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  1. Danger the rare type of player who would rather have a Norm Smith than Premiership
  2. Yep Geelong was resting players in the last few rounds, meanwhile we had must win games
  3. To me a JVR on debut would have been better than BB hobling around
  4. Its always good when an interstate team wins
  5. That was a hard read and really hard to comprehend that this is still happening in todays world
  6. Oliver is much more consistent from round 1 to 23. I wasn’t talking him down either, the umpires will always vote Petracca over Oliver if they both played well because of their game styles
  7. I just don’t see how Oliver can win one, he had a breakout year again ontop of a great 2021. Missed a few votes that if looking at stats would have been awarded and then you have Petracca pinching votes
  8. Cripps probably won’t win AFL won’t let it happen since the tribunal gate
  9. A.Brayshaw would poll if he was the [censored] medi sub
  10. Really glad we won this, would be a big positive boost to the younger players plus great to see those that missed out in the 2021 AFL GF
  11. Commentator complaint about deliberate saying the point is the player has to keep the game going yet in this case the player handballed towards the line
  12. This oval looks hideous now with that massive navy blue building
  13. Geelong have their hands on the cup. Brisbane had played their grand final the week before. Us losing to them is shameful
  14. finally confirmed what alot knew atleast a couple of months back
  15. Clarry goes under the radar for most hated amongst opposition fans, there is going to be a lot of salt when he wins the Brownlow
  16. Clayton Oliver winning the brownlow
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