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  1. Goody probably thinks an increase in clearances from the centre and around the ground stoppages will give us 10-20% more inside 50s, which will result in those half time leads being 45 points rather than 35? And he might be right. I'm not expecting anything radically different to this year. We just hope for better conversion with personnel change and fitness
  2. I'd pay Diamond Jim a backended 2 million bucks over 4 years deal to live like the King Of Thailand, if it meant we got pick 7, but one less list spot. Get it done Dees!!
  3. I think the onus is on the Lion's to fight to the death in a prelim next year to be taken seriously, despite how good a regular season they've had each year, or any players they add. Let's not forget they're at the equivalent stage to us if the furthest we'd gone was: TWO v WCE preliminarily final beltings. Their biggest weakness is defence, and while Dunkley is an upgrade on Lyon, Gardiner is apparently out the door and (Edit: Marcus Adams) is battling concussion. I don't see the fundamental structure radically changing on that end. And we haven't even mentioned Fagan.
  4. How can you get sick of a bloke that gets excited about newly discovered exo planets?
  5. If he leaves, we can blame the Ill-fated 500k Tomlinson 4th year that 95% of us demonlanders thought would initially come back to bite us eventually.
  6. We will see. Hitch your wagon to the Daniher train at your own peril. I can see the [censored] falling out from under them with a higher probability, than I can see them lifting up the cup or being competitive on a Grand Final day. They've been up for awhile now, while in my opinion, never truely being a premiership threat. But you are correct, the perennial chokers can turn it around. Do you not feel an intuitive soft underbelly to their squad? It would take a miraculous turn around for Dunkley, Ashcroft and Gunston and the rest to be in serious premiership calculations/the frame next year. As I said just my opinion. And as for the glasses. We have a far higher upside. You can't deny that.
  7. ...So the point is they're not in the premiership frame, and never even were this year or last. 2020 is debatable but they were also roughed up by a bigger bodied Geelong in a similar prelim belting. Either way, them being in the premiership frame next year is debatable. Brisbane making these moves is more akin to St Kilda topping up on trades because they think they're in the window, when fundamentally there are deeper issues with personnel, desire and gameplan that will never get them a premiership. Putting aside that they got us at our weakest in the semi final. That's just my opinion anyway
  8. Dunkley's not Dangerfield and Gunstons not J. Cameron. Ashcroft might be a Daicos, but I still can't see those 3 players making up the gap vs a Geelong side. No tactical shift or positional upgrade can make up that difference imo.
  9. We need a Breust more than we need a Gunston. And a Mitch Lewis more than both combined.
  10. ay we're here for the trade rumours, not the depressing 2022 game plan lamentations
  11. Apparently Lobb for WB2nd: 29 (?) or so, Logue goes for NM2nd: 19 (?) - I'm guessing Port want pick 19. So we get pick 8 and a Future 1st? Give us 29 too please!
  12. And then making a "blockbuster" trade for one of Richmond's depth talls and play them in the VFL all year?
  13. I could be wrong, but any player we target will have to wait until we've made our Grundy trade, Tomlinson and perhaps another, to know there is sufficient cap space or craft capital to get it done. And we might never know who they were, as it's not necessary to be public until then. I hoped we'd be into the jack bowes pick 7 salary dump up to our ears, but it seems GCS are negotiating with clubs that don't have to get their ducks in order first. Then with 13 + 7 + Freo Future 1st we are refreshing the bottom 6 (for now) with top 20 picks. It would be the dream, Port style (Rozee, Butters, Dursma)
  14. A meat pie needs a bit of buttery flake on the top crust Mr Picket, otherwise it's too dry!
  15. I caught that segment too from the podcast. Edmund said that 32 was not high enough for Grundy, intimating between 13 and 32 was the value. The Goose, Sanderson then thought 32 was a "sweetener" to get it done ie 13 & 32 Also "13 & Weid" Scratch that show off my listens
  16. All this talk of how Grundy and Max will both fit into the team positionally, might have clouded the one major benefit we can look upon next year, and that's giving Max 4 or so games of rest to keep him fresh. He will be 31 next year and he's done as much heavy lifting as Selwood has done in the past decade. If we look at the successful management of Selwood in Round 4, 8, 16 & 21 this year, it's a clear blueprint for how we can go about improving our fitness. Edit: We shouldn't be reliant on needing Max (And the injury he's carrying) in the team to win a game of football, if we're bringing in Grundy on that contract. If we were reliant on Luke Jackson and a ruck/relief alone then perhaps that is too great a burden to bear on him for 4 games, But Grundy is a different story.
  17. I suppose his foot skills wouldn't really fit in. Here I was thinking we need speed and good disposal added into our best 22. Apparently we just need grunt on the wing. Edit: Just to reiterate, I'm in favour of getting jack bowes, pick 7 and 13 and keeping gus/Jordan on the wing. But as I said, if the club is so keen on Amon, why not Hill?
  18. I'm also not saying we should do it, but if people (and Goodwin) want Amon, then Hill is the same type of player.
  19. There have been those moments, but you can't just point to them and label the whole 2 seasons shocking. He's also looked fantastic at times, thrived at half forward and on the wing when their mids were actually winning it and using him. 21 disposal average and would be better utilised on an mcg wing with our structures and ball winners.
  20. Does the Hawthorn fallout include Brad Hill looking somewhere else other than North Melbourne? He'd certainly be handy to pair with Langdon's run, Bowey and Salem's ball use. ----- Absolutely not worth the cost unless the Saints payed a massive portion of his salary - Could we get him for a 2nd round pick and 600k a year for 3 seasons? It's comparable to Amons salary offer, however the sticking point is the pick trade difference. I'm still a fan of us taking on Jack Bowes contract, restructuring it and getting that pick 7 from GCS, and playing Gus/Jordan on the wing again.
  21. Not sure if this is a media trolling of the highest order, or Weightman is in play: https://www.reddit.com/r/AFL/comments/xltxwy/journos_breaking_news_cody_weightman_likely_to/ Picket + Weightman would be a lethal combination, although the high pick cost would not be worth it. Tomlinson + 2nd rounder please!
  22. The Demonland Sponsors Curse strikes again?
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