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  1. I worked in Russia for a couple of years a decade ago Moonie - the stat I remember from back then was that Russians drank 70 litres of vodka per year per capita (men, women, children). But they do stick to the good stuff...
  2. The fact that I'm actually struggling to think of anyone shows we're definitely on the up! Not like 3-4 years ago where we'd be singing midfielders, midfielders, anyone talented who barracked for the dees as a kid etc. That said, just topping up on 1x A grade midfield quality would be good (Ollie Wines?), 1xKPF/ruck as backup would fit the bill nicely.
  3. Biggest/only issue I have with it all was the photo was mirrored. Sponsor logos flipped - we need to look after our sponsors! If the doggies were really that distracted by this post, then they should take a good hard look at themselves.
  4. What's that noise? is it a cat with a fur ball?? Nah - it's the grotesque but sweet noise of the Tigers choking.
  5. DA, you've cleverly not nominated what he'll replicate 12 times in a row - kicks OOF, points, opposition players, turnovers, just 12 field kicks in a row before hand passing???
  6. Not sure on Spencer, would depend on form this weekend I s'pose. I posted earlier in the week that I didn't see Gawny on the flight to Perth, certainty now given he's not playing this weekend. Hopefully a run at Casey, and GTG against the Swans if fit.
  7. I'd have taken great delight in loudly telling him that Hunty grew up as a pies supporter, his family are/were pies' supporters and his dog's name is Bucks (and that he hasn't looked back). Just another way of sliding a knife into the back!
  8. Good to relive some 2016 highlights, thanks to the youtube poster!
  9. Yep, all of the above. I just love the crowd noise when he tucks the ball under his arm and takes off. Exhilarating stuff I tell my boy "that's what I pay to come and see", he tells me "we're members, we got in for free"
  10. I'd have to say Nash in support of this that I recall relatively few stoppages deep in defence. Most stoppages are, IIRC, across the half back line and our mids are generally back in support and tackling. Backs generally hang off the the contest where possible and try to get quick ball movement via handball chains to a player in space (often Hibbo) to clear. When I think of the Mac brothers, its intercept marking that's their strength. Frosty is our rebound ace. Gresham from St Kilda just ran T Mac around in circles in R1, danced around him and kicked goals. I don't think of our backline as tackling grunt, with the exception of the oft underrated (but not here) Jetta.
  11. I still feel like a 7 year old the day after Christmas. That win (and JW4's last goal) is a gift that just keeps on giving. Let's tear some puppy dogs apart.
  12. Let's just face it - we are kicking a lot more goals full stop. So I would expect to see more of all different styles (long bombs a la Frosty, Jeffy trying to put one on Punt Rd from out of the goal square). It's a far cry from us kicking 3 goals for the day on QB 2014. Long may it continue
  13. Yep, me too! Should be good enough for me to have to cancel my overseas September holidays (Mrs. Small not going to be happy with that!!!)
  14. He's not much good at punching either - didn't get near Darcy Moore's overhead mark in the third. Congrats by the way to you and Mrs Bizkit on the birth of Clint Jnr.
  15. Bub, I think the poll question is how many wins in total at the end of H&A 2016; not how many games between now and end of H&A. I for one had to read it twice, then realised we couldn't get 16 wins from the last 11 games.
  16. Yep, me and my boy included. I think it was the first time my boy (11 yo) was truly proud to be a dees supporter
  17. I'm agreeing with those who think Gawn won't play. Goodwin has made a statement by not rushing Spencer in this week, saying he'd missed 7 weeks of footy. Gawn has missed 9-10. I reckon they'll give him a run in the 2's. Not even sure they'll put him on a plane to Perth for the WC game, with a 6 day break before the next game at the G vs Sydney. I reckon Spencer in for Melksham this week, barring injuries.
  18. Forgot to also commend O Mac for a superb second half. He was very vocal as well, great to see.
  19. I must have been sitting near Nash, Punt Rd end pocket. Crowd 70,926. Good turnout given grey skies. I agree with the commentary on the umpires missing frees both ways - I don't recall an in the back free at all, and there were plenty that I saw from Row O. Few moments looking at the game through fingers - Tom Mac kicking for goal at qtr time (nicely done!), Tom Bugg shooting for goal in the 2nd (poster, FMD!!!), all the turnovers in the second (even Salem, what IS going on???), Tom Bugg free in the third (putting my hands up to my eyes, and he played on!!! Nice goal, Buggy). Hannans second effort after he barrelled Dunny was immense - this is something the coaches need to show at least half a dozen times in reviews. Super effort. And finally, 3 votes Mr. Cool as a cucumber Jack Watts. Your composure to nail the match winning goal was exactly what constituted the difference between the teams today. Hope you enjoyed the game @Bombay Airconditioning
  20. I can already see tomorrow's Herald Sun headline: SEASON DEEFINING
  21. My most memorable goal was Lyon out at Waverley in the 88 Elimination final vs West Coast. With about a minute to go, he picked up a hard ball from the deck, spun and kicked one from about 30m out and the ball went about 80m up. This put us 3 pts up, and the crowd we're going mental. Half the crowd were celebrating so hard that they failed to notice Wrenstead from WC running towards goal from the next centre bounce, only to miss his shot for a point. Siren goes, we win by 2 pts. I was knackered from all the emotions. That Lyon goal was a beauty, though, escpecially in the context of the game.
  22. Only saw the last quarter an a half. Agree on the Kent commentary, which I'm a bit disappointed in as I really like his game and the speed he brings. Thought Moncrieff was really good, I really liked what I saw from him. Ben Ken tried to square one to Trenners in the last qtr from a set shot on the flank, kick was too short and turned over. Not sure if the sun was a factor, but would have liked him to take the shot. why was JKH in his tracksuit? Emergency for Monday?
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