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  1. I reckon all clubs will use COVID to keep sessions closed from public viewings. No need to give opposition teams a look in. The problem with Gosches was that it was open to anyone walking past. I would assume that this is not the case with almost all of the other teams.
  2. The last time statements like this were made on DL ...
  3. Well if this just isn't a kick in the nuts. I'm not totally devo that we didn't get him. I'm just bitter that we were pipped at the last hurdle. Let's set our sights on a younger wingman and hope karma does the rest.
  4. He won't be going to the Dons until @Dr evil says he's 100% going to the Dees.
  5. Actually he said that ———
  6. The Dees will most likely offer him a 5 year contract now. That’s our specialty.
  7. I don't think Bartlett thought this statement through. It either rubbishes the players or the coaches or both. If the excuse is COVID then he's contradicting his words during the year when he claimed that he wasn't using COVID as an excuse. So who is at fault for 2020? He keeps pumping up the coach and the club's continual under performance will eventually need a scapegoat. If we just miss the finals again next year or worse go backwards then I can foresee a situation where both he and Goodwin will be gone.
  8. Jeez I hope this kid can play footy. He's going to be huge.
  9. You'd think the President's position will be untenable if we fail to make finals and can't find a permanent home. Promises made and promises not kept and all that.
  10. Nek minut Dees ruck coach shortens his run up for goal, umps don't pay him the obvious free kicks and gets made an example of by the match review as they try to stamp out flopping for frees one week and is reported and harshly suspended, cannot hit the side of a barn all of a sudden and gets a buzz cut at Salem's Salon in the preseason and can't mark anymore because like Soloman all his power came from his long locks of hair. Because Melbourne.
  11. We’ll know within 10 minutes whether we’re a chance. Bulldogs don’t fail to take their chances like we do. They’ll end up winning by 50 plus like a Granny that’s over after halftime.
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