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  1. 17 hours ago, CBDees said:

    It seems crazy that the eight teams all have to disband for ten months immediately after the GF next week and go back and play suburban football with amateur coaches and no exposure. Surely the competition could continue in the background without being too much of a threat by fragmenting the support base and thereby allowing the girls (like Daisy) to become professional. Personally, I enjoy watching the girls and I am sure that they would grow the code and grow the sponsorship to pay their own way! 

    I think the basis of finishing the AFLW comp about now, was more about allowing the top players to return to their local comps and thus furthering the development and depth of the talent pool at the local/second tier level.  I personally think that is the right call and really in the best long term interests of the women's game.

  2. On Friday, November 16, 2007 at 11:27 AM, Bring-Back-Powell said:

    Check this out for a 7 week haul from the great man in 1991:

    Round 15 - Sydney SCG - 8.8 (just his 4th game of AFL)

    Round 16 - WCE MCG - 6.2

    Round 17 - Fitzroy MCG - 6.7

    Round 18 - St Kilda Moorabin - 8.5

    Round 19 - Carlton PP - 7.4

    Round 20 - North MCG - 11.8

    Round 21 - Collingwood MCG 5.4

    Then check how wayward he was to start 1994

    Round 1 - Geelong MCG - 8.8

    Round 2 - Hawthorn Waverley - 4.10

    Round 3 - BYE

    Round 4 - Essendon MCG - 5.0

    Round 5 - Brisbane MCG - 6.4

    23.22 in just 4 matches. He could've had 35 goals in 4 matches!!!

    THE GUY WAS A FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That North game was something else.  The phrase "he had the ball on a string" comes to mind.  I have no  doubt that his hack out of mid air to kick a goal over his head will remain on highlight reals for years to come.

    In reality, Jacko was just one of the many gun forwards of that era that the MFC couldn't keep on the park long enough together.  Jackovich, Lyon, Bennett, Swartz, Neitz, Smith, Pike, Charles, Farmer, what a ride.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Demon Jack said:

    In regards to his value to the team, his ability to play against both small and tall forwards makes him extremely versatile. He's a solid decision maker as well rarely makes terrible errors. I find the prospect of him being left out of the team incredibly hard to believe. Saying that, I'm sure Goodwin knows what he's doing.

    Coincidently enough, our win against Adelaide back in 2014 happened to pop up in my YouTube subscriptions the other day. Nev was nearly best on ground for us that day after keeping Betts goalless. It could be considered as his 'break out' game. Overall, it's still one of the best Melbourne performances of the last decade.


    If I recall correctly, Jack Grimes had a bit to do with that win as well.

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  4. On Monday, March 13, 2017 at 4:40 PM, ProDee said:

    He's been disappointing.  Has he kicked a goal in the 3 games ?  Might have kicked one.  I was looking on a Saints forum today and a few posters agreed he's not presently in their best team, but they know he'll be selected.  His physique still looks like that of a bush full-forward.

    Plugger always had a physique like a bush full-forward and didn't seem to do him any harm.  Before we start talking about how the game has changed... I have no doubt that Plugger would be a walk up start in any AFL side.  A good footy brain and goal kicking strait as a die goes a long way.  Not saying that McCartin bloke is nessasrily any Tony Locket by the way.

  5. 2 hours ago, ProDee said:

    Just watched the game again. 

    The mistakes and turnovers were incredible.  The amount of goals they kicked from our basic disposal errors was amazing.  They also had 3 shots at goal from deliberate out of bounds.  And 2 of those were rubbish decisions. 

    Our kicking and decision making into our forward 50 was also the pits.  It makes you wonder why the game was relatively close.  

    Obviously we did some things well, but I'd argue we almost couldn't play any worse.  

    It's easy to pick one the usual suspects like ANB, Harmes and the McDonalds, but Lewis, Viney, Vince, Watts, Jones, and especially Tyson (understandably rusty) had some horific disposal errors where they couldn't spot up easy 20-30 metre targets. 

    That said, most of that stuff is quite easily rectified. 

    Yep agree with all of the above, partially the last line.  So in a sense, I actually think this was a better result for a practice game than winning by whatever margin.

    ...And yet we only lost by 20 odd points, so to sum up again, played like crap and we're still in the game against a good side.  Inversely, West Coast probably wouldn't have thought they would have played their best game either. 

    What does also stand out though, is that it was close to a carbon copy to the home and away game we played them there last year.  We were in the game, had most of the possession and played the game in our forward half, yet butchered our entry into forward 50.  Clearly something needs to change if we play them at Subi during the home and away. 

  6. We shouln't be wearing the  Bali singlet tops any of the time.  Our traditional jumper never clashed with West Coasts original royal blue jumper.  I don't see why we couldn't wear either the red backed one as we did against the dogs or our retro 80s royal blue one.  Either would have looked better that the crap we wore on Thursday - Sydney jumper from the back, bad Bail singlet from the front. 

    Back to writing to the AFL in protest. 

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  7. The biggest problem I see with the rule is that it penalises defenders disproportionately to forwards and has the potential to gift too many goals via free kicks, which when it occurs really destroys the spirit of the game as it has the potential for games to be too heavily influenced by bad umpiring.

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  8. I'll take others word that Weed is a player for the future based on what he has shown at VFL level, but for pretty much all of the preseason comp he has given us less than Chris Dawes did last season.

    Given he hasn't got a game at top level yet this year I'm guessing Pedo isn't a realistic Rd 1 option.  Based on output during preseason, I'd play Pencil as the additional tall option ahead of Weed.

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  9. Yeh, didn't like it at all.  Agree it was paid reasonablely consistently in terms of was paid consistently for both teams (one against Bernie was a shocker though).

    How I don't think it is paid consistently though is:

    1.  Was paid more frequently against defenders;

    2. A huge number of spoils for which the clear intent was to find the boundary, but we're not paid;

    3.  I'd also contend that on many multiple occasions players intentionally allow them selves to be tackled out of bounds - in my view this is a soft option and it should be paid either holding the ball or deliberate out of bounds of a player is tackled across the line.

    Accept in the most obvious of cases, I really don't like this last touch type deliberate rule.


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  10. 3 hours ago, brendan said:

    Those odds for the saints are too good to pass up, if we get beat at least I can win some money and if we win I won't care about the bet, win win 

    I would have to bet so much on St Kilda to get any sort of semblance of satisfaction, that it would upset me when we win.

    I know no doubt that Goodwin and co will play it down, but in my mind round 1 is a must win game.  If we are going to be a decent side this season and aim at making finals, then we must put away teams we should beat  (Essendon, Carlton, North, St Kilda, Richmond, Gold Coast,Freo etc).

    We win round one, I'm happy - simple.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Demons11 said:

    My issue is that Pedo is very inconsistent and goes missing in games.  Weed will also do this but as a 20 yr old I prefer that he get game time because he will be 100 times better player than Pedo in the long run. 

    Disagree.  When he is not doing something good with ball in hand, he is putting on good physical pressure and presence, which the Weed just isn't up to yet.  So many punters here have complained about game being gifted to young players in the past in the name of development and due to lack of depth, so what is the difference here?  Won't nessasrily hurt Weed to spend another year in the VFL while he develops physically.

    Someone also mentioned Joel Smith playing ahead of Garland.  Whilst I loved Smith's tackling and defensive pressure, he was shown up big time most times when he had the ball and couldn't dispose of it in good fashion or to the right option.  Was great to give him two games exposure at the top level in preseason, but it's either Garland, Jetta, Frost, Hibbard or Harmes come round one for me. 

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  12. Seriously, are you people still talking about this?

    In terms of the club not being fully open in the media what do you expect -

    Club: "we think this is Jack's weekness"

    Opposition: "great, let's target that weakness verbally or physically"     


    Club: "this is how we want Jack to play within our team"

    Opposition: "thanks for passing on your game plan for Jack Watts"


    I guess the club could give some kind of BS decoy of a reason, but that is going to be seen through in an instant and wouldn't stop the chatter, speculation and inuendo.  If this were most other player, the dead bat response from the club would have been accepted and everyone would have moved on... Which is what I'm doing right now, only to return to this thread when Jack is either delisted or more likely puts in a blinder, kicks a bag of six and or wins us the game some other way off his own boot.  

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  13. Has been a faithful, loyal and sound servant of the club over many years.  I'll go out on a limb here compared to many here in this forum and state that I think his best footy is pretty good.

     It certainly would be a great footy story for him to break his way back into the side 'play his role , and taste some team success. 

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  14. So was @olisik happy with Trac's goal kicking and game against the Carlscum?  ...He'd bloody well better be 3 goals and umpteen score involvements is pretty decent showing in my book.

    Things which impressed me:

    1.  Some strong bodywork and marking - always part of his game;

    2. Great lateral vision and finding of free team mates inside forward fifty - again something at which he has always excelled and let's face it we had free players everywhere yesterday;

    3. The big one for me was that he really nailed all his set shots at goal.  This is the one area where Trac's game has looked a little shaky in the past (think first St Kilda game last year).  That he has his technique and or confidence going in this area is a great sign, because he is so close to the complete package in all other areas.  Opposition team in 2017 watch out and Demons fans, enjoy the side show.  

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  15. I think the approach taken is worth the risk.  Jack had a great season last year and played a pivotal role in many of the great team performances.  But he cannot afford to stagnate in his development.  Should the teams perfoance continue to improve and and result in winning more games, opposition teams will be putting more work into our key players and Watts will be high on that list, so I suspect that he really needs to improve, just to maintain his level of output.  

    But I'm hoping that he can improve significantly again to go from good to great.  He has the weapons, last year he showed more desire, but if he can step his level of physicality and competitivness up again, then he could be in for an awesome year.  I don't think Goody being a hard ass should nessasrily crush Watts - he is a big boy now and provided the relationship and respect between Goody and Watts is strong (big difference to Neeld here), then I think that Watts will recognize the reasons for what Goody is pushing, take it on board and accept it as a challenge to rise to the next level again.

    After some good improvement last year that has given many optimisim and hope for a truly competitive MFC again, the worst thing which could happen is that individuals and the club sits back and think that it has arrived.  We haven't arrived until we finally get another trophy in the cabinet (or four of them like Jordan!!).  Not settling for mediocrity anymore is a great sign IMHO.

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  16. 4 hours ago, Abe said:

    i was told today that goody wants jack to know that one good year isn't enough, it's not enough to have a good year and get his contract renewed and then go onto autopilot, we need jack to be a match winner and this is a rocket up his bum from goody

    from all reports as well his training standards and attitudes have lifted quite a lot in the past month but it seems like a really clever preemptive move by the coaches to make sure jack is breathing fire for round 1 

    Is Jack even capable of breathing fire? (Please read  partially as tounge in cheek).

    If Jack Watts breaths fire, then watch out opposition - that would be some weapon.


    ... Seriously though what did Max say though? (asides from the Watts thing), I want to be amused by the master's musings.

  17. On Monday, February 20, 2017 at 5:14 PM, beelzebub said:

    Nasher that AFL policy was hollow at best and farce in reality.

    We only need 2 jumpers. Our real one and its new sibling. 

    Red and Blue

    Red and Blue

    Not hard is it !!

    Now we have ir lets just conveniently forget to ever take any others to games ;)

    Go Dees ( that red and blue team ) :)

    "Forget to ever take any others"?

    Stuff that - BURN  all the white ones (just to be sure...).

  18. 2 hours ago, barneymfc said:

    we will never win a final with tom mac in the the team ,he has more brain fades than lyndon, a few other so called future stars are long way off startdom,bigheaded kids

    He is only a backman, they are not the smartest players going round.

    Tommy holds his own pretty well though and after a start that had the commentators salivating that he was the recruit of the year, Oscar did a pretty good job on Cloke.

  19. Just now, olisik said:

    Am I the only one who thinks we need more out of Trac?

    He needs to take set shots inside 50 rather then try to pass them off all the time.

    That's a bit harsh for a first practice match isn't it.  BTW didn't he slot through the first goal of the game from a decent way out?

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  20. 1 minute ago, DemonAndrew said:

    From our best 22 you could argue we were five down - jetta, watts, tyson, frost and kent.

    how many were the dogs down? 

    Fox commentators were certainly claiming the dogs were down in comparison, but I'm not so sure.  Watts, Tyson and Jetta are big outs for us.

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