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  1. Can we leave Joel Smith in Perth with a note 'Free to any home, otherwise throw out'
  2. Firstly, how the fudge did Brad Miller get selected, and in the backline ?
  3. I don't think Bedford's 5 or 6 disposals warrants AFL promotion. He was barely sighted No small fwd for Casey based on the weekend would warrant selection. Jones, Melk and Bowey are the only running players that deserve promotion, and based on needs, it could be Melk then Jones.
  4. This is not a change of personnel but rather a thought towards change of tactic. Is there any logic in getting on the front foot and sending Harmes to DeBoer to stop the usual tag of Oliver. Tag the tagger out the game. I feel Harmes could negate him and win on the offensive side. Thoughts ?
  5. Forgetting but not discounting the defensive needs of our fwds for a moment, If we were to stay a mobile fwd line with TMac and Dogga as the main talls. I would keen to have a look at arrangement with Declase rolling through there and would like (an invested) Melksham too. I feel that would add a level of connection and skill to the fwds that is dearly needed.
  6. Jones & B Brown could be considered based on their game today and our needs. Bowey is going to be a really really good link up player. He may not break into the defence this year though with this being his development year, watch this guy in 2022 after another preseason and year in the Demons system. His ball use and vision is classy. Rosman was solid on the wing. Vanders got better as the game wore on. Melk was ok and creative. But lets talk about Declase. He got better and better and better as that game went on was in everything in the second half. He reminds me of outside-mid version of Jeremey Howe, covers the ground with ease and a player that our AFL team would weaponize.
  7. AO crowds this year, removing the showdown, crowds are approx. 30,000 people. at 55K + capacity, how the &^&%$ is so difficult to purchase a decent seat. Whine over...... On the Hill it is :-)
  8. trying to get 2 tickets and they want $90 a ticket for shizenhouse nosebleeds !!!! Standing on the hill it is ($40 each)
  9. I follow all the steps and don't even get Q sections as an option. Been trying for 20 mins and it feels like no free tickets are left. M31 and M35 behind goals want $28 each after following advice above. (M32-34 not available now) Minimal other sections shown are more expensive $50+. [censored] this BS system.
  10. wholeheartedly agree, as good as a stable team would be, a freshen up is needed for Geelong.
  11. Lets not wait for losses, anytime by the end of the week would work.
  12. Melksham (at his best) in 2018 was very important to how well we played and our set up of attack on the score board. Not the be-all, and end-all of that campaign, but important. Cant live in the past however so if he can get that back (with what is hopefully a reasonably normal 2021 season), that is huge for us. If not, he must be dropped and other players provided ample opportunity to shine.
  13. Steve Hocking may not be able to remember signing it off. Seems to the flavor of 2020.
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