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  1. And another one with virtually no publicity - I believe Jack Martin was “medical subbed off” last week. I maybe wrong but I thought that meant a weeks rest? He shouldn’t have been playing either?
  2. The 50 metre penalty at Geelong last year was at the 47 second mark. The last boundary stoppage tonight was at the 47 second mark. Spooky. Fun fact from my 13 year old daughter. I have clearly passed the baton!! Posted last week after the filth disappointment that I had not given up in 2022 - 5 wins in a row would see us win back to back. Now it is 4 ……..Go Dees!
  3. After the huff and puff of this round, we are still third and it really is in our own hands. Win the next 5 and we go back to back. After 17 in a row earlier this year, the trick for Goody will be to block out the external noise and challenge the lads for another mini Demon charge. It may not end this way, however, I am hoping to revisit this post in 6 weeks time!!! Go Dees.
  4. Just a thought - Gus into the middle to replace Clarry. Rivers in to back fill half back. Some merit in the “mass changes” mooted in the thread. However, do not think selection carnage is the way to go - one or two would be good to make a statement - and yes JVR or Laurie or both might make the point.
  5. Maggot 20 was one of the key offenders in Adelaide last week, so of course he would given the match of the round on a Saturday night.
  6. On tour with the family at the ground. Yes the roar of affirmation a factor, but absolutely incompetent maggotry all night. All the 50/50’s all the “technicals” went to the Crows - none to us of course. Then Clarry’s head ripped off, Nibbler driven into the ground. Clown maggots miss those, “out of position” “looking around corners” etc. They are a joke and the AFL narrative will be built to around “respect”. You have to be joking. Maggots 31 and 20 were simply appalling. So proud of our lads tonight: Clarry, Tracc, The Skipper, JJ, Weid, Rick, the list goes on. We are a good team, we play to a system, we respond when challenged, and most importantly we are fit and can run out games. Over and out from Adelaide! Go Dees.
  7. The FOXTEL team have been pushing the “sympathy” card for Tom Stewart all night. Will the AFL have the guts to give him the 2-3 he deserves. (I really do not like Geelong).
  8. No one seems to be mentioning the two ear massages Nibbler and Clarrie got in the first half, clearly after marks had been taken. No thought of 50 metre penalties by Green clowns 26 and 2. Both would have taken our lads to the goal square with dare I say it - certain goals. 12 point margin, there you go! Then Gulden and Papley in the last were just beyond belief. Add Reid’s two gifts - and all ticked off by the Scott running the umpires. Rant over. By the way, I certainly agree that we did not make it any easier by playing kick to kick with the Mcartins!
  9. As soon as the commentators began the narrative it was clear our lad was going to be done over by the system. And of course, those of us who have been around for a while knew how it would stack up against the Ryan incident. Melbourne consistently gets shafted by the farcical and some would say corrupt MRO. (See multiple posts in the last 4 pages for details). Having said that, this is the last frontier for the “new Melbourne” - we simply must take it as high as it will go. If Kade is to get 2 weeks, then Gary Pert, Kate Roffey and the whole club must make a stand and if he does go down, we all go down together.
  10. I know we bang on this a lot, however the Ch 7 boys club is absolutely excruciating. You wonder whether they actually review what they say. The clown BT still has not written Collingwood off - 35 points with 8 minutes go.
  11. With the Covid numbers escalating in WA, is there any thought that we should not go? Too far to fly in and fly out in one day I would have thought. You would hate to think our season gets derailed by the overt travel risk. Get Freo and WC for a while out may be an option? Alice Springs? Just thinking out aloud here!
  12. 12 inch singles - the coolest of cool in the 80’s - and yes, I too have the “Australiana” 12 inch in my vinyl. collection - As I suspect many blokes of my vintage do!!
  13. And why would there ever be any doubt about Gus staying. Listening and watching the lads each week is far more comforting than the click bait the media put out. These two are the heart and soul of our Premiership culture!
  14. An epic piece WJ. Still pinching myself, like many others I am sure! Happy and Safe New Year to all. Take nothing for granted and may 2022 bring us back to back!
  15. Got on at 2.00pm. M51, almost exactly where our reserved seats are normally. Took a while, but SMS messages have come through. For an oldish f##t an amazing performance to get the job done!
  16. I have been a reserved M51 member for years. On the question of bringing a “guest” the club said it would not be to a reserved seat, rather as General Admission. I suspect there will be very few “spare” seats in the reserved seat areas for the next few years at least. Nice problem to have!
  17. The Dynasty will be determined about how hungry they are. Nice signs here. Maybe still a little hungover and husky, but nice signs. Go Dees.
  18. What a fantastic interview! Given the grand plan that went back to 2013/14, us humble supporters really should have had nothing to worry about! It’s an evidence based science, and as Tim said, our guys are clearly up there with the best! Go Dees!
  19. If you watch the old replays you will often find one of my favourite commentators Ian Robertson often referring to Melbourne as “the Elimination Final specialists” Great days and great atmosphere created by TV voices like Robbo, Drew, Tim Lane et al. Dare I say unlike our current crop of self indulgent “personalities” who think it is all about them!
  20. Max and Gus are the spiritual leaders of the group. Just listen to the podcast. Tracc will be captain one day, if he wants it, but now? How dumb would that be?
  21. As long as Scott and all his followers are feeling humiliated, then yes it does.
  22. The nauseating “brave bombers”, they’ve so much “upside” narrative by Hamish and JB was matched only by Luke Hodge’s attempt to clear Toby of all blame even before the game was over the day before.
  23. Wow, David King really does push the anti Melbourne agenda. Talks louder and louder as others try to moderate. Quite striking tonight on First Crack.
  24. They will use the last 10 days to galvanise the group. Maybe it will be the defining moment. Yes, I’ve had three heart attacks (thanks Teddy), but they did what had to be done - even in that last 15 minutes when the meth cokes were on a high, the maggots took maggotry to a higher level and the crowd was feral - we got the job done! Some significant winding down of the clock - and then Clarrie’s last clearance. Off to my cardiologist in the morning, but so proud of the boys and how they are responding to everything thrown at them. Just maybe the lightening was the last roll of the dice for the Norm Smith Curse. Dare to dream, go Dees!!!!!
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