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  1. 1 hour ago, Danelska said:

    As a reluctant expert, I'd suggest Kent (as has been suggested in infinite other posts) has failed in his defensive duties. The coaching staff rate JKH and want to give him an opportunity and Pedersen, rightly or wrongly is cooked in the eyes of Goodwin and co... 

    Also @Dr. Gonzo, I'd suggest trawling through...lets see... perhaps the two pages previous to the post that you are looking to make, to see what all the other reluctant experts are postulating about...

    Sorry, but don't buy this.  Why would the MFC bother re-signing Pedersen at the end of last season if it was the case?

    Still I'm happy enough that we at least brought in Smith, as he looked alot like a goer in his first outing against Geeeelong.

  2. 1 hour ago, chook fowler said:

    The obvious message is if you're involved in the game don't touch betting in any form. Simple really.

    Perhaps it's because betting has never really apealed to me in a big way, but you would have to ask the question with the money that most AFL footballers get paid - why would you bother betting at all?

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Skuit said:

    Does anyone know the AFL's investigative powers and a player's disclosure responsibilities as to gambling? I'm curious why the AFL came looking in the first place. It reads like the actual breach was for allowing someone else to use his account - for not evidently nefarious purposes  -  and then covering this up for some reason? Wondering how the investigation was started and then concluded. 

    I know being sports people they have extra responsibility, role models, integrity of the game bla bla, bla, but if the matter is/was unrealated to footy and the AFL don't have really good evidence of wrong doing, then you'd almost have to think these guys have the right to tell them to [censored] off and stop breaching their privacy.

  4. 6 hours ago, Nasher said:

    The lack of HD is the problem I think.  

    I'd rather go to the game and watch in super dooper ultra high definition with full surround sound... But then I live 2000km away, so I guess I'll just watch on Foxtel HD (I don't even think it will make it into 7Mate up here!).

  5. 3 hours ago, ProDee said:

    Prefer Weideman.

    Don't rate Pedersen.  Not AFL quality.

    You must be racking your brain why he's not getting a game.  Perhaps you're wrong.

    Rate Weideman - on potential, yes maybe, but right now, he just looks like and performs like a boy playing a man's game.  His output at AFL level has been woeful (corky withstanding).

    Pedersen may not be or likely will never be an A grade key position forward, but is capable enough, splits packs, holds his own in the ruck (releasing Watts) , brings down marks and provides a target  that Weid just doesn't right now.  

    In summary, Pedersen actually performs at AFL level where as Weid presently just looks like he might be the goods one day.  I know who I would have picked against Freo.

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  6. 1 hour ago, markc said:

    i would love melbourne to have the hawks success over the last 10 years,  we all know what its like to get belted week in week out 

    but I do have a little smile seeing them like this too 

    Hell yeah, but it would be very sweet icing on the cake for them to have the last 10 years we have just had as well - is that too much to ask?

  7. 17 minutes ago, ProDee said:

    Why hasn't he been playing ?

    He doesn't compete in the air unless he has the sit.

    Even if Weideman is injured with a corky I wouldn't bring in Pedersen.

    Pedersen is so good the most goals he's kicked in a season at Melbourne is 14.  Quick, rush him in...

    Watch the Hawthorn game last year for an example of Pedersen creating an airial contest which benefits Weideman who collects the subsequent  easy loose ball running past and goals from Pedersen's good work.  Pedersen actually competes in the air and on ground level, neither of which Weideman has really shown this year.  I don't even understand how he got picked from his JLT series form, in which he was pretty much just a seagull kicking easy goals in the goal square as a loose man from over the top style handballs from others hard work.  I understand Weid has some good athletic and football atributes which bode well for the 'future' but that shouldn't make him the protected speices he seems to be come match selection.

    Put Pedersen's best 14 goal effort in the context that a) he has rarely played a full season, b) spends time away from the forward line in the ruck and c) has played in a Melbourne team that has struggled to kick any goals and the 14 looks ok.

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  8. 1 hour ago, Hell Bent said:

    I love Chunk, but I did witness the following-

    After our last goal (7th?) in the 2nd qtr I distinctly remember JHunt running from near the bench in readiness for the ball up and motioning with his hands to Jones to slow it down, probably knowing how long was to go for the qtr.

    We will never know what Jones said but he clearly pointed towards our goals as if gesturing "no, let's go again". Hunt appeared to keep talking but Jones was looking away.

    Freo goaled on the siren.

    Yep, those late red time goals are really hurting us in the last two games.

  9. Despite the obvious disapotment of Saturday's loss of what was more than a winnable game, I did take away a few positives:

    1. Spencer's game;

    2. Jayden Hunt continues to grow and flourish as a player;

    3.  Was encouraging that a number of our players nailed goals under high pressure in the last quarter and at other times - Watts (usually does anyway), ABN (I think has shown himself as generally a reliable set shot on goal, but was good that he stood up in this regard yesterday), Salem's lovely little snap, Jeffy (has generally fixed his set shot yips all year) and lastly Viney (though somewhat negated by his spray after the double 50, but thought that the strong mark and subsequent goal were good signs).

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  10. In posting this I fully acknowledge that we should not be putting undue expectations on a developing Weid to carry the forwardline in the absence of other key forwards.  Having said all that I think his selection and subsequent performance was a huge disappointment and a meaningful contributor to the loss.  In modern footy you can not have any passengers and he has been that for the past two weeks.  

    Someonesuggested that he may have been in the team for 'structure' - what a load of crap.  He has contributed nothing to the structure for the past two weeks, no presence and virtually no tackles which suggests little/no forward pressure.  Played injured yesterday?  For how long?  Presumably he was not injured in the first half and still did nothing.  That is the thing I find most disappointing that he showed little intensity, effort or intent.  Sure we had other players like Viney and perhaps Bernie Vince who have been down on their best in the past few games, but I would never question their effort and agression at the football.

    All this in the context of having a more than serviceable replacement in the form of Pedesen.  Pedesen rarely (if ever) let us down last season when given an opportunity.  Also  despite my previous  comment on the matter, I'm not completely against using Watts in the ruck, but yesterday I felt his impact in the ruck was minimal and his impact as a forward was great.  Playing Pedesen would have allowed us to minimise Jack's time rucking and maximised his value as a forward.  I really don't understand why we bothered resigning Pedesen if ever there was a time to use him, it was yesterday.  Dropping Smith also baffled me completely.

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  11. 12 hours ago, dazzledavey36 said:

    Him in the backline doesn't fit at all. Everyone knows that, for someone with good foot skills he just turns it over far too easily.

    He is a much better forward and in  the midfield and that's where he belongs.  In the past two games when we have had plenty of ball in the forwardline without being able to put it on the board, he could have made a big difference.

    He is far from cooked though.

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  12. Logging off Demonland for the night - too depressing, I thought these kind of [censored] performances were behind us.  Might cruise the news sites, perhaps Kim Jong-un has fired missile somewhere or something, Trump and Putin are preparing the nukes - even that would just about be less depressing than the [censored] result of today's match at the G.

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  13. Using Watts in the ruck is like using your Rolls Royce to take your rubbish to the dump on the back seat when you have a perfectly good ute sitting in the carport, you just shouldn't do it, particularly when you have practically no other key forwards on the park.

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  14. 3 minutes ago, leave it to deever said:

    Im putting the blame where it bloody belongs....the selection panel

    I put it on both.  The selection pannel showed faith (be it misjudged), but Weid gave paractically nothing today for the second, if not third week in a row.  People have go at Jack Watts, but I'm struggling to remember him ever displaying such little effort.

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  15. So mad with our selection decisions right now.  For the fourth week in a row Weideman was [censored] useless.

    Smith, Pedesen, Bradshaw, anyone would have done better playing full forward today.  In a game that we lost by 3 points playing Weideman has cost us the 4 point.

    I'm putting all the blame on one player here, but I don't think it is unwanted.  I can excuse him getting out muscled in the air, but what I absolutely despised about his game today, was that when he lost the arial contest he gave NOTHING at ground level - looked almost disinterested at times.  Complete passenger - back to Casey and show some intent.

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  16. Jeff Garlett celebrates his 150th game overall today.  Unless I've missed it elsewhere, I think it has gone realatively noted here on Demonland.

    Jeff has been a fantastic bargain pick-up from the blues.  Though his has had a few dips in form where his impact on games is minimal or marginal at best, overall I think he adds tremendous forward pressure, goal scoring power and that X factor that makes you stand up in your seat.  Couldn't believe our luck when Carlton let go a guy who had kicked 40 odd goals a season for a number of years (before having one bad season under Mick) for next to nothing.

    Great work Jeffy and may the goals continue to flow for you for many years yet in the red and blue!

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  17. 15 hours ago, Skuit said:

    Just out of interest, Nat Jones is currently on 226 games - equal with Gary Lyon and Stan Alves. Next up is Russel Robs on 228 and then Todd Viney (233), Brett Lovett (235), and Jeff White on 236 (!).

    Considering he is already presently on 70 games, Jack has a great opportunity to surpass his old man.  Would help if he doesn't get distracted by tennis as well.

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