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  1. Would love to know who the umps are and how they’ve attributed to the Bulldogs +80 free kicks this year…
  2. Weed has had enough opportunities, just like OMAC did. Both had special individual qualities that would pop up from time to time, but neither could sustain consistent output. On the other hand, look how consistent our new young players have been around the ball. Just what we need. I say [censored] him off to Collingwood at the highest price, he may even star with another team!
  3. It’s Gawn under your bed in your closet I your head!!!
  4. TBH Clarry had the un/fortunate challenge of being surrounded by Tracc/Gawn/Viney who most certainly challenged his contributions. Having said that, ONLY a freak of competition like Oliver could have polled so well. Bont is the same in some regard, but not to the level that Clarry has done. To stand out amongst the all-Australian talent within the team says something..
  5. Ok, from Wollongong, how good are my new plantation shutters now dressed in R & B???! I’ll send a day time update tomorrow
  6. You just know that he’s going to give it his all don’t you, gonna be a ripper
  7. Oops, definitely not Alan, most certainly Matthew..
  8. Dare I say it, but what was with the grease on Hawkins and Selwoods shoulders…?!!! they even try to cheat with LUBE…
  9. Richo tried to hit on my ex-gf at a bar in Prahran when I was still back in Melbourne, he did well, but nevertheless she stayed true (for a few months anyways). But I digress… I still love Richo as his commentary is usually on point, love the guy TBH.
  10. Just sent this to my little brother in Melbourne (I’m in Sydney) he’s a mad cats fan… …long story short, I don’t expect any Chrissy presents this year 😂😂😂
  11. After a swim at the beach, watching the replay now!
  12. I can’t remember if it was the 3rd or 4th quarter but how funny was it when Salem literally walked around his opponent on the forward 50! 🤣🤣🤣 they were totally cooked!!!
  13. That’s brilliant! Exactly how I feel… but my lounge has empty cans everywhere
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