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  1. Are people kidding he is not in the best 22 right now? He played every game this year, who takes his position? We have so many average players that I don't believe anyone can deservingly take his spot.
  2. Well Viney out & Brayshaw in please. Viney does my head in
  3. I like Stretch and have given him time, but he is just too damn slow moving the ball.
  4. Preuss in for Keilty who contributes nothing, Smith in for Melksham if he misses, which I think he will (short turnaround). Hunt to the backline to make up back 6 of Frost, O'Mac, Wagner, Hore & Salem. Hunt will need to play on Liam Ryan. Lewis in same boat as Melksham, may miss a week due to short turnaround. Unfortuntley noone good enough to take O'Mac's spot, who to me is the worse AFL footballer I have seen play the game.
  5. He did last year! Let's see what we have learnt...won't hold my breath
  6. This is a good article. I'd throw Jones back into the guts
  7. Throw Nathan Jones back onto the ball, back in the guts
  8. This is an overreaction by Cornes. Expect another 55 year premiership drought because our coach sought clarification from the AFL...right
  9. Any chance for some positivity from Melbourne supporters? How about getting behind the boys instead of acting like spoilt brats? Yes Round 1 was disappointing but the last time we played Geelong we beat them in an Elimination final. There is so much negativity going around atm from supporters it's quite ridiculous. It's round 2 FFS and we have a very important game coming up. Let's chuck the dummy out of the cot when it is Round 4 and we are 0-4.
  10. One change - May in for Frost Backline to be: O. McDonald, May, Hibberd, Jetta, Salem & Hunt Hore on bench (don't rate this bloke at all) Lewis to come in for Hore if fit
  11. I did not think much of Hore watching the 2 JLT games. What did other people see??
  12. I think Menzel could compliment our forward line. He is a gun player, let others do the chasing & tackling. Let him kick 40 goals a year. HF: Vandenberg Weideman Melksham FF: Menzel McDonald Petracca
  13. Preuss has addressed this himself. He said he wants to learn and play under Max Gawn.
  14. Yes, I do! I can see Fritsch more up forward as well as AVB
  15. Steven May will be in the red & blue by the end of the day
  16. Jesse Hogans last day in the red & blue...
  17. I disagree. A pick in the 40s would have been fair.
  18. Right. So you are saying accepting Pick 64 was a good deal?
  19. Pick 14 to May and keep Pick 6. That's my wish anyway!
  20. If we are to lose Kent, AVB and Tyson this trade period - our depth is going to take a big hit Keep Tyson
  21. Do people bother to read the article before commenting?
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