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  1. 4 hours ago, loges said:

    We can't afford for Weideman to just have his 2 cameos and then have no further presence in the game, especially with Hogan out. We needed him to step up today and had no impact. Pedersen used to get ripped off every time they selected Dawes before him, it will be the same again if they don't start giving him a go, no world beater but plays his role

    Not that it could have completely have been foreseen by anyone, but I actually think playing Weid over Pedesen partly cost us the game yesterday.  Would have provided an actual presence in the forward line, but also critically given us someone to share the ruck duties with Watts with and subsequently also given us a reliable goal kicker up forward.  We were getting so many inside fifty entries, that Jack would have got amoungst that and is nomally such a reliable kick on goal.

    Having several half decent ruck backup options that can also hold their own in other parts of the ground when not in the ruck is a contingency, the value of which should not be under estimated.

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  2. The most pleasing thing about this game for me was the way the team played after we lost Gawn.  Didn't drop it's bundle and all but dominated Geelong for the next two quarters.  In the end the only things which really beat us was inaccuracy in front of goal combined with the inevitable physical fatigue compared with Geelong from having a ruckman short.  Can't fault our players effort and attitude to the game.  The only couple of things which could have improved the performance was some better mental application in front of goal - no one guilty player, but if two or three of those could have been slotted through and had we not lapsed for the last three minutes of the third quarter it could have been a victory to remember.

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  3. 5 hours ago, Danelska said:

    Dissapointing as clearly we could have won. Tired and put the cue in the rack in the final 20, sure I can wear that, considering where we have been the last decade. I am super super impressed with our midfield, and super super content with where we are headed, considering the 3/4 effort and the intent and energy we displayed. We will be a juggernaut.

    Didn't see the team put the que in the rack at all really.  Up until the last 10mins or so, we were still in a position where winning was possible.  Those two goals last in the third really hurt us (allong with all our misses).

    Haven't watched the team loose, but be almost happy with the teams performance in a long time - tonight was one.  Don't get me wrong I hate loosing, but was satisfied that we put in close to the best showing that we could in the circumstances.

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  4. Weideman is the biggest underperformer in the team by far at present.  1 kick, 4 handballs,  1 mark and 1 tackle is nowhere near acceptable.  Pedesen must be back in the team ahead of Weideman now.  Weideman keeping his place in the side after two average to poor games first up, then an absolute shocker is bad for team culture - reeks of the gifting games to high draft picks that the club did so well to get away from.

    I can't even  see how it's doing him any good developmentally or confidence wise to continue to play him in his present form.

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  5. Whist I'm not the Osky hater that some are, I'll acknowledge that his form has been a bit ordinay in the first two rounds.  Hopefully he can turn it around, but otherwise, Frost is a player that should be ready to take his spot in a week or two and perhaps that even spurs him on a bit.  Oscar just doesn't look as hungry, desperate or capable  as others at this point.  Was a goal that bounced through against Carlton in the square that I thought he could have got to but either completely miss read it or didn't put the effort into or both.

  6. Bernie comes in as obvious Leiws replacement, I'm also thinking Bugg for Nibbler (thought he went missing against the Blues) and I'd also want to bring in Kent for someone, just for that pace and hardness he brings to the team, perhaps for Hannan (though it would be stiff, because I thought he did ok on Sunday).  Could also see Melksem going out of the side.

    Not so sure who I'd bring in for Hogan, as there aren't stand out options based on my knowledge of the form of the likely replacements, but would probably lean towards Spencer, based on some decient preseason form and his game 2 years ago at the cattery.  I with those who don't think Hogan's loss will hurt us too much.  He wasn't particularly effect against Carlton and playing Spencer frees up both Gawn and Watts to spend more time forward and both are capable there.  Also think it's important to give Spencer a decent run to both manage Gawn a bit and give Spencer a bit of form and confidence in case Gawn goes down for a bit.

    I also think Jack Viney has been a bit down by his standards and a return to full output would do alot for our chances of winning.  Alternately I think Viney could be the one used as a hard tag on Dangerfield.

    The team should be pumped for this one, what a great test along the way to show if we are contenders or pretenders.  We played like crap for much of the game against a Carlton that were primed and still won.  I'm looking forward to a competitive effort and think the team can win.  Hopefully that thrashing last year stung a bit and has them in a mind for vengeance.

  7. 35 minutes ago, Nasher said:

    I've always maintained that as supporters, we should be welcome to get as carried away as we please.  It's our own emotions we are putting on the line.

    You are right that the team must not think this way, and I really doubt they are.  

    Has been said that players of the Neeld era we're mentally scarred and the same could be said of us MFC followers as a supporter group.

    Personally I'm starting to regain the confidence in the team that winning most weeks and comfortably beating/smashing teams below us are the base expectations we should have of our team.

  8. 24 minutes ago, Nasher said:

    Gee 15:20 is a balls starting time.  Feels like I'm sitting around all day waiting for it.

    More like all weekend.

    Traditional Saturday arvo is the best time slot.  Would love the league to play a predomance of games in the slot for just one round of the year (perhaps the heritage round) - I know it will never happen again, but I'm a bit nostalgic and it was great entertainment/atmosphere having all those score updates going on around you listening in on the radio.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    If we don't win this well Ethan, I maybe seen attempting to stab myself to death with one of horrible plastic beer containers. No doubt I will fail in the attempt so I shall return to the Manor and give myself a jolly good flogging

    My TV avoided having empty beer cans thrown at it last week by the team beating the saints.

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  10. We will see who plays the bruse free footy today.  

    ...actually it could be both sides if Carlscum bring a repeat of their JLT form and we have the luxury of playing a free flowing game of keepings off.

    Expecting they will have additional hardness around the contest with Crisps - we should seriously just tag him out of the game (if that's possible) and then they will have nothing.

  11. With midefield that features Jone, Viney, Oliver, Vince, Leiwis and big Max, yep it's appropriate.

    Jones and Max in particular could be mistaken for maurading Vicking warriors.  I see that Billy Stretch has also been to the barber to get a very short, angry looking hair cut.  Good to see that the boys are taking the hashtag to heart and playing like raising hell too.

    As for Bernie - did I detect a bit of a moe that he is growing?  It's too blonde and looks like a ripper porno moe if I've ever seen one.  Actually don't mind him getting rubbed out, all the team needs to play on the edge like he does.  We will see who plays 'bruse free footy' later today won't we.

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  12. 31 minutes ago, Moonshadow said:

    Then the player would pull the tackle at last moment knowing he gets a free. I'd rather look at genuine intent to keep play in progress rather that playing for a free or rushing a behind. Actually, I'd put rushing a behind above playing for a free. Picken stopped going for it and had his hands in the air, that's against the spirit of the rule. He had no intent to go for the ball.

    Should have given the benefit of the doubt to the guy actually playing the ball, rather than the one playing for the BS free kick.

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  13. Tonight they had a good segment with Jordan Leiwis and one of many topics was the jumper presentation in which they highlighted and showed all the new  Melbourne players  being presented their jumpers by their dads, which lead to the discussion that the dad's presenting was a nice touch, because it's normally a champion ex-player from the club.  Showed the footage of Shaun presenting the jumper to Joel and made no mention that he was in fact both dad and champion ex-player, because they were so interested in taking all things Jordan Lewis.

    Just little things, but they are the sort of things which actually make it interesting, rather than the bland regurgitation of the obvious.

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  14. The depth of journalism and analysis they put out sometimes is atrocious.  Have been going on all week 'poor Nick Reiwalt' (can't spell his name and don't care to look it up).  The bloke looks like getting away with 2 perhaps upto 4 weeks if the Saints are really conservative.  The good old team at Fox have completely missed what should have been obvious to blind Freddy that it was also actually Reiwalt' who (accidentally) crunched young Joel Smith, popped his shoulder and puts him out for practically the season - no mention.

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  15. Never really knew him as wrecker back in the day, more so simply as Wheels, but Wrecker is pretty appropriate.

    Definitely up there in my favorite players of the era, but highly underated and forgoten by most outside the MFC supporter base.

    Toughness was in good supply at the MFC in those days, Nathan 'Doggy' Brown and Shaun Smith and even  Hoppy were all hard as nails, but I don't think any were quite in the same calibre of speed, toughness and steadfastness in defence as Matty Wheelan.

  16. Jonesy's probably said it before, (but I don't think anyone should mind me repeating it), that what has kept him at the club and what keeps driving him to be better, after all the hard times, is to be there when the club turns things around and has that success.

    Committed, motivated, loyal - what more could you ask from your captain, gota love this bloke.

    ...And though he has troden a different path, I think Jack Viney is cut from the same cloth.

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