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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden

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  1. On 14/11/2016 at 8:47 AM, stuie said:

    See comments inserted into your post for clarity.

    Cheers Rod.





    Stuie, I take you comments on board in the reasonable and genuine spirit I think you intend them.  However I still think you are over playing the facts of the commercial proposition.  Below is the AFL's statement on the matter (which I take with a grain of salt):

    Lethlean expects it will be a long time before the women's game funds itself, with a broadcast deal to be finalised in the coming weeks. 

    The AFL will not make any money from television stations. 

    "We've got one sponsor at the moment. We're trying to do broadcast deals now with our partners, which hopefully take shape in the next few weeks," Lethlean said

    In the present context, the reality is that the AFL is probably under playing the issue, but I don't doubt that the women's comp is presently a loss maker.  How quickly that may change is anyone's guess, bit until the competition does mature, the AFL does also need to manage it's financial risk.  I think that the ultimate solution is to manage the EBA's for the women's and men's comps as one, as would be standard business practice, but only once the women's comp is actually at the point of maturity where professionalisim is justifyed.

  2. On 8/11/2016 at 5:15 PM, stuie said:

    Read this champ.

    "It was the largest overall average audience in Melbourne of any game during the 2016 home and away season.

    The previous best was the St Kilda-Geelong match in round 14, which drew an average audience of 347,000 viewers, while the Essendon-Richmond Dreamtime at the 'G clash in round 10 nabbed an average of 331,000."


    "Over hyped" hey?


    Already read that thanks buddy and I suspect it is one of the major contributing factors to it being over hyped.  As others have said, it makes just a bit of difference it being the only footy on TV on a week in the middle of the regular season.

    Further though, it's pretty easy to flick on the box for a few minutes or a few hours compared to actually attending the game.  Tell me what was the actual attendance at the ground?  I'd say the ground attendance is more indicative of the core support the game is likely to attract in the longer term - and then you could divide that by two once you have two other Melbourne based teams.  Let's not even think about how much further diluted that support would be were it competing with the regular men's AFL season.  In a regular AFL round, I'd see that the womens ratings would be worse than televised VFL (and no commercial station was actually interested in that).

    The only real opportunities for regular ratings I can see for the women's game in the short term are in the off season (as the AFL has astutely planned).  Even then the women's game will be competing with cricket, soccer, basketball, netball etc.  Speaking honestly, from a personal perspective 'right now' I have limited interest in watching women's AFL on a regular basis.  My wife who actually played the game 10 years or so ago has hardly expressed a burning passion and joy that the women AFL league is upon us either.  I'd temper these statements with an admiration for the personal attributes displayed by Daisy Pearce and that in time my interest level in the women's game may grow, but I think that is also a little patronising and unrealistic in a way - I also have admiration for Michelle Payne, but I still have almost zero interest in watching horse racing.

    I don't mean to be negative or anti women in any of this, but there is also a need to be realistic and not over inflate the results of idiosyncratic, one off events.

  3. I am so sick of this bloody overzealous equal pay argument cr@p.  It is clearly not a professional league yet - does nine hours 'work' per week, for part of the year really constitute a full time job?

    This whole issue has been highjacked by the now super aggressive 'affirmative action' women's movement, which actually puts equality and fairness to one side on an individual level and is hell bent on squaring up the numbers to give the appearance of equality.

    Next someone will be saying that the under 18s competition is child slave labour, so we should be paying them award wages.

    As a side issue, I'd also actually argue that the AFL men are overpaid and more AFL money should be going into supporting local grass roots footy at all levels (and sexes), but that's another story.

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  4. 6 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    Yep I couldn't remember if they'd done that or not. It's a start, still, I'd rather delisted free agency go all the way until Feb. Where's the rush? Let clubs see which youngsters are progressing and who's fit over preseason.


    Yes, agree, they could potentially be spaced out a bit more and end closer towards the end of preseason.

  5. 23 hours ago, DeeSpencer said:

    So many things are backwards in the AFL if afforded the opportunity to do so it makes much more sense to have the draft first and get the kids that you want in and then worry about delisted players to compliment your list. 

    A bit a miss on this I think.

    From what I understand, the AFL has several delisted FA periods, following the National draft, probably for the reasons you suggest.

  6. 2 hours ago, Deefiant said:

    I don't see the fact that he had suicidal tendencies before having any fact in the matter. I would like to think any workplace would care about the welfare of their employees regardless of their history. Obviously Richmond could have done more to help this kid, although I don't think it's a problem that is isolated to Richmond. I would think that many clubs are lacking in the ability to deal with the welfare of all their players and maybe the AFL need to set up an external program for all players. 

    I don't actually think it is or should be the 'responsability' of clubs to look after the welfare of their players.  They certainly shouldn't set up environments which are detrimental to a players welfare, however I don't think it is entirely their duty to manage a players welfare for them.

    These are grown (be they mostly fairly young) adults and they need to take certain responsibility for their own actions and wellbeing.  Obviously, it's in everyones best interests for the club to be as supportive as possible, but that is different to them being held to account for managing a players wellfare for them, which it almost seems like this individual has the expectations of.

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  7. My smokey is for James Harmes to become an elite bullocking type midfielder, regularly impacting games with powerful bursts out of packs and into the forward line.

    I'll be a bit half pregnant on my next prediction:  Wondering if we will have a backline star studded with AA backman by the end of the year?  

    Tom McDonald has that kind of talent and potential in him if he can stay uninjured and maintain his form throughout the whole year, with the other potential candidates being Jetta, Hunt, Hibberd and maybe even Oscar.  If we start stringing the wins together, it's amazing how players in successful sides get all the accolades.

    Regardless, if he is good enough to take the step all the way to AA nomination, I have high hopes for Oscar next season as my recollection was that it was at about this age that Tom really started to fill out and had the physical strength and confidence/experience to start really imposing himself on opposition players and became a reliable, solid defender.

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  8. 2 minutes ago, FlashInThePan said:

    From memory, one was due to his style of footy, the other was just an unlucky footy in the face in the 2s

    I also seem to recall one Vs West Coast 2015, where it was his courage charging back against the play when he copped another serious head knock.

    I understand fully that footy is a contact sport and accidental high contacts are somewhat inevitable, however some players also contribute to their own demise by pushing the boundaries too far - think Jonathan Brown in his last few seasons.

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  9. I fully expect Trengrove to be a different player next season.

    We all hear about how much difference a full preseason can make (i.e. Max Gawn).  Trengrove had less than not having a preseason in the respect that he had to totally rebuild the strength back in a twig of what may pass for a leg.  It was somewhat miraculous that he could even run, let alone be half competitive at VFL level.

    Without really knowing the guy, I get the impression that Trenners is an absolute professional in his dedication to training and should give himself every chance. If he can have the sort of Max Gawn impact after a full preseason, I'll be happy with that.

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  10. On 26/10/2016 at 2:32 PM, McQueen said:

    He's a smart player - makes very good decisions. Build his tank and we'll see him get a lot more of the pill.

    My only concern is more concussions.

    Agreed 100%.  Improvement will mainly come through additional physical maturity anf experience.

    I think one other area that could make Gus a better player in this sense is to learn when to go, when not to and how better to protect his body (particularly his head).  I know it's a fine line in footy, between aggression/courage/putting your body on the line and protecting it, but I do think there is such a thing as crazy brave.  It's more than just bad luck that he has been concussed so many times.

      If players like Gus don't learn how to keep themselves from getting serious head knocks, sadly they won't have much of a career.

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  11. On 21/10/2016 at 2:58 PM, Satyriconhome said:

    None of the above, just doing all the business with a minimum of fuss, Josh Mahoney being the mouthpiece, and evervbody in and out being treated with respect, that will make us a destination club, along with the onfield success 

    Could be argued that a) it's yet to fully play out and b) set in motion long ago; but the realitively seamless transition to Goody is a big part of that getting on with things with a minimum of fuss.

    Full cread to PJ and Roos.

  12. 38 minutes ago, radar said:

    Hi KD

    they kinda got Chip - " pick 3" equivalent ?

    Yes, through that bigger scam of free agency, which didn't cost them anything, which shits me much more than them getting Jaeger for some combination of fairly high picks.

  13. I'm not sure I care if Hawthorn traded all their future picks to the GC anyway.  From what I understand, the rule was put in place more or less for the protection of the club trading it.  So long as Hawthorn don't receive great players out of these trades, then I'm more than happy for them to exclude them selves from picking up future talent in the draft.  I heard that with their current trading of picks included, they wouldn't have had a pick in the top 20 in six years.

  14. 8 hours ago, bandicoot said:

    As well as his wife's business might be doing it definitely wont be making $1.5m per year. He will be at Collingwood in a heart beat with those $$$$.

    He might not want to be in the spotlight as a head coach but would jump at the opportunity of being in a director of football role.  

    How many millions does a guy like Roos need?

    He's a pretty smart guy, my bet is he's got enough money squirreled away, so that he can go and live very comfortably between Hawaii and Australia, without taking on major commitments with an AFL club.  I could possibly see him going in as a consultant and doing an audit on culture, football deptment structure and the like, but taking on a major leadership position wouldn't seem to fit with the messages Roos was sending out on his plans for the future.  I could also see him earning some pretty good pocket money doing commentary for Fox Footy, public talking and the like.


    I have just re watched the last 5 minutes of our 2014 game against Essendon. The one we won by one point with Salem kicking the match winner, Boy, with a minute to go all looked lost until an amazing burst of precise  handballing and kicking. Jordie McKenzie  was right in it being involved twice. Lucky for us the umpires didn't pay an obvious free to Frawley because that would have stagnated our attacking flow and Salem's goal would most likely not happened. Would this piece of teamwork involving at least 9 players go down as one of our greatest movement of the footy? I have not seen better. How about others?

    I do recall it bring a great comeback win, that's for sure.

    Probably great bit of decision making from Daniel Cross to pass to Salem and how about those calm nerves under pressure from a kid playing one of his first games.

    Essendon were practically our bunny side for a few years there - how some things change!


    As a final word on the MCC/MFC membership there is a small proportion of MCC (so-called) Demon supporters who are too lousy to take out the add-on MFC membership despite the modest cost. The MCC/MFC members as a group are generally a passionate bunch and hold these others in disdain.

    Probably the same ones that escape to the ski slopes in winter rather than go to the footy as well.



    Maybe Jack wanted to make his own name in his number.

    Besides, if i recall correctly, Col Sylvia had the number and was about to embark on his career defining best pre-season and break out year :mellow:

    Yeah, I do recall the him wanting to make his own name/jumper No. thing.

    I was kinda playing along with the jumper number = how many flags they will win with the MFC thing.  Obviously in that context 12 is better than 7, but at this point the game gets a little silly.  To be honest, I'd be happy for us just to win one flag in my lifetime ...and then reassess from there.


    I always like to see players with a higher number retain it- make it their own. Jamar being a recent example of that; wouldn't be a lot of All Australians with the number 40 on their backs.

    I would agree that 31 does seem to be cursed... wouldn't object to Harmes moving to that number as he's a lifelong Dees supporter.

    I like Harmes in 43.  

    Guy Rigoni was a fair player in that number a few years back.

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  19. It confuses simple minds like mine for the first half dozen games when our more established players change numbers.

    Didn't occur to me until just now, but I do find it odd that Spencer currently has 33.  I normally associate that number with highly skilled/running players, not lumbering ruckman.

  20. On the flip side, I was encouraged that, other than Essendon and Carlscum, we did put away most of the teams that we should have this year i.e. GC, Brisbane, Richmond, The Filth and Freo.  In past seasons we would have been very vulnerable (Thanks for the pickup Monoccular!!) in these games, so it's not like the teams isn't making progress in the area of beating teams below us that we should.

    Highlight for me was the first GC game at Carrara when the GC fought hard for half a game and could have stayed in it and ground out a win.  Alas Jack Viney's magnificent two goal burst early in the third qtr to run away with a crushing victory in a way we hadn't done for a number of years.  Capped off by Patracca getting amongst the spoils with a few sausage rolls.  Being there at the ground that night was awesome; lost my voice screaming my lungs out in joy!

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