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  1. Won't get a point if he doesn't get closer. I was using Tmac as an example because he is also poor at it. Mitch Brown had 0 on the weekend. https://www.afl.com.au/news/85207/how-a-new-don-became-the-leagues-pressure-king
  2. The upside of McDonald was much better than Brown, we were never going to be able to compete and be a threat this season unless McDonald recaptured his 2018 form. We know the answer now but I have no issue with the club waiting to find out. His 6 goals against Carlton in 2019 was a reminder of what he could do when on song. I agree that we should move McDonald on now but I don't have an issue with Goodwin keeping Brown out of the team this year. Brown did little to impress in his first 3 games.
  3. Straight swap for Polec or Brown will do me.
  4. And while I'm on it. Mitch Brown had 18 pressure acts across his 5 games, unacceptable for an AFL footballer. Tom McDonald, who has no agility, managed 21 in his first two games of the season.
  5. With good reason, happy for the games to go to Jackson.
  6. Similar to Williams, is a good player but not worth the money that is being floated around. Happy to put @dazzledavey36 in charge and pursue Merrett.
  7. Sorry but I will continue to be critical of Lever when I see comments like yours. He played like a 10-15 player, a solid contributor but hardly came close to justifying his salary. Just about every team in the competition has a player who does their role as well as Lever and most of them are probably on half his salary. I've been critical of Weideman and he ended the season poorly but you have ignored his work prior to that while overstating Brown's due to the time of the season they played their good football respectively. Pretty good effort with the rest of it.
  8. Think all parties would agree that a trade for Brayshaw would be beneficial for all, would maybe need to add a second rounder.
  9. Was very fumbly against us but if we could do Brayshaw for Merrett I would be keen.
  10. About time Jesse delivered for Freo. Serong to star in a Freo win.
  11. I think the issue is as much with Weideman not being able to create seperation from his opponent, he is very predictable for his opponent.
  12. Has this been reported? A bit ambitious from Oscar if so.
  13. Why are you all blaming Smith? Hibberd gave tippinwuiti all the space that led to that goal.
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