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  1. In what way? He hardly won a contested ball the whole video. I saw Spargo myself.
  2. It's not based on form, more that they think not as many draft picks will be used this year and some players that didn't get the chance to show their improvement as a top ager this year will be in next years crop along with the normal talent pool.
  3. Not a chance. Given the bulldogs picks would just get eaten up by a bid at pick 1 this would never work. I highly doubt we were expecting that.
  4. No one has done that (as Brown has never won the Coleman). People have questioned the recruitment of Brown who kicked 8 goals in 9 games this season and takes considerable salary cap space. As long as we are offloading McDonald I am happy enough with a deal for a second rounder.
  5. Think you've got the wrong guy. He was pick #12 in the rookie draft when he was redrafted. He was a speculative tall when drafted at pick 47.
  6. I watched his 2019 highlights on YouTube and was very unimpressed with the amount of soft free kicks he got. When you consider the umpires put the whistle away in the finals it's not the way you want to be getting them.
  7. Darcy Moore thinks he's Sam Frost tonight
  8. You realise he can't run? Won't be happening this pre season.
  9. That does not confirm it was before the incident like @redleg was implying. @McQueen
  10. That was shocking, incredibly dangerous and Cotchin always seems to get away with it.
  11. I think every team involved would be upset with that trade.
  12. Well if he is not getting a game, clearly the stats are wrong or you have left out some of the more valuable ones. Not sure what metric you have used to consider him elite in marking? The number of marks from chip kicks in the backline? He laid 7 tackles all year playing as a backman and didn't take a contested mark.
  13. I think the more likely thing is he realised there is no interest in him. Glad to hear they have acknowledged this was an issue and fingers crossed he can resemble something close to the 2018 version of himself.
  14. I will use a simple example of why it isn't that simple. Last year we took Tomlinson (because Mahoney couldn't tell after his first 140 games at AFL level he is not a wingman) and this year we take Smith. Those two players then hypothetically cost us the chance to get Zach Merrett as a free agent for the same price tag. It's not as simple as will it improve you and never is, it is a question of what will give you the most improvement. I don't have any faith in our list management team.
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