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  1. Okay then... We're doomed! We'll lose every game for the rest of the year and miss the 8, just like '65 (curse you Norm Smith!)! We'll win every game, then lose the grand final by a kick after the siren due to a dodgy free kick, because Melbourne! The season will be cancelled due to COVID! Half the senior team will do their ACL or otherwise injure themselves and miss the rest of the season! Is that what you're after... 😉 (I have to say it was very easy to get to this place mentally. I'm scarred I think!)
  2. If there's any consolation, we played like rubbish in the first half and are level...
  3. Our only hope at this rate is that Adelaide have the afterburners on and run out of gas in the second half. This is woeful stuff...
  4. Equal second best winning streak at the moment... Next week (should we win) is the second best...
  5. I don't understand why Ticketek doesn't stagger the ticket releases so that their servers aren't hammered quite so much... Anyway, sales resume at 3PM...
  6. I got tickets eventually, after about half an hour of trying and with eight or nine failed attempts. Absolutely hopeless... Fortunately, the seats I did get were pretty good (M46 just undercover)...
  7. Indeed. 👍 (I think it's going to take a few good years to get rid of my deeply ingrained pessimism when it comes to the Dees.)
  8. You and me both. My North-supporting mate put $100 on them at 14:1. Not looking like a bad investment right now...
  9. Oh jeez, don't say things like that*... Please! 😬 *Okay, maybe if we're 10 goals up in the fourth quarter of the grand final...
  10. We're not there yet. Please keep the lid on...
  11. Own the stereotype! And then point to the ladder!
  12. HEY! I'll be there bringing at least a modicum of taste to the MCC (and relieving a Filth or Tuggers fan of a seat). Tomorrow, Perth. Sunday, VFL...
  13. Booked. Get in at 9.30 on Saturday so this will work well...
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