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  1. I’d be thinking it’s a very similar pace side in/out.. Petty and Brown don’t come across as speedsters. Jordan?
  2. Weid, Brown, May in for Jordon, Brown, Petty. Move Tmac to the wing, Brayshaw to slot in where Jordon was.
  3. Alan Richardson to sit in the box on game days? No Mahoney in there seeing he is more corporate now? Makes sense why they’ve re-signed Jonesy now
  4. You’re right it did say that they are “assessing all senior positions including the coaching staff and fitness department.” Would have thought Mahoney fell under that umbrella.
  5. Not much to the article just stating that it’s finals or bust for the off field team. All football department positions are under review including Richardson/Mahoney. No comment on if Goodwin is under review but you would assume so. Click bait on the Brayshaw/Viney comment
  6. Yeah I thought that was part time. Anyway we will see in time.. hopefully Pert has it all figured out
  7. All would seem to be decent picks I saw an article recently that Mark Williams wanted to come to us last year, he and Dean Solomon would be good. Wonder if Lewis would be wanting to get more into coaching - looks pretty comfy in the media
  8. Goodwin has “good relationships” with the players he can be the new runner/water boy/boot studder make him sign a job keeper doc so we can move him wherever we want (tongue in cheek) Highly paid at that. Just onto the tactical genius.. any ideas 😂?
  9. A Ross Lyon Paul Roos ticket with no assistant coaches 😂
  10. Just heard that Kangaroos are looking at trying to secure Roos to help Shaw. Thoughts on trying to secure him in a head of football role like Neil Balm. Could be Coach of the coaches. Get rid of Mahoney and Richo
  11. Rotating and resting Oliver/Trac out of the goal square giving Harmes/Brayshaw some time through the middle could get those boys firing again while picking up an extra few goals a game.
  12. Why would you trade for a guy who has similar career stats but is three years older and has been to three clubs? No upside in swapping the two. Is Polec a leader? No is he a match winner? No Is he a team player? From all accounts No... Statistical comparison of the two in the link below, based over a career so far it’s even pegging. Even if you compared on this season and Brayshaw hasn’t been at his best and they are neck and neck - It’s Brayshaw everyday of the week for mine, you’d only consider Polec if you didn’t have to give up much. A swap of players doesn’t make any sense. Brayshaw has a higher ceiling and is 3 years younger. https://www.afl.com.au/stats/stats-pro#/Compare?comparisonTab=h2h&playerIds=CD_I290738,CD_I298279
  13. Brayshaw is a must keep. If Clarry or Trac get injured to have him there is a need. They should be looking at resting both those up guys forward more next year and while running Brayshaw through the middle. Having Clarry or Trac playing out of the goal square at times will only help Weid and Jackson.
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