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  1. Yeah - agree. This report of a major injury to Clarry "Red Bull" was most alarming. Although I will point out that Misson is equally unreliable and shouldn't be considered a source of truth.
  2. He's good to go and he will make us better. Just get him in.
  3. Absolutely pissweak by the club to not even tell him to his face he'd been delisted. Loved the way he went about his footy.
  4. Scoop, the dees website is saying he'll miss 3-4 matches, not weeks. My read on this is he may not be right the week after the bye. Another way of saying 4-6 weeks.
  5. Happy birthday PD. hope you get 5 games against GCS next year for a present
  6. Our best this year is certainly better than last year - lets see over the next 3 weeks whether our worst has also improved.
  7. I'm tipping that by the time we get to page 4 on this thread, we'll have all the teams covered bar Gold Coast cos they're crap.
  8. Right quantity of sheckles reminds me of this beer ad when I lived in the UK - how about three groats and a turnip for Prestia?
  9. I was looking at the pics at training today when this occurred to me - if Norm Smith was the Red Fox, maybe Clarry is the Red Bull.
  10. Have to agree with the universal love (excepting of course Mick Malthouse) for Jeffy. This is brilliant news. If I had another child (boy or girl), I'd call them Jeffy. Pity I've had the snip
  11. What I'm pumped about is winning the Rising Star 3 yrs in a row - Hogan / petracca-Oliver (can't split them) / Weideman. And then tearing the finals apart next year.
  12. You should get guerra to promote the guava. Has a certain ring to it
  13. Misson reckons Clarry is "probably going to get up" so you can definitely write him off for the weekend based on that endorsement.
  14. Well I've seen grammatical faux pas,a plethora of spelling mistakes and auto text wrong words, but demonland has now gone to a new level by consulting the Oxford dictionary!
  15. Sorry Biff, but I reckon he's more like a [censored] steam train that CAN (big time) rather than the little engine that could
  16. Dr Chook, you're not trying to overthrow Webber as the demonland Medico I hope!
  17. I like the idea of a number of changes this week given the tough three weeks we have after next week coming into the bye. We never play well the week after an NT game. Making changes this week not only rewards the efforts of those banging on the door in the two's, it gives our key first choices an important rest with only three weeks before they have another one. We do have a young list, after all.
  18. "Nutbean" actually sounds like a crazy old uncle - couldn't agree more with your sentiments!
  19. Maybe we could try a pyramid scheme against Geelong
  20. Or there's a power outage and they have to call the game a no contest so nobody gets any points
  21. Thank god for you Robbie - that membership tally reminded me of Jeremy Howe. Now I can move on.
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