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  1. I'm am ashamed to admit that I had written off both the Pig and Milkshake and didn't think they'd feature at all this year but their performances this year, Pig since his return from injury and Melk in the past few weeks, have been exemplary. I know that members of the esteemed panel have been critical of Melksham in the past, as I and many have been too, have your opinions changed?
  2. Big Benny Brown was either constantly running under the ball in marking contest or was only using the one hand to take attempt to take a mark. Was he misreading the ball coming in and is he only using one hand in an attempt to bring the ball to ground? What going on with Brown? I know this question is asked every single week but do you think we will consider bringing in another tall or do we cross our fingers and hope that TMac miraculously recovers for finals and is match fit?
  3. Reckon he should have been given more than the 2 for leaving the ground but also won't be surprised if the find a way to let him off. Best case scenario for us will be a reduction to 1 week.
  4. Living in Adelaide most of my friends and colleagues are either Crows or Power supporters. One of my workmates is a Blues fan who didn't shut up for the first 10 to 12 weeks of the season. Haven't heard boo from him in a month or so. Also helps that the two [censored] stain teams here are imploding too.
  5. Thank you for reading out my question and answering it and pointing me to the thread on the fadeouts. Hopefully we turn it around.
  6. Thanks lads for taking by question on the podcast last week. If I could ask another question this week. What is it with our fade outs? Not only are we fading out at the end of matches we are fading out at the end of some quarters and allowing our opposition a few quick goals. We just can't seem to stem the flow. What is the reason for this? Is it fatigue and lack of concentration? How can we fix this?
  7. Since the bye Goody and the FD seem adverse to playing two tall forwards. How do you see our forward line with only 1 tall and do you think that is sustainable going in to finals? With BBB likely to come back in this week will we go back to 2 talls or persist with small forward line?
  8. Had an incredible season. Did his jumper number proud.
  9. I have had Shipment Notifications but nothing has arrived yet to suburban Adelaide. I would think Australia Post is getting smashed and it will only get worse as we approach Christmas. Be patient. We'll all get our goodies in due course. Has anyone received any notifications about the official memorabilia?
  10. Congratulations Maxy & Jess. When does the thread title get changed to The George Gawn Thread?
  11. I reckon all clubs will use COVID to keep sessions closed from public viewings. No need to give opposition teams a look in. The problem with Gosches was that it was open to anyone walking past. I would assume that this is not the case with almost all of the other teams.
  12. Well if this just isn't a kick in the nuts. I'm not totally devo that we didn't get him. I'm just bitter that we were pipped at the last hurdle. Let's set our sights on a younger wingman and hope karma does the rest.
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