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  1. Getting back on track, I’m sure we can bank on ourselves pulling our hair out at some point when the CS haven’t evolved… either our list and composition changes drastically or we will have to adapt the game style
  2. They’ll probably have to if they don’t want it to turn into the recognised mid-fielder award… especially when you have coaches votes alternatives which call it in a more balanced manner! I don’t want to incorrectly simplify the game and say that there’s only backs, mids and forwards, but surely those that stand out in their respective lanes should have an equal chance at it
  3. Tbh, at some point, the board will look at the coaching staff and expect innovation
  4. Surely SG hasn’t shown all of his cards just yet?
  5. As a former Victorian, I actually love seeing Swans and GWS winning here in NSW as it brings more spectators to our great game. Anything that detracts from NRL is a good thing, I also like the Sydney/Melbourne rivalry.
  6. Luke Dunstan had a blinder in the reserves, surely he can backup if Tracc is out? Is there room for TMAC to come in and straighten us up?
  7. Can adversity bring a certain strength? We’ve got injury niggles, just lost on our own turf, looking at a steep climb ahead to have any chance at the flag. What can the coaches do to mentally prepare the team for what looks like a very difficult few weeks, after what was a very difficult year?
  8. Salem, Sparta and how about May’s intercepts on Buddy!
  9. Can’t sleep… nervous for the game…
  10. When Heeney is having a slow game he gets thrown around positionally, so I like the negation of his strengths and exposition of his weaknesses as a better tactic.
  11. Does either Sydney or Melbourne have a particular advantage due to the field geometry, relative to the SCG/MCG and will this be a factor? Does it enhance or make our tactics more difficult to execute?
  12. Whether he gets up or not, the doubt in the opposition would be palpable. Imagine if the Dees could announce a full list to select from going in to finals!
  13. Didn’t he lure Bernie Vince to us? Which kick started the whole thing?
  14. Good point, might have got ahead of myself there…
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