team the type of player he is.
  2. You can rest easy knowing we got Viney ready to carry the midfield for next 4 years. :/
  3. We are without doubt paying more than what Geelong would have! He would have got offered maybe 500K max to play down at the cattery. He was on over 600K with us on his last contract i am sure this one would be similar. Geelong don't overpay their players....I would also say that Tom Hawkins is on similar money to Tmac, maybe even less :P
  4. Getting Savage in would be our form of getting ruthless!
  5. He marked most that came his way....i would say watch some of our games some time. He got better as the year went on. Not sure what game you are watching lol. You are way off the mark!
  6. For all the people bagging Tomlinson on a wing....we may have recruited him for that role but he is clearly better in our backline. He has barely missed a beat all year. For you baggers you would prefer Omac? I don't get the angst about him one bit. He is automatic best 22 and he rarely stands out doing silly things during the course of a game. Worth the $$$ we spent on him.
  7. i was sort of hoping he was a real estate agent, was going to inquire about buying a property from him!
  8. Tomlinson is on not much more than 400k fwiw....800k?? Where did you get that from??
  9. He looks really darn good. Hard to tell what is his natural foot, uses both hands too. Ambidextrous would be my guess looked so natural. Clean hands, good pace, lovely disposal to advantage, lot to love there.....Where is he meant to be going as in how high in draft?
  10. Brayshaw can only get creative when he gets a chance to play midfield. I think you would find Viney has had a lot more opportunity? Either way our 3rd best mid is very limited and that is picking either of those 2 guys. If you could put Viney heart/effort into Brayshaw you would have quite the footballer though! Both are limited in the roles they play imo.
  11. Yeah it fits the narrative of people who think Jack is great. I agree it is well thought out and researched though. SO if it were pointing to all his flaws would it still be great for you? i Doubt it. i am sure he had to search very hard to find the positive examples he did show. Watch any game we play and there are so many more dubious moments Jack is involved in. Giving 3 or 4 examples of Jack doing the right thing does not make me blind to all the dumb stuff he does during the course of every game he plays. BTW i highlighted your post but i could have chosen half a dozen oth
  12. I watch every Demon game twice. i could pull many examples from each game but it is not my technical expertise to pull out screen shots to illustrate this. Seems many here think we will always be better with Jack in the team leading the charge. My eyes tell me otherwise all too frequently. He is not a spud by any means but has and will continue to be a very limited onballer. If he was Cripps size he would be scary with his attributes but i don't think he is due for growth spurt. At 26 i don't believe he will get better. His younger years i could accept his limitations, he is just not de
  13. IF it suits your narrative that we must keep Jack. He probably does more stupid things within games than good from what i see. Could show hundreds if not thousands of dumb things he still does at 26 YO. You could scroll through any game to find examples of this. He plays like his old man but few inches smaller. Todd also was a butcher with ball in hand. Viney name means a lot to Melbourne supporters but i doubt he will ever drag us to being a good team when he is one of our onballers. We will continue to play like under 12's while he is in the middle. Tough, uncompromising but very dum
  14. The longer this takes the more chance Jack Viney heads off to Geelong. He is clearly not our best onballer and is quite limited for a 26 YO who should be at his peak. I think Melbourne would be silly to offer him any more then 3 years. Geelong will offer 4 and likely get him. So many posters think he needs to be a small pressure forward...would you want to pay 600k+ for him to learn this role? I just don't see his value and he will still have his limitations, see ball get ball type, stuffing up structures, he does not do the team things innately. Basically play a kossie role but with no
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