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  1. At least you'll get two days of wear before premiership merch goes on sale...
  2. FWIW, the last time there was an earthquake of 6.0+ in Victoria was just before the 1946 Grand Final. Melbourne lost to Essendon that year... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_earthquakes_in_Australia (EDIT - I see this has been picked up in the previous page. Still, my MFCSS is picking up again.)
  3. Nice write-up in The Age: The monstrous losses and scant triumphs seared into Melbourne’s soul
  4. Yeah - it was the norm in the olden days of the final four and five for the minor premier that won the second semi final to have only played one match in a month.
  5. The guys need to do it for Jonesy now. Hopefully, this'll be the extra little bit of motivation they need to get it done! But yes, Chunk was a beacon of light in some very dark days. A legend.
  6. If anyone wants a P3 barcode, let me know... EDIT - like our captain, it's GAWN
  7. If the Dees win in a fortnight and Clarry, Max or another Dee wins the Norm Smith medal, it'd be awesome if they donated their premiership medal to Jonesy as a tribute...
  8. And beat Geelong by the greatest margin in the club's history and in a prelim to boot...
  9. FMD what a game (was going to type 'match' but it wasn't)... Amazing!😄
  10. Hey mods, 'NON MFC' in the thread title is redundant. We aren't playing this week (and it feels so good!)... 😉
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