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  1. And how many did melky kick against jacks? Chandler would be bonkers not to request a trade
  2. Same here, but it was the Alfred Bottle Shop as i had run out of supplies by quarter time.
  3. I know it has already been said but Chandler with 5 goals and a bucket of possessions doesnt even make it as an emergency Hope jacko and Gawn are fully fit....
  4. The club can create a supportive environment but the players set the culture.
  5. Melbourne Kicks a goal : Lady in the cheer squad has a big head 🙂 Player drafted using future picks kicks winning goal : The club will regret this Player drafted using future picks misses kicking winning goal : I told you so Melbourne wins : Would have won by more if we had a permanent home base in the MCG precinct
  6. Player X has a quiet game : Definitely leaving at seasons end
  7. If you are replying to the reply of a reply of a reply of a reply of a reply ......of a reply give me a break and do not use the word 'He'. Use the effing players name and no obscure nick names please. (This applies to all postings). FMD
  8. Every other club passed on JD too. He went at pick 26 and would have been a disaster at the Dees.
  9. Crikey, Clarrie picking up Tex does lead to some interesting places. As a young fella I avoided the police and kept out of their eye. Not hard as i was no trouble. Recently my stepson had an absolute episode and came to the attention of the police. And the courts. Can I just say that what was a difficult time for the family ended well. The police were fantastic.
  10. I would but I would drink kerosine first
  11. Whilst it agree with my sense of sportsmanship and fair play I still remember Justin Madden getting traded from the Dons because he was seen smiling hours after a loss. How the times have changed. Still Tracc and Clarries ability allows them to do what they like.
  12. By the look on their faces we are certainly doing that. And getting into mine as well.
  13. Totally agree on that. It is not being soft, and we are not soft. I always thought that you did everything to an opponent to expend their energy, and helping them up is the opposite to that.
  14. I think TMc coming back this season is wishfull thinking
  15. Last year I noticed that it was a very rare event when one of our players on the bottom of the pack was not given a helping hand up off the ground by a team mate. It was a feature of our game, and still is. Then I noticed that we gave an occassional friendly pat on the back for an opponent who stood up in the contest, or a first gamer. Then I noticed that we gave the occassional helping hand up to an opponent. Last year Clarry offered his hand to Duncan? (cats) who declined the offer. Oliver and Tracc are regulars at it this season and I think Rivers helped up a surprised Conoglio (GWS). But wait there is more. Keep a tight grip on your hair piece. Against the Crows Clarrie gave a a helping hand up to the Texan. Unbelievable. Now times have changed since the VFL days in how the game is played and for that matter where your team mates come from. Are we too friendly? By the way I havent seen May, Viney or Petty do this.
  16. Or to harmes for a kick in the head.....
  17. Due to his age he plays like a champion for only about a quarter. After that he can be a passenger.
  18. I have been advised that the win/loss record currently stands at Neeld 5 Wins 28 losses Noble 5 Wins 29 Losses 1 draw
  19. I also thought that if you are going to pay head high when Tex ducks then you have to pay both sides. Clarry was a shocker, Brown mark, Fogs? spectacular non attempt at a mark, Brayshaw didnt drag it in.... but the obvious reason for the discrepancy was that we had the ball.
  20. Obviously need a back up ruckman. Didnt JT say last year 'Sooner or later we will have to draft a ruck'. Monster key fwd would be handy as well.
  21. An ok game but needs a steak. Easily moved out the way.
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