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  1. i really liked his game yesterday, thought it was very impressive. he ran with the ball at pace, kicked a goal, spun out of traffic, took a couple of good grabs out on the wing and took off quickly then hit his targets by foot. he seemed to be taking on more responsibility to move the ball to the outside with ball in hand, or by kicking, and then to link up in general play. maybe Choco and Yze deserve some credit as well for teaching him a few tricks to add to his already dominant ball winning game to become more of a well rounded player, but however it happened, i say long may it continu
  2. Bowey, Petty, and Laurie all looked like AFL level to me. Bedford looked good in a couple of brief cameos when he turned the speed on, but like the rest of them, he didn't look at the level required for a promotion yet. hope Neitschke is ok, fingers crossed.
  3. i reckon the surprise packet will be the forwards that lead straight up at the ball with this new/old man on the mark rule. it'll have forwards licking their lips, so i'll go for TMac as he's coming off a lower base than most. the whipping boy will be Lever for the same reasons. i think it's gonna be harder to defend now with quicker ball movement from marks upsetting flooding and zone patterns, so with likely less bombing into stagnant forward lines it means he will probably have to try defend the lead and play 1 on 1 more instead, which is not his strong suit.
  4. yeah Bowey might be able to release Salem for a bit of that. i think Bowey will end up on the wing eventually once his running is up to it.
  5. i doubt it. from what i've seen of him he looks a winger/flanker type.
  6. no doubt Goodwin will just bring in Jones to replace Melksham.
  7. it seems a wise enough decision to have Majak train with us. he can provide cover in a number of positions if needed, and that's what you want from a depth player. he might also help protect Jackson from being over worked a bit during the year as well. and maybe even like our last ex Roo boy back up ruckman we can then trade him to GWS at the end of the year in return for a second round pick!
  8. that would have to be one of the most talented half forward lines you would ever see, and it's also probably my 3 favourite all time Demon players as well.
  9. Weideman finished 10th in the B&F last year so he's a bigger loss than most here are recognizing. yeah he struggled towards the end of the year, but i thought that was understandable given the backing up of games on a short turn around and without getting much help in the way of key forwards to share the load. but he was averaging 2 goals a game up until the last 4 rounds. but the bigger picture is the accumulative effect this has on the team. if they weren't injured it'd be B.Brown drawing the number 1 defender, Weid gets the 2nd, then Fritsch or Jackson gets the 3rd or 4th. someone
  10. i think that's likely to continue with Jackson on the scene. Jacko might start in a forward position then they'll have him come up to the ball and ruck the forward half stoppages while Gawn continues to drop back behind the ball for the intercepts.
  11. it's a non issue for mine. he might lack 5 metres penetration with his kick but i don't think it's been an issue as he still hits targets better than most in our team, plus he will only get stronger the older he gets. everyone has a limit on their kick and they just play accordingly. maybe even a few others in the side should try take 5m off their kicks and try spot up a target more often themselves instead of indiscriminate long bombing.
  12. i remember Jordon looked slow when he started playing on the HBF. might be the reason they moved him onball where he was workman like. hopefully he's come on a bit as he has matured.
  13. Yep i think you're right. Jordon played most the year from memory and Sparrow missed about half the season with a knee injury.
  14. yeah I'm not really sure how Melksham fits up forward anymore. he seems to lose a lot more 1v1 contests than he used to, and to my eye he looks too slow for it these days as he doesn't have the leg speed to pressure and tackle, or to even get around an opponent with ball in hand anymore. instead he usually just tries to kick around corners in general play most of the time which has seen his disposal efficiency go well down over the last few years (Jones also has this same problem, but i am heartened by the reports of Williams trying to eradicate it at pre season training which will also hopefu
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