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  1. i think a lot of you seem to be looking at through your own moralistic stances, which is fine!. Most normal humans are going to condemn this type of behaviour. To infer that JP had mental health issues before all this smut came out would be somewhat right. I mean the text messages are as damning as the pictures he sent...Does he have a coke issue? If he does it is likely that he has some mental issues. The main point though is after the event. He got called out on front of national papers, following day it was more girls verifying he is a serial offender. Hawthorn told JP to stay a
  2. Bedford cam 2nd in our first time trial last season, behind ANB. Really would like to see Bedford given a bit more chance this year, has some good skills just needs to get more involved.
  3. The Five players i would like to impact. 1. Petracca 2 Oliver 3 May 4 Ben Brown 5 Langdon We need all these guys to regularly impact and the whole team to to lift around them, i really believe each of these guys can go another level or two in terms of impact and consistency,
  4. Great post! I been banging on about the benefits of mindfulness and knowing how great it has been for a club like Richmond who were prior to that perennial underachievers. It gobsmacks me why you would not try and gain every little possible advantage that you could in an industry where a % difference can mean playing finals or not. Of all the clubs out there i think we could benefit the most out of it due to our past history. I expect we will do it in like 10 years time where and when the whole industry will be using it to gain every advantage possible. i really pray we get onto it much soo
  5. Interesting summary! How would you rate Goodwin among these other coaches? If you believe Simpson, Buckley and Beveridge have stagnated but reached a higher level . i don't think we really have a clear cohesive plan when it comes to a style that supporters can depend or rely upon. In fact i would say we were closer to a good gameplan at the start of his tenure as coach. Hopefully with Yze and WIlliams added to the group there will be clarity in what we want our game to look like. Something that Simon has persisted with is outnumbers in the backline (We had to stop the easy out the ba
  6. It is a mix between player and all coaches responsibility, essentially though the head coach is responsible for game plan, match day tactics, selections. Over the last 2 years we have seen repeatedly that Simon likes to do thing in his own manner. I don't think i have ever seen him be proactive from changes made on game day. Definitely not proactive enough and definitely not reactive enough to the oppositions moves on game day either. Woiuld he be getting advice from rest of coaching panel on ideas? 100% yes. Does he listen or do anything? i would say he just stubbornly does what h
  7. Thinking it is forward or bust for Tmac. He scares me when he gets anywhere near the back line. Worse than Oscar was down back, surprises me so many see him going back there and playing any better. Decision making has always been a bit iffy under any sort of pressure. Not suited as back line player! If you could rely on him to crash packs and take many intercept marks to offset the goals he gives away through skill errors maybe it could work. He would need to up his output immensely. Either Weideman or Tmac to play 2nd tall forward, i doubt we will have both in the team very much
  8. How mindfulness gives Richmond the edge (afr.com) Really interesting what Richmond feels it has done for them. Why would you not try to get every possible edge in a highly competitive game!? So many posters here seem to think our problems are "up top" not due to our lack of quality. Goodwin is oldschool and probably would not see the benefits. I would love to see us all on the same page, busting their absolute guts over course of a full season with Premiership being the goal. They would all love to win one of course, but would they do anything for it? *Great post btw...The over
  9. Ricmond utilised a psychologist with great results. Many of their players credit it with making a huge difference. 3 Premierships in quick time. I been saying we need psychologist at club for at least 10 years. I don't believe we will win a Premiership until we work out how to get the best out of our players more consistently. Most of them seem to not be able to work it out themselves. We seem to play more like bunch of individuals than a team imo. A psychologist could solve a lot of our issues. We have the ability just weak mindset over the journey. It needs to be a collective, team effo
  10. He reminds me a LOT of Jack Darling in his earlier years. Great potential....good hands/decision making/kick. It took Darling to around the age of 26 when he really broke out. He had Kennedy to always take the best defender. Have a feeling this will be the year we start seeing some consistency. BB will greatly accelerate his development showing him how to be more crafty about his role.
  11. Yeah after the Sydney/Freo games i had a few C words about my team. Had less to do with culture and more vulgar profanity though :/ I do believe there is truth to the whole culture thing. I am hoping we learn to play as a team and stop caring about what each is getting paid etc. Seeing Petracca/Spargo/Weid develop this year was nice. To get to higher levels we need a heap of our list to improve....Most should be getting better, not worse. Development, game plan and start believing in each other. Trust in our structures and players working hard and consistently is the only thing that is
  12. I think the main issue is we have played him for best part of 2 years and he at no stage warranted it. He should have been dropped multiple times. Goodwin just kept the faith that he would suddenly regain form. i find it scary he did the same with Melksham /Harmes/Brayshaw this year. We too often drop fringe players but persevere for way too long with overpriced underperformers. Players need to earn their place. We just have a horrible pecking order and it is not rewarding effort from guys trying to bust into the team while others are getting gifted games. I hope Yze can sort out a lot
  13. We pay around 700k to extend Jack Viney...i would think Treloar would be worth it if we could get him for around the same $$$...he is much more value to a team the type of player he is.
  14. You can rest easy knowing we got Viney ready to carry the midfield for next 4 years. :/
  15. We are without doubt paying more than what Geelong would have! He would have got offered maybe 500K max to play down at the cattery. He was on over 600K with us on his last contract i am sure this one would be similar. Geelong don't overpay their players....I would also say that Tom Hawkins is on similar money to Tmac, maybe even less :P
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