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  1. Feel too nervous and jittery to read this thread and discuss the game, lineups etc. I wonder if it would be different playing Port or the Dogs. The idea of losing to the Cats makes me sick to my stomach. Pregame jitters on a Monday 🤒 Next week if we make it, I think I'll be in a more celebratory mode, absolutely immersed in all footy discussion and media!
  2. I want Bris over WB & Port too, even though Port v WB would be a cracker. Prefer to avoid everyone but GWS & Bris, who will absolutely gas themselves if they were to get over Geel & WB/Port respectively. Bring on the worse spectacles for neutrals!
  3. MY post had a strawberry 🍓 emoticon that has since dissappeared. Moore > O'Dwyer > Stynes etc
  4. Maybe we'll hear a few rumours leak from our own club with a few players begging to come next year. "Yup, we'll take you as a free agent Mr Billings, you'll be on 350k with performance incentives. We have standards here!"
  5. Loving the salt from Dogs fans that think they're the best team in the comp.
  6. Leaving aside the question of matchups, Roffey and Pert will be pretty chuffed to get that minor premiership cash injection into the club and it's facilities. What is it like 600-800k or so?
  7. I don't think there's any favourable matchup anymore, I've resigned myself to that. Going into this round, Port at OUR neutral venue was the best outcome, and look how that turned out with them putting in their best performance of the year. Win or lose tonight, the QF will be tough whoever and wherever we play. And the differences will be minute.
  8. Grimes has made a career out of holding the man/cheating. May is about as clean as you can get at that height in a wrestling contest 1 on 1. Only bettered by Harris Andrews imo What does "one console at a time" Petracca mean?
  9. I can see us never playing Geelong again and potentially a straights sets exit for the Cats. Port & Syd/GWS or Bris & WB. Pick your poison. I do think we're good enough to beat Bris, but talk about a tough bracket if you lose and then play WB in a semi.
  10. They'd want one of LJ, Kozzie or Oliver too. Our pick 18 and Future 18 ain't going to cut it for King. I think we should be aiming more for a free agent key forward and developing our own, given it will cost very little in trade assets. Trading for a high draft pick kpf is a pipe dream.
  11. Haven't watched Lynch this year, but have always wanted him on our list. How has his form and fitness been this year? and comparatively v Melksham, who he'd be in contention with for a half forward role in the 22 next year, if we gave him a years or two contract? I suppose with Melksham perhaps playing a role in the finals, and being contracted until the end of 2022, there isn't much point, unless his upside for a few years is worth the small gamble?
  12. So If results go as predicted today n tomorrow with Melb, Geel & Port... Winner of Geel/Melb (1st) v Loser of WB/Port (4th) Winner of WB/Port (2nd) v Loser of Geel/Melb (3rd) Crazy round 23!
  13. And their one armed drummer could be our Goalkicking coach...?
  14. Interesting. Clarko was out of the game for 8 years and Hardwick 6 though. I thought clubs had pivoted away from taking on young coaches fresh out of the game like Mitchell 4 years back, and wanted extensive 5-10+ year apprenticeships, given what we've seen with Voss.
  15. I found his SEN interview with Whately hilariously raw and unprofessional. Not the kind of answers you give as the head of an organisation. It was soap opera play ground sounding stuff. Very Insincere in hindsight. Easy to forget this guy is only 38. insanely young age to be a coach of a professional sporting organisation. Its going to come back to bite them hard.
  16. Not only missing the top 4 @spirit of norm smith, but in danger of playing WCE in a Perth Finals bubble as the 6th placed home team ?
  17. Hey @Demonland I found a pretty good ladder predictor that's faster and more intuitive than AFL one. just one tap slider margin scale and onto next game . https://predictor.squiggle.com.au/
  18. Goodwin is tanking for 2nd because he knows we play better, the higher our opposition is on the ladder. 3 > 4, therefore 2 > 1 Absolute genius. The plan is bulletproof.
  19. Imagine how frustrating it would be to have a KPF on your team that the opposition intentionally give away a free kick to in the forward 50 because they know he'd miss it. So the oppo gives away 10-20 free kicks per game knowing half the opposition's inside 50s per game will be converted 10-20% of the time. Genuine winning strategy. AFL would kick up a stink and change the rules though. Maybe introduce a free kick limit inside 50 per quarter, and give away shot at goal square if you go over. Hack-a-Ben!! Ps how good are the NBA playoffs right now? Games 7s with incredible performances, rising teams like the Suns, Hawks. all time classic games. Big Comebacks. Close finishes every day. Has been better than any neutral (non demon) footy so far this year with the ex player commentary that is a genuine turn off. Whereas their commentary is so professional. Bring on the AFL finals already anyway.
  20. footy as a neutral after the bye and before the last few rounds that make up the final 8, is a bit of a grind where I lose passion to Give a [censored] about any result. Could only tune in to the last quarter of Geel v WB, and even that was wallpaper until the last few minutes. Think we need a 17 game season. Season is too long
  21. If it came down to another GF, would have to prefer Geelong, just for a change. I try to focus on the positives of the team (Instead of Selwood,Scott) - I think their backline are all admirable hard working players, Toohey, Stewart, Henderson. [censored] Grimes. In the midfield, Mitch Duncan, Can Guthrie, Menegola, no arrogance there. Forwardline is harder to like so forget them. It's s bit Like in 2006, I'd never barrack for WCE, didn't like them, but their rivalry with Sydney deserved to be an even split, so I prefered to see them win. Awful I know.
  22. If anyone misses r23, they would've played one game in 35 days leading into a prelim if we won the first week. This bye week is becoming a bit of a farce. Anyone carrying a niggling injury with the discipline to get themselves up for a game after a long break, like Viney can, might benefit though.
  23. Someone will have to Marshall the forward line once Old McDonald and Ben Brown are put out to pasture I suppose... Although Melksham might still be getting games so maybe he's next in line
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