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  1. Incredible talent you could see it from the first time he ever played he had something special. Not sure I’ve ever seen a 200cm player who can move like he does
  2. I’m glad we smashed them they drive me spare with their inferiority complex us against them whinging….minnow 2 premiership club
  3. Never thought this day would come when we were one of the worst teams of all time but my love for the club never wavered…..incredible day for everyone who’s heart beats true
  4. Praying we get it done….2 weeks of dreams we just have to turn it into reality
  5. Could still be a very solid contributor for us, he's shown he can definitely play at the level just needs consistency....
  6. The players need to be on the baked beans only diet "Shane Warne in India" style just to be safe, until after the GF!
  7. GULP, as if we werent all nervous enough already
  8. It’s going to be a brutal contest that for sure. A war to decide the premiership
  9. Apparently they will as the clock has been reset when they went to Brisbane
  10. I think the Dogs would give us more trouble than Port in the GF, that being said our boys shouldn’t fear either side
  11. I felt Ive done well all week not really thinking about it but woke up like an electric shock went through me at 4AM thinking my God, Melbourne are playing in a Preliminary Final tonight....
  12. I'd play Hunt, his pace would be a real weapon on the fast deck of Optus Stadium, Geelong are looking a bit slow too should be an advantage
  13. Anything other than the premiership will be shattering from this point
  14. Won’t be able to sleep tonight just a perfect performance
  15. I agree, the stats don't paint a picture at all of the value he is to the side
  16. Good professional win by the boys put away a plucky bottom side without too much fuss In the end
  17. Doesnt really matter how we do it as long as we get the W
  18. Can we capitalise on The Dogs and Cats banana peel weekend…
  19. Ended up jumping on a bit late and am on the wing this time instead of my usual behind the goals PRE (Redlegs)....be nice to have a bit of a change
  20. Straight in as an away redlegs member and boom ticket recieved
  21. Need to send Bucks off in the same manner as Roosy's last game
  22. Last 2 weeks have been awesome, the boys have seen off both major challengers and for some inexplicable reason we have been underdogs going into both so I have plonked money on us both times for a nice return: thanks bookies! Most complete Melbourne side I’ve seen in my 40 years of supporting easily, I can’t think of a single position on the ground we don’t have covered...funny how now we are considered the quickest side in the comp too when for years we all bemoaned the lack of pace and outside run...
  23. Even at halftime 20 points down against a top 4 side I felt quite relaxed that we would probably come back and win the game....the team is just on another level at the moment
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