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  1. Not a game medal, no. But I do think the squad should be larger for the GF, say 25.
  2. Must admit I felt that it was an odd story to lead with for a fringe player, perhaps the balance has been edited out. My solicitor advised me not to burden any male with responsibility and by association the need for clear, concise decision making until they are well north of 25 years of age. Many of those at Essendon were lambs to the slaughter, relying on the direction of club leadership. And the saga would have been traumatic. And he has now lost his brother in a tragic accident. I just hope that these incidents motivate him to second and third efforts - in the words of Allan Jeans 'Just make sure you get a kick, son'.
  3. Did we get involved with the bentleigh club in Joe Gutnick days?
  4. As this thread is now at 36 pages the rival clubs circling the Weid must be very dizzy
  5. Being in FNQ it should be available here by Cup Day
  6. One thing I can tell you is that there is zero MFC/DOGs apparel and hardly any AFL available in FNQ. Went to Rebel, 3 Tigers jumpers, 1 Lions, 1 Port and 5 x footy shorts - thats it. Lucky I have my member scarf - not sure what to do with it in this weather.
  7. I had the same feeling when they named the Richmond game the Checker Hughes cup. A great story and a stalwart of both clubs but would anybody under 50 have heard of him? You continually must strive to appeal to a younger generation so I think perhaps they need to be updated. Robert Flower - and the poetry in motion award goes to......
  8. Superfooty is behind the paywall....
  9. The ones I know are all good people. The funniest is my nephews Vietnamese partner; been out here 5 years, works in Footiscray, follows the Dogs, and I quote 'The Bont, nah he no good'. I used to like going to the Dogs games years back, as not being tall, I could easily see over the heads of the crowd.
  10. Yes, he made me cry with his childish delight. Did you see him jump up and down on the spot with glee when Gawn took that pack mark? And the commentators sure did call his name a lot. Hit top form at the right time of the year. And I think the minerals in the WA water is turning his hair curly. Go Yung Sparra.
  11. Have they worked out who nailed Gary Rohan to the ground?
  12. Would Ben be the most talented vegan to play for the MFC?
  13. I suppose at some stage I am going to apologise to Toodles, the family cat, for generally getting in his grill and making obscene one fingered hand gestures in his general direction during the game. (The arrogant smug mug slept through it).
  14. I'll be taking it one week at a time.....except the next game is 2 weeks away!!!!! I reckon by Monday I will need to see a Doctor....
  15. Wasnt expecting that....Go Dees
  16. How have you survived following the MFC?
  17. Feeling sick. Time for another sherry, no, make that a G&T, a double. Now where is my umpire voodoo doll....
  18. Playing in Tassie? They have been the non destination club for the last 10 years - like a pub with no beer, no point in staying
  19. Apparently I went to the Olympic boxing in 1956 as a babe in arms so my first game was probably 1957. The game I can obviously date is the 64 GF. Jimmy running over the mark was a shock. My sister and I were absolutely stunned. We sat in the car for 30 minutes listening to the radio. Luckily they announced that S Spencer and Derryn Hinch!!!!! had gone to the umpires rooms to remonstrate. We started to laugh and drove home; and i have told this one before but in the Dark (Neeld) Ages I went to a preseason game, and purchased a pie just before the first bounce. Before I had finished the pie I had come to the correct conclusion that the season was over. Probably not the best game, but certainly one of the happier ones, Jeff Farmer kicking 9. I had my 6yr old with me and his best mate, who insisted we sit in the back row of the top deck of the Southern stand. As jeff progressed even the Pie supporters where out of their seats.
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