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  1. Way off here mate, he's hard as nails IMO. Didn't you see him go back with the flight against Acres last weekend and get smashed. In relation to the topic, is he another footballer on this list that Goodwin hasn't got the best out of? I'd love to hear what Paul Roos thinks of him. I'd have no doubt in playing him in defence. That's where he's most suited IMO. He's kicking and decision making would need work, but his run off half back was valuable to our team. I also thought he defended pretty well as well. He's not bad up forward just don't know if he has the football IQ to play there.
  2. OUT: Omac, Jones, Hibberd (inj), Kozzie (managed) IN: Lockhart, Nev, Harmes, Hunt
  3. May to Naughton, Tomo to Bruce and I reckon Pig will get Wallis mate.
  4. Just the outside run that we craved and he's quick!! Obviously he has a lot of work to do on his skill execution and decision making but hopefully that will come as he continues to develop and mature(only 24 years old and only played 70 odd games I think). Great pick up!
  5. My changes would be the following: OUT: Tomlinson (meh) can't believed we signed him on a 4 year deal? And Jonesy IN: Gawn & Viney T-Mac to play down back!
  6. Hopefully Burgo smashes them in today's heat!
  7. Interesting name to bring up, I'm genuinely 50/50 on him. I honestly don't think he would be in our best side with everyone fit right now. How much can he improve in the future? However, I don't think he's gettable at all anyways. Blues need to keep their mids. Nice idea though.
  8. Agree mate, hope they aren't true and we can at least get another year out of him. Always gets the best out of himself and I love what he brings.
  9. Has anyone heard the rumour Tim "Bull" Smith might be retiring?
  10. He's contracted for another year so doubt anything will happen.
  11. It's an absolute joke that Omac continues to get a game. Yet to find a supporter who thinks he deserves hit spot. Then you have the problem as you"ve stated, who the F*** does he match up on?
  12. I wouldn't be trading him nor do I think the club will be. You can fix kicking/decision making. Confidence looks to be a massive problem also. I'm hoping it's just a matter of getting this season over and done with, big pre season and we'll see Gus firing again next season.
  13. OUT: Preuss (clearly not ready for AFL level, keep working on his game in the twos), OMAC for obvious reasons. IN: Hore and May *If lever is injured, bring in Lockhart.
  14. Think he deserves another contract. He's in our best 22 and their is so much room for improvement with him.
  15. I don't care who comes in. We can't have Oscar McDonald play another game for this club. Heard he's a nice bloke, but he's just simply not good enough.
  16. Jenkins is [censored] and he kicked 2.3 on him. IMO Oscar isn't in our best 22 and I have fears he might not be up to AFL standard anymore. Either way, I'd be surprised if he plays when we already have May, Frost, Lever & Petty.
  17. Binman if we were to put Omac on Naughton it wouldn't matter who was intercepting he would take 10 Marks and kick 5. Need a solid defender May or Frost on him. Gotta stop the bloke for jumping.
  18. Agree mate, Doggies have smallish Forward line!
  19. Lever playing VFL this week, so what will the changes be? Do we think Casboult will play fwd? They'll have a very small fwd line if not. Makes me think we'll bring in either J.Wags or Lewis for Petty. Purely because of match ups. What does everyone else think?
  20. Nah, we desperately need him down back in my opinion.
  21. Fair view mate. Would you agree though that we couldn't have Weids, T-Mac and preuss in the same forward line though?
  22. Interesting take, I respectfully disagree. However I completely get what your saying. I'm happy for them to keep tinkering with the forward line until they find something that works. interested to see what they do. Preuss might even have to come in for Gawn depending on his ankle.
  23. Are people forgetting what Tim Smith has done in his last couple of games? He should've kicked 5 against Freo on Luke Ryan (poor kicking cost him) Admittedly he wasn't very good on the weekend but I'd be keeping him in. We can't have T-Mac, Weids and Preuss in the same team I don't think.
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