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  1. On 15/1/2017 at 3:19 PM, DemonOX said:

    Oh what could have been if they had all stayed in the park. 

    They might have all been able to play in four premierships like one of my other favorite players from that era - Martin Pike.

  2. 1 hour ago, Pink Freud said:

    Strange that you should mention this because when brother Tom started out, I envisioned him as being a potential Glen Jakovich but his disposal ...

    is getting better and less unreliable.  I don't ever think that he will be masterful by foot, but if he can get the job done more often than not, I'm not sure he has to be a super kick to be a very damaging player.

    My impression is that Oscars disposal skills by hand and foot are even better than Tommy's.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, stuie said:

    This is an interesting phenomenon. Stretch is underrated in a big way by a lot of Dees fans, and I wonder if it's to do with the fact he wasn't a high pick and thus hasn't had a lot of attention from either internal or external media. It's a strange one when you see so many talk about our need for "run and carry" or "spread" but then not think to name one of our best exponents of that.


    Not sure I agree Stuie.  My perception is that he IS rated by many on Demonland and certainly by me.  Tough, skilled and poised under pressure - injury and form permitting, he's in my best 22.

    Could be one to pay dividends, become a mature, solid best 22 performer, delivering all the aforementioned attributes on a regular, reliable basis.  That's the real next step in the development of the team, to deliver the goods over the whole season, rather than patches.

  4. 36 minutes ago, pineapple dee said:

    Can someone amongst the cognoscenti suggest to me how Wagner gets back in our best 22 ??? He is a player I think has the qualities to be an excellent foot soldier for us but his chances of a half back role seem limited. 


    He's in effect only a second year senior AFL player, who from my recollection hasn't performed a full preseason as yet.  In my view Wagner has weppons - his tackling and kicking are pretty good.  Perhaps if he develops his tank a little more and is able to sneak up the ground more often and provide another goal kicking option?  He may be one which fly's under the radar.

    I think in general apart from the obvious automatic selections, with whesre our team is at, picking a best 22 this far out is a bit like throwing darts at a dart board.  So much is dependant on preason development, preseason match form and dare I say it who adapts most to Goodwin's updated game plan.

    From all reports Tommy Bugg has had a cracker of a preseason so far and may be amougst those whom get one of the last contestable spots, but I'm also very wary of preseason 'track' form (particularly this far out), although in retrospect it did provide a pretty good lead indicator on big Maxy last year.  Further on Bugg, whilst many here rate him as only an average player, he is a competitive little [censored] and good sides can never have too many of them.  He also has good goal sense.  My only criticism would be he went missing too often at times last season, but perhaps higher fitness level is the answer to that and IMHO, he could a be best 22 option come round 1.

    On the other hand it wouldn't surprise me if either or both Milksham and Hibbard are not in the 22 from round 1.

  5. I fully admit that I for one certainly questioned the Weid's inclusion in the side ahead of Pederson late last season (the Carlton game in particular).  Whist don't think I take that back, I do think it's good that the exposure of the Weid to senior AFL beyond the Hawthorn game should have a positive medium term impact on the Weid's development:

    More than anything, the experience of playing senior footy made him realise that he needs to continually refine his game and find different ways to be more involved in the play. 

    The 195cm forward kicked two goals (one with his first kick in the AFL) against the Hawks but kicked just one in his final two games of the season. 

    "I did quite a bit of work last year and into this pre-season on finding different ways I can get the ball and improve my leading patterns," Weideman said. 

    "I did find myself struggling with the lack of space but I've been doing a truckload of work with [defensive coordinator] Jade Rawlings and [offensive coordinator] Troy Chaplin this year on not letting my defender get set on me." 


    What a great attitude from a young player and hopefully it pays dividends this season and beyond.

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  6. 15 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    That was his approach in the midfield, particularly this year, and it came in handy having him do it against Hawthorn in the wet. He'll be at half back again this year and rotating to a wing/on ball and if he plays like he did for the first 2/3rds of the year he'll be handy. Especially if the additions of Hibberd and Lewis, and a fit Salem means he doesn't have to take on so much kicking responsibility and can share the ball more. If he get on to a wing he can get it outside and then long bombing in to the forward line to advantage or kicking goals comes in handy.

    It would be interesting to see the breakdowns of Bernie's bomb it long turnovers by ground position.  I suspect he is fairly calculated in when he executes the bomb it long option, as I don't doubt that Roos would have hesitated to drum bad habits our of even experienced players

    That said, I agree that Bernie's best position out of the midfield is up forward.  In a number of our wins last year, he bobbled up and kick 2 or 3 telling goals.  He has great goal sense as a snap shot and the ability to avoid inside 50 contests from his long hoofs from outside 50.  The only downer that could be said about his goal kicking is my impression that he can have off days and miff up plenty of simple shots.

    Can also see why he would be used in defence as he reads the ball so well and positions him self well as a loose defender and is highly effective of getting under the skin of his opponent so it's handy to have that flexibility within the team.

  7. 16 hours ago, rjay said:

    I can't think of any other characters in the AFL apart from Bernie and Max...I think Trac is also on the way.

    We are well covered in this area...

    Yes, Trac could be developing nicely in this area, though I think he is mainly hyperactive.

    There are some other characters left at other clubs - Bob Murphy would be one, but don't think we would lever him away from his beloved Dogs.  Dane Swan struck me as being from a similar mold to big Maxy, but perhaps a little less overt.  There must still be some others out there.

  8. On 26/12/2016 at 7:56 AM, Whispering_Jack said:

    I'm thinking of reviving our Book of Numbers series and for starters, I reckon it's time for a look at Number Eight.

    My favourite player to wear the guernsey was the late  Bob "Tassie" Johnson who passed away last year.

    Late AFL great Robert "Tassie" Johnson lives on in enduring love affair on the Sunshine Coast

    Tassie was a great exponent of the drop kick and holds the club record for most games wearing the number 8 (202). He played mainly at full back where he was a true champion of the game but on the odd occasion would also go into the ruck and performed well there.

    The list of players who wore the number from 1912 to the present day:

    1912 Fred Harris  (also #29 in 1912, #7 in 1914, #28 in 1919)
    1913 Jack A "Dodger" Evans
    1914 A "Bert" Trahair
    1915 Jack A ‘Dodger’ Evans (see 1913 above)
    1919-1925 Charlie Lilley (also #6 in 1913 and 1915, #11 in 1914)
    1926 Herbert White 
    1931-1932 W ‘Bull’ Adams
    1933 - 1941 Rowley Fischer
    1942-1943 Don Hewson 
    1945 Ralph Latham 
    1946-1947 Roy Stabb (also #22 in 1945)
    1948-1951 Doug Heywood  (also #25 in 1943, #26 in 1944)
    1952 Ian Toyne 
    1952 Maurie Lehmann 
    1953 Don Cameron
    1954 Geoff Collins  (also #3 1948 to 1952)
    1955 Kevin Clarke 
    1956 - 1957 Jim Sandral
    1959-1969 Bob "Tassie" Johnson
    1970-1975 Peter Keenan   (also #10 1981-1982)
    1976-1978 Peter Johnston 
    1979 Glenn Elliott 
    1980-1982 Brent Crosswell
    1983 Les Bamblett 
    1984 Peter Thorne  (also #40 1978 to 1979)
    1985-1995 Graeme Yeats  (also #45 in 1984)
    1996 Craig Turley 
    1999 Jeff Farmer  (also #33 1995 to 2001 and changed back to 33 during the 1999 season)
    2000 James Cook 
    2001-2006 Alistair Nicholson
     (also #44 1997 to 2000)
    2007-2014 James Frawley
    2015- 2016 Heritier Lumumba

    Bring it on Jack.

    How about No.6 next?

  9. On 23/12/2016 at 9:07 AM, Satan said:

    Gawn vs richmond  r5 this year on now with the player fka obrien playing

    Watched that game last night, along with Rd 15 Vs Collingwood.  In fact the player fka O'Brien features in quite a few of the games and dispite some distain of said player on this forum, Harry (can't spell his new one) is actually quite serviceable in most of them.

    Back to da Gawn Dawg - contrast Rd 15 Vs Collingwood 2015 where he is out on his feet late in the third quarter (and much to the amusement of the commentators pretty much stuck hands on hips in the same spot at CHB for the last 5 mins of the qtr), compared to Rd 20 Vs Hawthorn 2016, where big Maxy just powers on with his dominant marking and ruck work full of running.  What a difference a full preseason and further physical development makes - now multiply that out for a few more in our developing list and watch the positive match day results flow!!

  10. Speaking of the suspended Collingwood players, based on the lack of punishment handed out by the AFL, GWS and any future culprits would have to think that rolling the dice and avoiding a drug test is better than subjecting players to drug testing.  The Collingwood boys got a full season for their positive drugs test, where as Whitfield, GWS got a slap on the wrist and less than half a season for their dishonest behaviour - well done AFL, massive opportunity to send the right message missed.

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  11. 17 minutes ago, DubDee said:

    76 goals 39 pts for Jesse in 2017

    Watts, Tracc, Lewis and Kent will be hitting him up every time

    screw all this roaming up the ground talk! let him kick goals

    So effective goal kicking routine implemented over the preseason - like it.

    IMHO, there were games this that Jessie's wayward kicking was a big contributor to our loss.  The Bulldogs game stands out to me.  Simply must kick most of the most gettable set shots on goal.

  12. 6 hours ago, John Dee said:

    Zero divided by zero is 1 as is evidenced by zero to the power zero being 1; something from nothing.


    The function y = 1/x. As x approaches 0 from the right, y approaches infinity.  Anyway infinity seems like a good number of goals for Hogan to kick...just play along.

  13. 2 hours ago, Colin B. Flaubert said:

    Give him some decent delivery and if he straightens up his kicking action, then 60 plus is not beyond him.

    If we play the fast direct down the guts Goodwin style of footy, then that will give him every chance, combined with Jordan's Hawthorn pin point foot passing.

     The club should make Jack Watts his practical conjoined twin over the summer.  Jack can learn more of Jessie's combative one on one skills and competitive moungrul and Jack can teach Jessie set shots on goal and perhaps how to better manage his body language.

  14. On 15/12/2016 at 6:01 PM, Bigred said:

    Now THAT is a good signing

    Well done. Fantastic 

    He has 'nailed his reputation to our mast'

    He would not stick around if he didn't think we were going to get there 

    Well done everyone at the Club.

    I just want to know when PJ is pulling on the boots and running out with the team - I recon he'd go alright.

  15. 9 hours ago, Demon Jack said:

    Haha, I remember that one fondly. It was a completely different team back then. I think only Jones, Watts, Jetta, Trengove and a beardless Gawn (who made his debut that night) remain from that game. Quite remarkable really.

    I don't think Max had a huge impact on the game, but I remember him clunking what is now known as a trademark 'Maxy grab' in the goalsquare against Dustin Fletcher and proceeded to miss the shot from 10m directly out in front. 

    Not totally sure I remember it, but was it the one where Col Garland played at FF and kicked a small bag?

    We had the wood on the Dons for a few years there, when they were on a competitive side and we were bloody hopeless - those tables have certainly turned in the last few years.  If I recall correctly 2011 they were practically unbeaten until we played them at their drugged up peak.

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  16. So for Foxtel suscribers, next Friday is a good day to start you Christmas leave early or queue up some recordings on the iQ for some classic big Maxy (and MFC wins) showing on the Fox Footy channel.  Eight whole games in total starting with Rd 11, 2011 Vs Essendon, cumulating with Rd 20, 2016 Vs Hawthorn.

    ...hanging out big time!

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  17. On 6/12/2016 at 6:20 PM, Ron Burgundy said:

    So much rests on Max Gawn remaining uninjured for the entire season.


    I know whereas you are comming from, but I disagree in principal.

    If we are going to become a successful side, then we need to develop ways of winning without a dominant ruckman.  Very few sides have a ruckman close to the dominance of big Maxy, yet there were around 10 that finished above us this season.  Even if he is fit and in form for the majority of the season, we will need to win games where Maxy is beaten/nutralised or has an off day.

  18. On 24/10/2016 at 1:52 PM, nutbean said:



    From last year.....

    "Why on earth would we give Hunt another year on the senior list? He has done nothing at all to date to suggest he will be an AFL player.

    Three years is what we gave Toumpas to prove himself, and he showed a million times more promise in that time than Hunt has."

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, ay ? The problem is  - there is ruthless and reckless - you give players some time to show their worth and some will reward you and some will be a bust.



    Yes, but Mitchie came to us with a number of years already under his belt at a senior AFL club, Hunt did not.

    I'm still bemused why Mitchie got such a run in the senior this year compared to Grimes, who showed far more potential at AFL level IMHO.

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