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  1. Are our slow starts a concern? I saw a graph On Reddit showing we are collectively behind our opponents in first quarters, and our last quarters were 94+ points ahead now after the Nth game. *Actually we're even, sorry.
  2. It's stipulated in Melks contract that he's only to receive pats on the head, and not taps on the shoulder from Goody
  3. Can the DL terms of service be amended to: No Racism, Xenophobia, bigotry or Discussions on how percentage is calculated
  4. "Nothing Buckley can do..." I had to do a double take on that sentence from @godees as I thought at first it was an ingenious reworking of his name. A nickname for him and the silverware that's evaded him all these years for shafting Brisbane! Nothin' Buckley. ??
  5. That's what I said the morning after Anzac eve celebrations.
  6. They actually remind me of a more advanced 2018 MFC, and should look to what we did to make our defence the best in the comp for 2 months. Namely move English into defence to intercept and absorb pressure as a back half ruck, when they're battling a momentum swing and let Martin be the forward half ruck. Nankervis is the only reason we're not talking about Port as the defending champions and the team to beat. Perhaps they need to bring in Ugle Hagan, lessen the strength of their forward line to bolster defence and let him learn on the job. They will get found out eventually though in the last week's of September given they go to water defensively and can't contain big margins. Even in 2019 we were never blown off the park, the way they get beaten, they really get beaten.
  7. Cocaine was legal back then wasn't it?
  8. Trade him back home to the Kangas, so he can play in front of packed stadiums of 10k
  9. I think we owe Norf a few years of arrogance as pay back for their horrid 16 game win streak over us. And for the years of Boomer Harvey nightmares.
  10. That's how they took out Ports young guns a few weeks ago. Edwards has a sneaky and subtle dumping action to his chase tackles imo. Dimma's thuggery rubbing off.
  11. Lets do what we did to the Hawks in 2016, and end their dynasty so badly that one of their older players seeks a trade to us in November. Mr Edwards come on down ?? Edit: This is a quite a great read actually, lots of Hawk misery. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/afl-season-2016-brilliant-melbourne-demons-upset-hawthorn-hawks-20160806-gqmlr7.html
  12. The implication though is that the current balance is enough to get a win, which may or may not be the case. Weid/Brown clunking a few and kicking 3 or 4 could actually be a defining factor or difference in getting a win over what we've put on the park the last 5 weeks. provided one is fit enough to come in. If Richmond limit us to 15-20 or so shots in a defensive struggle, Tmac kicks 1 or less and Fritsch misses a few gettables in the pockets, well then I'd say it will have been a mistake to not bring one of them in. Nitpicking though. Perhaps FD would've made the big call if we were 2/3 and desperate. 5-0 allows you the luxury of longer term thinking. Not to say we will be gunning for a win any less.
  13. MFC team selection in 2021 be like:
  14. I havent looked at r8-9 timing, but surely Port v WB is perfect Friday Night Footy and Rich v GWS a good sat night fixture based on last two weeks form. Instead they're head to head and we're lumped with StK v Geel on Friday night. AFL is rewarding mediocrity on their 2021 form so far which is the antithesis of the purpose of this rolling fixture. Being a bit nitpicky but meh. I'm happy to sink the boot into them given we've easily dispensed with both of them.
  15. Are you forgetting something ? ?
  16. Bring noise cancelling headphones with a microphone, for all family members and have a zoom phone group chat between yourselves
  17. Nah we'll play him as a sub for his 300th. The media will rip into us all week, fractures will open up between the playing group and coaches, we'll lose every game for the rest of the year and finish 6-16 in the bottom 2 without a 1st round pick.... But at least we'll beat Richmond on Anzac eve
  18. He's only slightly more valuable than Dom Tyson (3 years back). So he's not in any conversation relating to Merrett imo. And speaking of North, they'll be desperate to add 5x 25-26 year olds to chaperone their kids, after a season of thumpings. They give us pick 19, we give them our 3rd & Harmes.
  19. Did they do that trade because other clubs would bid on Daicos and take it anyway? So get players in the year before and just package later picks the year after? I'm not too savvy on it all really. Also while looking up what u were On about, I noticed that Richmond have Geelongs first. Far out. Can't even barrack for a Geelong demise without balstering Richmond's rejuvenation.
  20. And if he had, he would've followed it up with a chase and dive on Marlion Pickett. Appalling body language and defeated expression on Hill as he just gave up and watched Pickett kick it. Can't believe how overweight he looks too. Not like a Byron Pickett lump of muscle mass, but in a soft pudgey way. Got his big pay day and has cashed in and doesn't look like he wants to put in the hard yards. Boy was i wrong on the Hill over Langdon trade. Unless he can redeem himself, you'd want to move him on and free up some space to pip Essendon and lure in Josh Dunkley. Their midfield needs bigger bodied elite mids. They're a bit like Essendon of 2018-2020
  21. Check out Deeluded Podcast. They're a friendly and funny couple that have snagged some good interviews over the years. Light hearted podcast that also has a good match previews and reviews each week. Go Dees https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/deeluded-the-melbourne-demons-podcast/id1219118375
  22. It was really a 'Trade excess inside midfielder we're plodding on a wing, for an actual winger" thread, that JV/Brayshaw are caught up in. The club is playing JV in the midfield and he's thriving, which is a No brainer outcome. The jury is still out on that wing position as the season progresses.
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