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  1. After a few seasons of Facebook being cluttered with 'when are we getting a key forward' - if we can land Brown for a second rounder, I'm happy. Anything surplus to that is an absolute bonus.
  2. Our membership department has always been fairly poor in comparison to most others in regards to rewarding those who have stuck by the club - I feel like they've been severely hamstrung by those above them in wanting to reward people who are faithful. Other clubs promised functions for 2020 members, discounts, sent out extra packs and the like - ours froze membership prices and that's about it. I think they actually underfund the membership department. They need more people working for them, more engagement, and a bigger team to actually devise ways to keep members engaged and make prospectiv
  3. Local boy too, went to Hallam SC, always good to have some young kids come back from the area and get involved. Was rated a bit during his draft year as well. Will run through the mids it seems which is good for Casey.
  4. He wasn't the only one. Was chatting to one of the north trainers, they had one or two who had the same issue, symptoms of hypothermia. Was a tough day down at Casey for involved.
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