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  1. And their one armed drummer could be our Goalkicking coach...?
  2. Interesting. Clarko was out of the game for 8 years and Hardwick 6 though. I thought clubs had pivoted away from taking on young coaches fresh out of the game like Mitchell 4 years back, and wanted extensive 5-10+ year apprenticeships, given what we've seen with Voss.
  3. I found his SEN interview with Whately hilariously raw and unprofessional. Not the kind of answers you give as the head of an organisation. It was soap opera play ground sounding stuff. Very Insincere in hindsight. Easy to forget this guy is only 38. insanely young age to be a coach of a professional sporting organisation. Its going to come back to bite them hard.
  4. Not only missing the top 4 @spirit of norm smith, but in danger of playing WCE in a Perth Finals bubble as the 6th placed home team 🤮
  5. Hey @Demonland I found a pretty good ladder predictor that's faster and more intuitive than AFL one. just one tap slider margin scale and onto next game . https://predictor.squiggle.com.au/
  6. Goodwin is tanking for 2nd because he knows we play better, the higher our opposition is on the ladder. 3 > 4, therefore 2 > 1 Absolute genius. The plan is bulletproof.
  7. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have a KPF on your team that the opposition intentionally give away a free kick to in the forward 50 because they know he'd miss it. So the oppo gives away 10-20 free kicks per game knowing half the opposition's inside 50s per game will be converted 10-20% of the time. Genuine winning strategy. AFL would kick up a stink and change the rules though. Maybe introduce a free kick limit inside 50 per quarter, and give away shot at goal square if you go over. Hack-a-Ben!! Ps how good are the NBA playoffs right now? Games 7s with incredible performances, rising teams like the Suns, Hawks. all time classic games. Big Comebacks. Close finishes every day. Has been better than any neutral (non demon) footy so far this year with the ex player commentary that is a genuine turn off. Whereas their commentary is so professional. Bring on the AFL finals already anyway.
  8. footy as a neutral after the bye and before the last few rounds that make up the final 8, is a bit of a grind where I lose passion to Give a [censored] about any result. Could only tune in to the last quarter of Geel v WB, and even that was wallpaper until the last few minutes. Think we need a 17 game season. Season is too long
  9. If it came down to another GF, would have to prefer Geelong, just for a change. I try to focus on the positives of the team (Instead of Selwood,Scott) - I think their backline are all admirable hard working players, Toohey, Stewart, Henderson. [censored] Grimes. In the midfield, Mitch Duncan, Can Guthrie, Menegola, no arrogance there. Forwardline is harder to like so forget them. It's s bit Like in 2006, I'd never barrack for WCE, didn't like them, but their rivalry with Sydney deserved to be an even split, so I prefered to see them win. Awful I know.
  10. If anyone misses r23, they would've played one game in 35 days leading into a prelim if we won the first week. This bye week is becoming a bit of a farce. Anyone carrying a niggling injury with the discipline to get themselves up for a game after a long break, like Viney can, might benefit though.
  11. Someone will have to Marshall the forward line once Old McDonald and Ben Brown are put out to pasture I suppose... Although Melksham might still be getting games so maybe he's next in line
  12. I'm not saying you're wrong about Weid, he deserved a month to find some form. As did Ben Brown. I saw Mitch Brown as you're in. If he's in, then let's see him for 2-3 weeks. I would prefer BB as a deep forward and Tmac leading up, but just my opinion.
  13. Dr D thought BB should've been dropped after his first game. Not sure you're going to get a balanced discussion there. It's Weideboy now is it? Weren't you celebrating the dropping of Ben Brown for a forward line with Weideman in it v Adelaide, and telling the forum how you were two weeks ahead of everyone by saying BB should've been dropped after 1 game? 😂 And lack of ability to mark? Are you now completely ignoring the marks he took against Sydney rising up an arm's length above any defender? When did Weideman do that? Anyway, it turns out you were actually a month behind on Weideman mate! But hey, we had to give him a month's run at it right... Can't drop him after one game.
  14. Not sure we can read too much into that early form Geelong game. We obviously played very well and beat them systematically. But they'll be a different proposition with Jeremy Cameron. They're the in form team of the comp and building. It would be a ripper of a prelim. I think I'm more afraid of them than the Tigers at this stage. Toss of the coin game. Our defense would really have to have their best match of the season to nullify them forward of centre, when they get going on their fast ball moving momentum swings.
  15. When's it coming out on dvd?
  16. That show is the offcuts from Crunch time, which is a far better Revamped sat morning listen now with Leppitsch, Whately.. sometimes Healy, Jordan Lewis, Huddo.... And not Derm, Robbo, King etc 🤮
  17. Cant wait to see us turn the Pies into the crumbs.
  18. I just want to say that It's so god damn surreal that opponents are not firing a 2nd shot... I'm expecting replies after replies, but we just overrun them until the end. It's so foreign.
  19. But the alternative is a player you're outperforming in the VFL/praccies, getting selected as sub ahead of you, just because they've already debuted and you haven't? It's not ideal to debut as sub, but is not playing seniors an improvement?
  20. These are all valid points, ... But what if having Bowey as the sub is because he's our next best performed, the most ideal utility roleplayer to cover various positions, the fittest, the best decision maker, the most skilled and therefore the best pick of the bunch to help us get over the line, in the event of an injury? Purely from a tactical point of view. I mean the coaching dept has already confirmed you are good enough to make it to the highest level if you are picked ahead of 22 or so other players on the list, in just your first year. And tbh id rather see what he can do at this stage, than have Baker as sub. If our best 22 is so hard to get into for another month, it makes sense to put the 23rd best player as sub, even if he's not used for a month, just in the event that he's ready to have an better impact on the game, than others who you're saying we should make subs purely because they've already debuted? It's not a compelling argument. The kids a first round pick, I'm sure he has enough belief in himself and is chomping at the bit to get on the field and make an impact in any capacity. Maybe stepping up, when another goes down, is also a point of pride. If he doesn't come on, we all know it wasn't his first game. It's merely an intangible statistical anomaly that the AFL just hasn't fixed yet. He will know his first game will be when he actually gets on the field via a sub or as listed in 22. But having said all that, your points about family and the first game being major are all perfectly fine reasons to just debut him in the 22 instead when the time comes. I don't know, depends on the player really. As i said, maybe he really wants to debut as 23rd man waiting to help out if someone is injured. We're a 10/1 team chock full of superstars and players all performing their role, you'd kill to just be cutting oranges for them at this stage. 🤷‍♂️
  21. Maybe A&F meant Weid for Collingwoods 2nd & Maynard
  22. If that music is the soundtrack to his game, then the opposition are in deep [censored]. All jokes aside, he looks like he has the Jeremy mcgovern chesty build
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