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  1. I think most MFC supporters will agree that  it has been a disappointing start to the season, with what could have been 5 and 1 or even 6 and 0 start to the season, we find ourselves hovering around 3 and 3.

    Looking ahead to our next 4 games leading up to the bye, the MFC has a real opertunity to set up a tilt at this year's finals series.  Over the next 4 weeks we play the Hawks, Crows, North and Suns.  Obviously the Crows is a big game that we will do well to put in a competitive effort and not get blown away and whilst I'd certainly be wary of a wounded team like the Hawks, it's not beyond comprehension that we could walk away with 3 wins from 4 starts and really set up the back half of our season following the bye.

  2. 14 hours ago, A F said:

    I'd obviously like us to ruck Pedersen for the majority of the game, but I'd also like us to throw a few curveballs in there. What that looks like, I don't know, but not necessarily always nominating for the ruck is one. The idea that Lewis takes a few stoppage ball ups and centre bounces could be interesting. Melksham as well. I want to see a bit of innovation this week. Goody has flagged innovation, so I want to see it.

    The curve balls could be used to good effect, provided all of the stand-ins can give us something.  If we can get it right, it could be quite hard to play/coach against.

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  3. 3 hours ago, La Dee-vina Comedia said:

    I'm not convinced Pedersen will do any of the ruckwork. I can see Oscar Mac coming into the team to release Frost for this role, with Watts continuing to provide the relief. This is my preferred structure as it keeps a big bodied forward on the ground the whole time.

    Perhaps we'll know when the final team is announced. In short, if O-Mac's in the final team, I think Frost is rucking; if Weideman is in the final squad, I expect Pedersen will be rucking. 

    In answer to the opening question, if Pedersen plays permanent forward, contested marks, marks inside 50 and providing opportunities for the smaller players to kick goals is what I'll be looking for. He will need to be our pseudo-Hogan.

    Last time he did that (and did it well), we smashed the Dorks when they were on a roll and sent them on their downward spiral.  Mind you we had Big Max being his best Big Max and Vines in top form on that day too - oh to have that combo back.

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  4. I think time will tell if we have the better of the Frost brothers. 

     Jack had a great first season and has faded almost into oblivion.  Sam has some great attributes and I'd almost say he is ahead at this point, but still has some way to go development wise and to make a permanent spot in the side for himself.

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  5. 8 hours ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

    Jay Viney

    Brian Stynes



    4 hours ago, billy2803 said:

    Yzeir Yze.


    6 hours ago, Bitter but optimistic said:

    Tom Flower was in a very big shadow.

    Perhaps, but having the gun brother of the above more than makes up for the lesser abilities of the sibling.

    In the case if Brian Stynes, was it more the case that he returned to Ireland?  From what I can recall, he was still quite a gun Galic player when he went back and went alright for us, which suggests he could have been a pretty good VFL/AFL player had he stuck with it?  Or am I confusing Brian for someone else of the Irish experiment?

  6. 4 minutes ago, Watts the matter said:

    Rance couldn't get a touch until he moved on to JKH. I admire his courage to stand under it but he is too small and slow so makes no impact on the contest generally. He did take one good mark between 2 tigers. 

    And I would call playing on from a mark and missing a 2 meter handball a blooper.

    So do you think Rance would be the match up for JKH had we not lost both Spencer and Smith?

    I did forget about that handball, but if that was the worst of his efforts, he's doing ok in my book.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Pates said:

    I actually thought JKH didn't disgrace himself, for me he earned another go on the merry go round. 

    Agreed hard at it, linked up well and I certainly didn't recall any bloopers.

    1 hour ago, Watts the matter said:

    Because he loses the initial contest that Kent would have won. How many goals did he kick or set up?

    Are you kidding?  Was very impressed by JKH's areial work tonight.  Stood under a number of passes where he subequently got crunched, but still held onto the mark.

    I would like to see Kent back in the side too as I think his pace attacking flare and preparardness to take on the game are and asset.

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  8. One thing that is really starting to get me - massive knees in the back in marking contests.  You are not allowed to put your hands in a blokes back, but if you charge through with a massive outstretched knee, that's somehow ok???  WTF.

    I'm not just being sour grapes about Tim Smith, there were also Melbourne players that did do it to others and sorry but I just don't think it's in the spirit of the game.  Similar for that other cheap practice of pushing or jumping into the guys back after the ball has gone out of bounds.

  9. 1 hour ago, Dr. Gonzo said:

    He was on one leg the whole night mate, give the kid a break.

    And yet he still bullocked hard, took marks, kicked goals, moved the ball forward and set-up others.

    Is a total  gun and will have plenty of days out over the next few years.

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  10. Our ball movement and delivery into forward fifty has been atrocious for most this season.  Yes we yet multiple forward fifty entries, but most of them are just bombs or crap passes that  advantage the opposition.  Meanwhile the opposition gets on the fast break and scores against us far too easily where we have opened up the feild for them.  Even before injuries cruled our nights was a theme against Carlton, Geelong, Richmond and Freo.

    Having Hibbard was a big help tonight at times, but surely some adjustment to the game plan required.

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  11. On Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 4:23 PM, titan_uranus said:

    Except for the total lack of any relationship between the two facts.

    Watts also makes a much better forward.

    But that's the issue for me - when Watts is out of the forward line, we rob our forward line just to have someone sit in the ruck.

    Pedersen could play Smith/Weideman's role, not add much less than them (and no, for the record, he won't add much more either), but by rucking that prevents us from having to ruck Watts when we should be playing him as a permanent forward. And as you've said, it's not like Watts is so much of a better ruckman that it's noticeable.

    How many great plays did Watts set up tonight with his deftly placed disposal tonight?  The answer being quiet a few, but could have been so many more had he played 90% of the time as a forward rather than a ruckman.

  12. Depending on how and how badly we did loose, but I'd seriously start to question Goodwin's revamped/next evolution game plan, the present implementation of it or lack thereof, whichever the case may be.

     Even though we won the game against Carlscum, we looked bloody awful, chipping the ball around and overusing it on countless occasions.  Bar Big Max the troops have hardly changed this year and my feeling is that we have gone backwards in most our performances to date.  The Geelong and Fremantle games where we have dominated the time in forward half and forward 50 entries, but failed to score and been hurt badly on the rebound are symptomatic of the deficiencies in the teams game at present.  

    Will see what Hogan's return brings and in all honesty I'd be prepared to give Goodwin a few more weeks yet, but I'm far from convinced that the system is working as it should at the moment.

  13. 2 hours ago, Clint Bizkit said:

    I'll be annoyed but I won't be writing the season off.

    The more I think about it, the loss of Lewis really has been big. His addition to the team takes the pressure off Jones, Vince and Viney so it is no coincidence that those three haven't been quite as good since he's been out.

    I'm happy that Hogan has another key forward in Smith next to him, I just wish it was Pedersen instead, fingers crossed we don't get caught on the half forward line because there aren't enough genuine options forward.

    Lewis has certainly been a handy pick-up, no denying that, but with players like Oliver etc stepping it up a notch this year, due to natural developmentent etc, Lewis should really just be icing on the cake, not a vital cog.  Certainly hasn't helped that Viney has struggled for form and the absence of Big Max, but time for the rest to stand up.

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  14. Wow, Sydney (last year's grandfinalists) 0 and 5.  As big a fall from grace this year as Freo were last.

    Quick allert AFL HQ, crank up the Swans cola and extend their academy zone into Central Victoria, they won't make the 8 and are clearly on the brink of catestropic collapse.

  15. 19 minutes ago, daisycutter said:

    you must have watched a different game then. not meaning to bag smithy but he had a stinker.

    No, I did mean T Smith and just looking back on his stats for that night, you are correct, they alone don't paint a pretty picture.  But I did like his attack on the footy, the man and the intent that Tim showed and if he had a sinker that night, then it bodes well for when he plays an average/typical game.

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