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  1. looks like he'd be the perfect replacement for Melksham on the HFF and push into the midfield at times.
  2. i'd give up 26 on its own, or they can take 33 and 50 if they want two picks. both options seem fair enough to me.
  3. because teams are smart and waiting to see how low the Pies will go when they get desperate to move him on later next week.
  4. that's because they're not as good as Treloar. I agree that his current contract is overvalued, but i dare say he could be got for cheaper than that.
  5. Harmes and AVB cant hit targets either.
  6. i'd happily trade out some of our average surplus mids like Harmes and AVB and free up the money to bring in Treloar. Treloar has burst speed which they lack and he'd add another dimension to make our midfield instantly more dangerous.
  7. if Harmes was being chased by the Roos then they should of just let him go. he was very disappointing this year after signing up on a decent contract.
  8. i watched Hind go head to head with Oskar Baker in the VFL a couple of years ago. it was a good old fashioned winger shoot out with both racking up the possessions and in the best players for their teams, but i didn't see much to suggest that he's any better than what Baker is really. maybe he's improved a bit in an AFL system, but i can't see him drastically improving our team.
  9. i'd take Smith in a player/coaching role. i would prefer that rather than us offering the same deal to Jones.
  10. OMacs worth about a token pick around the sixties if someone wants him. he could be a target for a rebuilding team as a full back for a year or two while they develop a kid to ultimately replace him.
  11. yeah i thought the umpires let the Lions mids get away with holding the man way too much early on. it was frustrating to watch but its not the first time this has happened to us. normally the umps like to pull teams up on it and pay a free early on in a game to keep them from going overboard with it, but that didn't happen yesterday. i noticed we got a few paid later on in the game, probably only after we'd raised the point with them at half time though.
  12. i think Jones might be firming for a start if the wet weather hits like its supposed to. a wet track might be the only time Jones is really suited these days.
  13. thought our forward and midfield pressure was a big improvement this week. that combined with Weid providing a contest inside 50 allowed the defenders time to push up and lock it in our forward half at times. something that hasn't really happened too much this year.
  14. now that Goody has brought in two taller options in OMac and Weideman at either end of the ground, whats the chances its wet and slippery Saturday night and suits a smaller team like the one we've been playing up to now? the way this years been going for us i'd say it's almost a certainty.
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