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  1. It's almost a given that he will undertake gradual reintroduction via Casey, probably a 60% game time match then a full match. And when he completes those yes he's an automatic in. Assuming casey is back playing. There's a reason Darren Burgess is so highly rated, as he is able to sensibly manage players re-entry. Brown and Weeds both saw this. The Lions player that re injured his hamstring against us after only 2 weeks out shows the folly of rushing players back.
  2. It would have to be a Fox Footy mandated timeslot change wouldnt it, to fill the void left by Thursday night Footy bizarrely being shelved again despite near unanimous favour for it. The whole floating fixture at both levels is also a nightmare, it'd be nice to be able to plan ahead when I can try and get to Casey games.
  3. We have a spare ruckman in Luke Jackson, why on earth would we pick Daw ahead of him?
  4. Final score 19.19.133 to 5.4 34 I'm sure the scoreboard missed our last goal
  5. Final change scores 14.14.98 to 4.4.28 Being completely outclassed here, unsurprisingly. Daw and Gus just played a half. Pickett on the bench to start the last may also be done for the day. Good to see the Wizard here to support his boy.
  6. Yes he's out there, to be honest i hadn't noticed him but he's pretty short so blends in a bit. Anyone know what number, if they're playing, Deakyn Smith and Declase are for those others that are here? Wouldn't know them if the bumped into me. Pickett got involved a bit that quarter, took on Johannisen twice with mixed results but looked busy. As mentioned by Dee Zephyr Petty took some very nice intercept marks down back against a decent opponent. Ugle-haden went for a huge speccy on the members wing and in the excitement the umpires missed the push in the bac
  7. A goal to Daw from a free stems the tide finally. 9.7 to 3.2 Dogs have plenty of talent out here Treloar, Richards and more
  8. Qtr time dogs 7.7.49 to 2.1.13 They dominated the last ten minutes of that quarter
  9. First game I've managed to get to this year and they dish up that! Kept kicking the ball too high allowing it to hold up in the wind. Dogs got back too easily to clog our forward 50 and simply diabolical goal kicking accuracy. Anyone know the reason Kate Hore was a late withdrawal?
  10. One of the best quarters of footy I've ever seen from our girls, they might have had higher scoring efforts against expansion sides before but that was against one of the top sides, the run and lateral handball game is working a treat
  11. DemonDave


    Commitments kept me away from this site for most of the last couple of months so I only sporadically tipped (plus I lost a bit of interest in this NFL season when it became apparent the Niners were going to go from Superbowl participants to also rans due to one of the most savage injury lists I've ever seen). Nevertheless thanks again for putting this on each year @Macca its appreciated as it gets me hyped at the start of every year to have a crack at tipping...
  12. DemonDave


    Packers 38 Buccs 14 Bills 24 Chiefs 27
  13. DemonDave


    Texans, packers, chiefs.. Just realised I forgot to put my tips on last week!
  14. DemonDave


    Raiders, dolphins, chiefs
  15. DemonDave


    Steelers, Dolphins, Chiefs
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