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  1. Viney, ANB & Jones have shown great maturity in adapting their game and cleaning up their decision making and disposal. Hard to know what was round 1 cobwebs, but it would appear Harmes is still the bee to a honeypot, poor decision maker we can ill afford to take into games against contenders unless he adapts like the others. Additional edit: He's decent depth, but with the need to constantly replenish our youth year by year, I wonder if he could get us another pick from a club like North, who will be desperate to add 25-28 years olds come end of year, like Gold Coast did, when they realise they've gone too far in stripping their list of mature bodies
  2. Damn. Not a fan of two of the games of the round going head to head on Sat Nights. At this stage I'd go Syd v Geel and hope they've got them done by 50 so I can flick over to Bris v Port
  3. SEN is only listenable on podcast. No ads, cut up into segments to find relevant content. They also upload pregame show with huddo, whately etc onto 'AFL Nation' podcast. Saturday Crunch time when Dermie isn't on, is also decent.
  4. Latest entrant: Stephen Coniglio This one looks particularly painful: Must be doing an apprenticeship under tackling coach Jack. Here's to a long career of opposition punishment! ?
  5. We can give BB his first praccy against North and rest May for Majak at the same time. What a hilarious way to debut them together (I'm not serious of course)
  6. It just doesn't look right without the 2021 mop on his head...
  7. They lost their first final and ended in the 7-12 Fixturing bracket. Pies & Saints might be in for a long year after winning theirs!
  8. We're certainly living up to the Toffs stereotype these days.
  9. The only player that comes in for Fritsch is Joel Smith !
  10. No interchange? The man is a beast. ?
  11. Lyon saying 'F__kn get em' to Clarry, certainly gave me a rev up.
  12. Enjoy Spargo,'s goal of the year !! Before it was overturned by goal review
  13. Ben Longs high free on Tmac was his pathetic attempt to get revenge on him, for standing up for kosi earlier when Long bumped him off ball. Loved seeing it.
  14. Will be a cracker. Langdon has so far proved many of us wrong that said we should've targeted Hill. So far. To be fair, he did Improve it last year right around the time of the "red myst" fox footy critiques.
  15. They did the same back in r23 of what I think was 2014 or 15 when Bris needed a win to make the 8 v geel. Dying seconds, ball in dispute... Chapman dives onto it and the ump calls a ball up instantly. Edit: 2013. @7m20s
  16. But but.. imagine all the young guns we can draft with 2 of Carlton's first round picks in the pick 10-15 range and a bunch of picks in the 30s ?
  17. How long is a 10-15 cm piece of string... ?
  18. 'W. Hoever' is the perfect nom deplume for a wing position that anyone on the list has had a go at, for the last 4/5 years ?‍♂️
  19. Can we keep it open until he re-signs at least? ?
  20. Because Round 1 is a bit early to open the trade and draft forum
  21. Can a Steven May win a perfect 220 in 2021?
  22. As much chance as us going 22-0, which is probably what it would take for him to poll 25-30. But then Petracca would end up with 40!
  23. We're going to borrow Omac and sub him in there
  24. I too watched Carlton and thought 'damn, maybe another team thats gone past us' But let's wait and see.
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