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  1. I was really happy with Salem's return game. It's good to have another option in the middle that slot back to help the drives of half back. One of very few shining lights.
  2. They should never have played him.
  3. Being a Demon in South Australia it can be unbearable most of the time but these past two weeks have been an early Chrissie present. Apologies to any Victorians that had to put up with the Bogans of Port and the Booers of Adelaide. I'll be strutting into work this morning with my Dees scarf and beanie. I was going to ask about your thoughts on future double headers in Adelaide over the Gather Round but John has already posed that one. Instead I'll ask about our changes this week. Who do we replace Kozzy with? He's almost impossible to replace. There simply is no like for like. So who could possibly bring even a quarter of the dynamics that he brings. It might be a lot of pressure but could we see the Kolt finally get a call up? The past few weeks you've been touting resting Ben Brown but with the Bye coming up do we just roll the dice and play him?
  4. If TMac is fit will he play Forward or Back?
  5. Watched the game on Kayo and I think our inability to win ground balls in our defence is still a massive issue. What do you think? Love the show. Bring on 2024.
  6. Thank you to all the wonderful Demonland Trackies. This South Aussie appreciates the intel.
  7. We really could do with a preseason trade or loan period right about now.
  8. Binman really appreciate the shoutout you gave Nibbler the other week on the podcast for his 150th game. He is one of my favourites. Never understood why he is maligned by many fans. He plays a crucial role in the team and I'm glad you are doing your best to relay that to Demons fans who only look at kicks and goals on the stats sheet. However ...... how does a player not make the distance from 40 to 45 out from goal. We can't afford that in finals.
  9. Sorry I was meaning to post this earlier but work commitments got in the way so if it's not too late ... Looking at Carlton's injury list they have half their midfield out for this match. PLAYER INJURY ESTIMATED RETURN Jordan Boyd Suspension Round 22 Adam Cerra Hamstring 2-3 weeks Corey Durdin Shoulder Test Matthew Kennedy Knee 3-5 weeks Harry McKay Knee 4-6 weeks Alex Mirkov Heart Season Sam Philp Foot Season Jack Silvagni Knee TBC Sam Walsh Hamstring 1-2 weeks Zac Williams Knee Season Updated: August 1, 2023 Walsh, Cerra and Kennedy are 3/4 of their engine room. With those outs how can they possibly match it with our midfield especially if Clarry is back. Thanks for the podcast guys. It is truly the highlight of my footy week after a win.
  10. There is simply nothing better than a lad from Melbourne walking into his job in Adelaide on Monday morning after beating the Crom. I live for days like that. Gus has been huge for us in Clarry’s absence. MFC TWITTER posted the following and I feel it bears repeating and talking about on the podcast.
  11. Welcome back from your Podcast Bye. I hope your loading period is behind you now and you're all fresh for the run home and into finals. In terms of matchups for the upcoming match against the Lions on Friday night who do you think will get the gig on Charlie Cameron? It doesn't sound like Hibbo will be back this week so who of the players available is a good match up for Charlie?
  12. If Clarry is back this week do you think we might managed Viney. 2 weeks in a row he has clutched at that same shoulder.
  13. Can confirm I listened right until the end. Thank you @Demonland @binman @george_on_the_outer
  14. With Clarry and Petty likely to return this week the big question is who will come in and who will be omitted?
  15. In 21 and 22 our best defensive setup consisted of May, Lever & Petty. Obviously Petty is out injured and prior to that was given Key Forward duties. Do we need to go back to 3 talls down back?
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