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  1. 33 minutes ago, Mad_Melbourne said:

    do you buy the home jumper every year?
    The demonland population whilst a strong supporter base does not reveal a majority of the members, and whilst a majority of demonland supporters are vehemently against it, it is a small sample of actual supporters.

    The new jumper design allows us to have a much clearer association with Melbourne as a name, rather than football club, which personally I think will lead to an increase in jumper sales due to tourism industry. Not only that but we are trying to increase our brand to take over the city of Melbourne and whilst if you follow AFL the colours make sense, but if you do not follow football and you were shown several jumpers there would be no association to the name of the team and thus the logo on the front is a clear association.

    I personally am not against it, although I think it is a lazy design, it is hardly the abomination that people make it out to be. Sure a white jumper has no linkings to our past, this is fine, but the clash jumper is something that will continue to exist and whilst the AFL continues to suggest that there are clashes and we need to avoid them, then why not embrace something which can increase our influence in the Melbourne area but also help increase club profits.

    I'm not against what the club is trying to do with the new logo and the whole marketing campaign to broaden the appeal of the club. Quite to the contrary. However we shouldn't sell out on our core identity to go chasing a few cheap tourist $.

    The new logo looks great on the all red polos the club has on sale and I think many tourists and members alike (including myself) are more likely to purchase a classy looking item like that, than the tacky looking clash jumper.  Further the AFL has clearly accepted that the all white is not required for some and just need to accept that red can provide a sufficient colour contrast for the MFC as other non white colors such as yellow for the WCE.

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  2. 13 hours ago, old dee said:

    Are you sure the club is against a white jumper RBG?

    Pretty sure it is old dee.  'The Club' being it's members, well you get a pretty good indication from the results of the Demonland survey which shows the vast majority hate it, a result which in my mind is validated by the views of other members/supporters outside of Demonland that I know personally.  Would be interesting for the club to do a survey of members on this issue.

    I think the clubs administration is well aware of this.  When you look at the merchandise in the Demon shop, there is virtually no items that feature a predominance of white, other than the abomination of a clash jumper proposed for 2017.  Similarly the same propotion of our printed material from the club features our red v on blue jumper, or red and blue. In corporate gobildegook, I think this reflects that even our marketing people know our brand is red and blue for which our heart beats true.

  3. 3 hours ago, DeeZee said:

    They should make tomorrow's training  session compulsory , even if your injured or not you have to turn up to show support to the boys and start the preseason united.

    Bet the Prince still wouldn't show.

    If he is 'not fit to physically train', then you would assume that he would be obligated to be put on some kind of light duties with the rehab group.  If he is not playing ball by the club Re training and or rehab and assuming he is not going through the proper conflict resolution pathway without a manager or the AFLPA assistance, then the club probably has some kind of legal comeback for breach of contract etc.

    Playing the breach of contract card may not be the best PR outcome, but it may be a decent bargaining chip to ensure that the club doesn't get screwed over by some compensation claim.  Overall, assuming the situation is as reported and Lumumba doesn't play 2017, then it's really just damage minimisation for the club, as we have already effectively lost a list spot for 2017.

    I find it all a bit of a shame really as my impression was that Lumumba was starting to play some good footy again early 2016 and from the outside appeared to be a decent (be it different) kind of bloke around the club.  Guessing that when faced with the prospect of immanent retirement and loss of substantial income, Lumumba is just acting out of self interest and trying to ensure his immediate financial security, which would be partly understandable, but somewhat regrettable from the clubs and typical supporters perspective.

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  4. It would be rather unfortunate really, should Lumumba retire in comming weeks as predicted, the sentimentalist in me would have loved to see Grimes take his spot again as a delisted FA (if that's even possible), as unlikely as it would be.

    Turning down "bigger" money offers to play footy with his mates, says a lot about the true spirit of the game and sport that some others would do well to take note of.

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  5. 17 hours ago, dpositive said:

    Don't disagree that winning is the priority but identity which is is reinforced through adherence to the mantra of the red and blue can imbue confidence and assurance that can simplify the focus on performance.

    I'm sick of hearing the line that "we are not one of the power clubs, thus we have no chance of getting a favourable outcome on this and other matters for the MFC...".

    It's great are well on the on-field road to recovery (and as you suggest most that want away with white clash jumpers would agree that is the priority), but it's about time that we started acting like winners off the field as well, stand up and take pride in our club and it's identity, rather than adopting a weak loosers attitude that some seem happy to accept.

  6. 3 hours ago, Sir Why You Little said:

    Looks just as bad as all the other sh!t white Jumpers we have had to endure. 

    Essendrug Richmond and Meth Coke DO NOT have white in their alternative strip & neither should the MFC

    end of story

    Agreed, the only white that should be on a MFC jumper are the players numbers on the back and a small amount on the front for the AHG sponsors logo.

  7. Seems the Brisbane Bears are the latest ones doing away with the white clash:


    The Brisbane Lions have emailed members with an exclusive sneak-peak of their 2017 clash guernsey.

    The mostly-gold design is inspired by the Brisbane Bears, as modelled by former stars Richard Champion and Roger Merrett.

    Josh Schache is the current player shown wearing the jumper, whose late father, Laurence, also played for the Bears.

  8. 21 hours ago, rpfc said:

    Looks like they are trying to embed that logo so are using the clash jumper to do so.

    I am tired of arguing about the white so I am numb to clash Guernseys, I just want to win...

    Trying to embed that logo...like the one on your profile rpfc? ...and the one after that.

    Logos come and go, but the MFC's red V on blue is enduring.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Jesus Hoganshaw said:

    The club has to go into the season with 44 players on its list with between 4-6 rookie spots, not including Cat B rookies. Minimum 4 rookie spots have to be filled.

    If the intention is to only make 2 live selections in the rookie draft then I wonder if Joel Smith or Corey Maynard are being moved to the main rookie list for some reason. Either way, the spots need to be filled.

    Can Cat B rookies be promoted to play senior AFL mid season as a nominated rookie?

    If not, the as you suggest, perhaps the club wants to give it self the option of trying one of the aforementioned if their development and form justifys it.

  10. So here is an option for those wanting to do more than just express their dissatisfaction on Demonland.  Just copy/paste, edit, add envelope, stamp and post:

    [Insert name]

    [Insert address]



    Glen Bartlett, Chairman Melbourne Football Club

    C/O Melbourne Football Club

    PO Box 254 East Melbourne Victoria 8002






    Dear Glen,


    As I proud Melbourne Football Club member/supporter, I clearly identify our teams colours as red and blue.  As you are aware, in the recent decade our competition’s governing body the AFL has haphazardly applied an inequitable policy, compelling some teams to adopt on occasion, a match day jumper which dilutes their clubs identity by the introduction of a third predominant colour of white (or in some previous instances grey).  On past occasions when the MFC has worn such predominantly white or grey clash jumpers on match day, I have found it to be both offensive and confusing to my sense of being a member/supporter of the MFC in the respect that I do not recognise the match day jumpers worn by the MFC team as belonging to the MFC.


    I am writing to request that the Melbourne Football Club revise the presently designed clash jumper proposed for season 2017 to a version or versions that comprises only of our teams colours of red and blue, without the dilution by applying a predominant third colour such as white.  Upon revision of the design to one comprising primarily of our teams colours the jumper, the MFC should advise the AFL of this decision and present the red and blue only alternate/clash jumper options as the ones the MFC intends to wear the few away matches for the 2017 season, where there is considered to be indistinguishable similarities between MFC and the opposing team (2, 3 or perhaps 4 times per year).


    There are numerous recent precedents whereby the AFL has allowed teams to adopt clash jumper designs without a predominance of white, in instances where that teams colours do not contain any white.  Specifically Richmond, Essendon and most recently the West Coast Eagles have adopted clash jumpers comprising solely of their respective teams colours.  The MFC should follow the same logic of these teams in wearing match day jumpers which proudly feature only the principle colours of our team being red and blue.


    I look forward to your reply and to watching the continued rise of an increasingly successful red and blue team in 2017.  Every heart beats true.





    [Insert your name here]


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  11. 8 hours ago, old dee said:

    I have been to ever AGM for the last decade DC and the subject is never raised.

    This a problem for a few diehards for the rest it is a minor irritation. 

    One would have to be a diehard to have actually bought a Melbourne Football Club membership within the last decade, so I'd actually say that there are a fair few die hards amongst us.

    I've yet to come across a true Demons supporter in my cohort that doesn't hate our any of the white/grey clash jumpers the team has worn since the ill founded conception of them.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, daisycutter said:

    lol - i think they thought they were voting for their home guernsey......poor buggers

    Yes, most things would look better than poo brown and yellow.

    Though I might add that their clash jumper for 2017 looks very much like our 2016 one.

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  13. On 15/11/2016 at 9:11 PM, Leoncelli_36 said:

    I have spent years emailing the club in this issue and countless hours emailing them my designs, like the one I put up earlier. Cam Schwabb took one of the jumpers I designed ando posted here and made it a reality but didn't add the right width of blue outline around the red V. I really dunno why they don't get people to submit designs, make a shortlist and then vote. I have suggested this too.

    You mean getting people to submit designs and vote like the Dorks did:


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  14. 2 hours ago, Satyriconhome said:

    You know 121 posters on here don't like the clash jumper, I wonder what the other 25420 who have already renewed their membership think?

    Of those MFC mebers I know who are not on this forum/thread, 2 out of 2 = 100% hate white clash jumpers.

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  15. 13 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    I'm sorry if this has already been covered, but have the players (from any club, not just ours) ever said that they believe different jumpers are necessary to avoid on field problems? 

    Yes, I can clearly see how our players could have trouble distinguishing the principle design of the MFC's clash jumper from a St Kilda jumper when we play against them.


    Thankfully we no longer need to play our home games on their home ground.  Time to stop playing it their jumper as well.

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  16. 12 minutes ago, Wrecker45 said:

    But nobody expected there would be a vacant poistion at collingwood (not buckleys) after Roos' 6 months in Hawaii. The balme and guppy debacle has left the door open for a brief return for Roos. A 6 month highly paid succession plan would be ideal for him. He always said he couldn't committ to a club because he wouldn't be around for the preseason.

    He is an experienced/successful coach, not a football manager though.  I know their are some similarities in the roles, but that doesn't necessarily make him the best walk up start at the pies.  It would probably also be seen as undermining Buckley's position.

  17. On 17/11/2016 at 7:13 PM, Krazy Jaeger O'Smeara said:

    They'd want to do something special for $80 a pair!

    I could get a slab of Woodstock 440ml cans for that and by about the 8th one I wouldn't care if I had shorts on or not :cool:

    I'd buy a pair of these looong before I forked out for a MFC clash jumper, but as you say, who needs shorts anyway.

  18. 9 hours ago, Nasher said:

    That was the same thing I thought DOF.  

    I've thought for quite some years that I've read literally every possible permutation of opinion on this site already know, and everything from now forward is just a repeat.  This topic is probably the finest example - EVERY year it's "oh, it's the worst white guernsey ever, even worse than last year.  Here are all these great examples that aren't white - let's just pretend it's not a requirement that our clash jumper be white..."

    So Nasher, should we all just be feable, apathetic and console ourselves to watching our team play in colors that over 90% of us do not approve of (and seriously can you please revoke the user IDs of the 9% that claim to love this jumper, because they are clearly not Melbourne supporters).

    But you are right in sense, to effect change, we probably need to do more than exchange or views and ideas on this forum(although I do think there is still value in that exchange).  My correspondance campaigns hasn't finished with the emails I have sent to the club, as I will be following up with old fashioned hard copies addressed to key decision makers and people in positions of influence within the club and encourage all others who take this issue seriously on this forum to do likewise.  

    Satty -you know all the players, what about board members etc?

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  19. 21 hours ago, gg24 said:

    Red option plus a royal blue option would cover all bases - can't think of any team we would go close to "clashing" with if we had these two plus our home jumper to choose from. 

    West Coast have done a similar thing for 2017. 



    The Eagles clash jumper options above make a mockery of this supposed mandatory "predominantly white" clash strip crap the club has been peddling, as do the several other clash jumpers from other clubs sited with this thread.

    The white predominance may have once been a policy, but in keeping with societal standards, the AFL is now applying a more multicoulourtural approach and accepting those with backgrounds other than white - the MFC needs to move with the times.

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