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  1. 20 hours ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    It was to be clear, we have not found a CHF or FF on a consistent basis.  
    JVR is young and we will persist but he needs to take the simple marks (dropping most marks at the moment). Petty is not the answer.  Schache is not the answer. Tmcd is not the answer.  Turner was good v Tigers but likely is makeshift (he’s really a prototype Lever interceptor). Jefferson is young and not developing as we would like.  Brown is on last very last legs.  

    We are competing against teams with quality key forwards Curnow-McKay, Daniher, Cameron-Hawkins, Hogan, Mihocek.  

    Yeah, I kinda get that too.  It would be nice, but perhaps unrealistic to expect JvR's development to be linear, when KPPs usually take many years to mature. 

    And I am still also somewhat juries out on if Petty is a key forward.  He played a few dominant games last season, but also alot when he didn't have much of an impact.  I do suspect that he's the type of player that might take a number of weeks to find form as a forward, so let's wait and see.

    Until then, we just need these players to provide adequate output that enables our game plan for multiple other players like Fritsch, Kozzie and others like perhaps Disco and Chandler to come in and kick their bags when the opportunity arises.

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  2. 14 hours ago, spirit of norm smith said:

    B: Lever, May, McVee
    HB: Rivers, Petty, Bowey

    C: Windsor, Viney, Langdon

    HF: ******, ****** Neal-Bullen

    F: Fritsch, ******* , Pickett

    FOLL: Gawn, Petracca, Oliver

    IC: Howes, Sparrow, Chandler, *******

    SUB: ******

    still searching for key forwards 

    JVR is jumping a lot but has dropped 90% of his attempts. We will keep him in at the promise of better times.  
    BBB is physically not up to week by week footy.  Save him for September?? 
    Petty is not a natural forward and lacks confidence.  We are trying to turn a premiership defender into a patchwork forward. 
    TMCD looks more comfortable in defence but so did Petty and Petty makes less mistakes.  
    Schache was very soft and shown he’s a VFL quality player.  
    ??? Jefferson is in development but looking very iffy right now.  

    others have not yet cemented places.  Salem started ok but was poor in games before getting injured. He will be back and in but I’m looking for huge improvement in him across pace and skills. Sparrow lacks pace and is not a half forward. Bench player on rotation. Chin is in and out.  Up and down. Bench at best.  Howes is versatile  and will be a player.    Billings is ok.  Just ok.  Woey jnr needs more games.  

    Mcadam once fit can play half forward and kick goals.  We need more firepower.  Yes we will try Disco Turner.  Love his attitude to compete.  
    AMW must be given a chance soon.  
    Tholstrup is not ready yet.  More VFL time.  

    Gee, that ****** we've found at CHF is a gun.

    IMHO no team in the AFL has a flawless list or * power in every position.   It's about making what you've got work.

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  3. 17 hours ago, monoccular said:

    Kozzie got two (or was it three) round 1 2023 for a zero impact impact.


    And Kozzie also got a week for the Adelaide thing for less than Greens act.

    Green jumped, his shoulder made high contact with medium impact - that's about the logic that got applied to Kozzie.

    Additionally, Green can hardly use the Charlie Cameron (I'm an angle that's never offended before) [censored].

    See ya later Toby. 

    BTW, I like Green, but after seeing Kozzie go for what he did, I've got zero sympathy for other clubs loosing players to the tribunal for high contact... I just wish they'd hit that scum Maynard with an 8 week retrospective ban a few games out from finals.

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  4. On 14/04/2024 at 23:53, dee-tox said:

    Steven Icke and Anthony Ingerson were two that immediately came to mind in defence.

    Ingo was a gun.

    A few others we picked up from other clubs in that era went all right as well:

    Peter Rohde

    Marcus Seecamp

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  5. 3 hours ago, deanox said:

    Scott Thompson?


    I read an analysis last year that actually highlighted how rare any "return from Victoria to interstate" trades were, especially for first round picks.

    Jackson is a genuine outlyer. Most are lower draft picks who don't make it at their original club and get shuffled home for a second chance (like Jimmy Toumpas).

    Jessy Hogan also says hi.

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  6. 3 hours ago, DistrACTION Jackson said:

    The MRO needs to be a panel of people, not one bloke who has shown himself to be inept. I would also be comfortable if the AFL said, he will have a 3 man panel deciding each incident and there's no tribunal option, their decision is final. It's the AFL's competition they can suspend anyone they want, why does there have to be tribunal involved if they have a panel who can discuss and make decisions.

    Yep and keep those mongrel lawyers out of it all together.

  7. 3 hours ago, binman said:

    see the low impact argument, but I'm OK with koz getting a week, not for the bump, but for raising his elbow.

    Yes he only glanced his head, but I'm in the factor in the risk of injury camp. If his elbow had, say flushed his temple then some real damage could have been done.

    That's not how the tribunal saw it though, they said he elected to bump didn't they?

    And sorry, but I see an elbo raise, a conscious effort to bump or anything.  It happens in a split second.  He didn't line him up and follow through like Plugger.

    In reality, I don't really think he did either.  He was contesting the ball, was a split second late ...and he jumped.

    The AFL needs a new rule - no jumping.

    Like others I'm so frustrated at the lack of consistency from with the AFL.  They seem to grade impact level on consequence (i.e. is the player concussed or not) for everyone else but us.  The guy got straig back up imeediatley and wasn't anywhere near needing a concussion test, let alone being subbed out (or knocked out cold for 5mins per Gus).

    Kossie is a huge loss to our side.  We have him Rd 0 in the tropics and we might have even won that game.

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  8. 39 minutes ago, Brownie said:

    It's only leaving the ground to smother that appears that somehow now appears to be dangerous?

    And.... Then Kozzies submission was that he leapt to catch the ball in the air, not smother or spoil.

    Which he is entirely capable of doing.

    They wouldn't even let our expert testify!

    And argued for 90 mins about this instead of just letting him speak.

    Don't tell me they don't play favourites.

    Yep and if Kossie had taken the ball, kicked it up feild and we goal, it's probably play on and considered a football act.

  9. ...I'll add that Fox Footy's reporting on this incident has been as disgraceful as the tribunal's handling of it.  They have been gunning for Kossie to be suspended from the start and the suckers at the AFL have been more than happy to play along.

    Just look at the below sensationalist headline for a recent example:

    ‘I’m scared of training with him’; Demons superstar defends Pickett after another ban



    Pretty clear from reading that Trac is scared of getting caught from the awsome chasing and tackling defensive pressure that Kossie applies rather than being physically scared for his wellbeing.

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  10. So f###ing angry at this suspension.

    Look at it in real time and it's nothing like the Maynard thug thing.  He converges from the side and glances him. The action never had the same potential to do injury as Maynard did, because he wasn't charging straight at him from the polar opposite direction.  Our defence was totally valid, he never lined him up, didnt elect to bump the player, the time he has his arm tucked in for a split second and flys across the front of him, barely brushing him.

    It was low impact and wasn't a bump - please change the thread title accordingly to "Kossy glance on Soligo". 

    From the reporting I've heard of it, the contemptuous way the AFL tribunal dismissed our case against is a disgrace.  I bring back the example of Chol from a few weeks back where a 6'10" 95kg giant planted his knee with the monentuum and full weight of his body, right into the back of his opponents head at the point where the spine meets the scull, which is apparently ok, because it wasn't a 'bump'.  These people are a joke and I'm sick of our team and our players being their play things and scape goats.

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  11. Lol.  Love your work Andy.

    Part of me just wants to jump in that DeLorean and dial up till the part on GF day at The MCG, where we are 40 points up and pulling away from our opponent - but then it's all about 'The Journey' 

    Do expect Brisbane will be hard to beat as they are essentially playing for their season at this point, but I'm encourged by what I've seen from us so far this season and think some of our players have got more gears to change up too.

    Looking for us to keep winning and building in the first half of the season, keeping a fit list well managed and then perfect our game and make our run in earnest in the run home.

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  12. On 06/04/2024 at 19:20, BoBo said:

    He looks AVERAGE as hell. For a big defender he doesn’t impose himself on the game at all. You hardly notice him. Watching May play, it’s impossible not to see him. 

    Respectively, May is like the impenetrable great wall of China - can see him from space...and he keeps the rabbits out.

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  13. On 06/04/2024 at 10:13, Demonstone said:

    This poster from Bomberblitz at least has a sense of humour:

    Just after half time I was having a conversation with Mrs hambo about a house we had recently bid on and missed. Turns out the top bidders have dubious finance and may not come through with the money meaning that it may fall to us. This distracted me from the footy but also from my glass of red wine which I knocked making it rock side to side and spill wine on the table and rug. I then rectified the situation by grabbing from another direction with the other hand. Unfortunately this exaggerated the rocking effect and more wine fell on the floor, my shirt and the couch. I countered with a big catch which didn’t go so well and I smacked the glass into the wall and now have red wine and broken glass absolutely everywhere.
    who played it better?

    Had a similar red wine spill the other night at my hotel trying to set myself up at a motel I was staying.  Was trying to plug a phone charger in besides the bedside table, forgetting that I'd just put a glass of red on same bedside table - oops.  Ended up all over the white bedsheets.

    After vain attempts to rinse from the sheet, I gave up and just watched the replay of our Adelaide win on my phone's Kayo app.

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  14. On 05/04/2024 at 17:24, Timothy Reddan-A'Blew said:

    So, a wine-win situation.

    This Barrosa game has to be a MFC game.

    Package deals will include a picnic blanket and  Charcuterie board, as well as a shuttle from your hotel in a Range Rover.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Deefiant said:

    In terms of the unfairness of the competition I feel like this is one of the lessor things we should care about considering the vicbias benefits we enjoy. 

    So asides from the GF being always at the MCG, I feel this is such a faux argument.  Yes the Vic teams travel less, but they don't have anything like the home ground advantage of the interstate teams for the most part, because so many games against the other Vic teams just end up being neutral, without a real home ground advantage.

    Leigh Mathew's is close spot on.  Our draw this year got somewhat harder by having to play another away game (and playing it off a 5 day break at that).  The only saving grace was that being consecutive, we could do the mini-hub thing and that Adelaide aren't in good form.

    The only thing I'd change from what Leigh is saying, is that it doesn't make so much sense to have both Adelaide teams play each other as that would likely reduce overall match attendance, by likely having just the one sell out at Adelaide oval between the home state sides rather thàn two.  Solution ìn my mind is just to drop the number of actual playing Rds in the season back to what is was before, so there are equal home and away for all teams, so the Adelaide one's still end up with as many as anyone else by seasons end.

  16. 38 minutes ago, dpositive said:

    An appeal would be an opportunity to remind the tribunal of our club awareness of the severity of a head high hit. As we see the head as sacred we accept a fine for this low potential and impact as Kossie obviously pulled back . Show the incident in real time and note the glancing effect as Kossie was able to alter his shape and direction but could not avoid the glancing contact. Again refresh the Maynard example  and why the club has welcomed the changed rules and therefore understands why Kossies action must be penalised, however this act was low impact similar to Pendleburys but unlike Pendles was in the flow of the game and a football act.

    We could also show the low impact that Kossie received when he had his head nearly pulled off with no free kick even given. Put that video on slow motion, select the point of impact and it looks worse than the contact that occurs as a football act. 

    I am sure we could put together a compilation of contacts that were far more severe than Kossies.

    Welcome the leagues recognition of head high contact and hope that there is increased on field scrutiny and immediate action tken to such incidents.



    4 minutes ago, Fromgotowoewodin said:

    Should appeal but probably won’t. It’s low impact by any measure, if they want to put in writing that there’s no such thing as low impact high contact then do so rather than put in unwritten loadings when they feel like it.

    The incident itself was accidental, he jumped to try and stop the handball going over the top, anyone wetting the bed about “he needs to get this out of his game” needs a lie down - it happened, wasn’t trying to hurt the bloke, move on.. 

    Could agree more, accept that I'm really hoping the club does appeal and I think there a reasonable chance we will.

    Kossies was nothing like Maynard scum's hit.  Converged from the side and made minimal contact as opposed to a full on charge that was dangerous from the start.

    You could sense Goody being [censored] off in his presser that the media were turning their attention and gunning for Kossie to be rubbed out.  "Has made alot of changes to his game ... it looked pretty light" I seem to remember his words.

    Really sick of us being made scape goats like this.  They recon Ginivan has been denied free kicks, I think Kossie is being targeted by match review in a social sense. Loosing a player of Kossies quality for important games like the clash against Brisbane - enough is enough.  Everyone else appeals for stuff much more, it's about time we stood up for our players and team a bit more in this respects.

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  17. 8 hours ago, Winners at last said:

    The one commentator who loves the Dees is Montagna.

    Agree - he's been on us right from the start of the season.  Was calling out that he thought the of feild turmoil could have the effect of galvanizing the team when everyone else was writing us off and adding to the pile on.  It's been quite refreshing really.


    Also makes me laugh how some of the networks have reported that we've had a purple patch of form to start the season 3W - 1L (now 4W - 1L).  Wouldn't so much call that a purple patch when we've done it practically the last 3 seasons in a row prior, I'd just say that we've been performing up to existing standards and expectations for the team.

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