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  1. Fair call, but it was a pretty even split on bringing in Weid before and after the game, both were performing well in vfl. But the FDs decision to give BB another week was vindicated with his performance against Sydney, so I don't thInk you are as ahead of everyone as you think. It seems it was only ever about either giving Weid or BB a 2/3 week stint. None of our key forwards were getting dropped after a week. Chandler is a role player, so it's not comparable. Edit: Furthermore giving Weid his first game against a dogged Swans outfit might've been a very poor decision.
  2. But too much crystal balling going on is what I mean. Browns first game was passable. His following game against Sydney was decent. How do you know Weid comes in and makes a difference? Maybe we lose a few of Ben Browns big marks and goals. And maybe we lose to Sydney. My point being that you have to reward form, you can't just drop a player because you have an inkling that they may have a run of poor form. You could be wrong.
  3. We mightve given Goody too much credit for the Melk dropping last week. It may have been only about weather. A dry Adelaide oval deck pr9bably has Goodwin thinking we need Melkshams class by foot more so than pressure. And we don't have much pressure on that high half forward role right now. Jones or Chandler? Laurie in a year? I think it's one area of recruitment or trade that we need to look into. A Harley Bennell at his peak would've been ideal there. There was a reason we all got excited about his potential there. And I don't think we've completely replaced that position yet. (Just to nitpick list management areas)
  4. 2 weeks ago? So you've been wrong for 2 weeks? So using this logic, if i say we should drop TMAC, and then he has two very mediocre 0-5 possession games. I would've been RIGHT and ahead of everyone by saying we should drop our best performing forward for a Weid & Brown forward line against Adelaide? Rightio Nostradamus
  5. We did it to Tomlinson. Maybe BBB will come back a full back
  6. Maybe the FD are using this trip to Adelaide and what is a 5.5 to 6 day break both to give Weid a go at it with Tmac & Jackson, but also to rest Ben Brown with his knee recovery, which might still be an ongoing load management issue over the full season.
  7. Build a 35,000 capacity stadium down there with a unique wind tunnel harnessing Architecture. So we become unbeatable, and never have to miss finals again for the next two decades.
  8. I think there is a time and a place for him to drift forward and take a grab while he has his opponent out on his feet. Key moments you could say, like when he kicked that terrific shot on 50 I think in the Richmond or Geelong game just before 3 quarter time.
  9. The man was asking to be plowed into, with a surname like that.
  10. I don't recall anyone saying Melk for Nathan Bock Bock Bock
  11. Goody gave Jake a tap on the shoulder, instead of a pat on the head this week
  12. The best way to kick off a round, aside from seeing the Dees get a win, is seeing Duckwood swearing at the umpires, moments after Geelong have lost in the dying seconds of a close match.
  13. Meanwhile Petracca strolls forward and kicks a match defining goal and the opposition coach is cursing his assistants that his useless defenders left "the most dangerous forward on the ground" loose in the forward line
  14. I wonder if there's another lightning fast Pickett/Davey in the 21' draft we can trade our 22' 1st round pick for that could help negate the impact a 3 tall forward line would have on rebound out of defense through speed and pressure. someone that also can take a high half fwd distributer role off Melksham and Jones who are nearing the end. @Sir Why You Little you are up on draft right? Or anyone else.. ? Edit: Or another trade target
  15. How's Austin Bradtke affectionately known as Other, tracking these days?
  16. Was Dogga bitten on the paw by another Dogga, while defending his Dogga at a late night leash free Dogga park?
  17. I love the way he leaps up with those gangley arms spread out and moving up towards the ball to 'catch' it in his mitts. It's a thing of beauty... when it's in the red and blue. That pack mark he took in front of the goals, I shouted out "Ben Brown!!" And laughed as he ran back to take his long run up. It was just a funny moment where he's finally become a Demon Full Forward Taking big marks and doing what he did best against us for all these years. Very surreal.
  18. Sydney's the team I barrack for against all the other clubs as a neutral, so last night's match was less tense for me, as i wouldnt mind so much losing to them, as i would say a Selwood, Cotchin or other flogs of the comp. They play with an admirable spirit, fierce at the contest, stable in defence. A strong will to win. They've been a highly respected club for decades. We very much share the same DNA, given Roos was so instrumental in turning the club around by laying out these foundations back in 2014 So to slowly grind out the win in a tight defensive tactical tussle, was like sipping a fine wine. What a great game, I didn't want it to end. I hope they or Brisbane can go deep in September and take out Richmond or Geelong along the way, and we can meet em again. Go Dees!
  19. I think Hardwick is more comfortable with the familiar and the coaching duels with Chris Scott year after year have been his best challenges Hence the respect he's paying the Cats with that remark, and fair enough. But he probably deep down knows that the age profile of the other clubs rising right now, be it this year or beyond, will be what ultimately replace his era/dynasty. Until that happens, the club that has been their biggest rival will still be the best they've played, until proven otherwise.
  20. We beat them with a sole forward that was on the trade table a few months earlier. So how many goals will Brown and Weid add in our next meeting? I say they get closer next time and if we met in finals, but it's line ball, both teams at their best.
  21. I've always disliked Pendlebury for his off field demeanour. He strikes me as a bit of a snob, or a grump. As he's Buckley's biggest advocate and seems to be completely silent on the club's past problems, maybe Pendlebury is part of the cultural problem down there too? So on the contrary, maybe the club benefits from a fresh start without him and Buckley in the future.
  22. Actually think this is great news. We get an opportunity to beat a Bogie side with their best 22 and a legend of the game that's feasted on us in the past, back at the G. And it raises the profile of the match.tenfold. Hilarious that some TV shows have gone with WB v Carl as a game worth spotlighting. Carlton never elevate themselves, the media have taken the bait on Carlton as a story. Meanwhile the match of the round is going under the radar with the GF rematch also hogging the spotlight. Oh well.
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